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40% off Selected POC Helmets (eg POC Ventral Air Spin $209.99 Delivered) @ Pushys & Bikebug


Although it's selected POC helmets there is quite a good selection to choose from. Been monitoring prices for most of this year and with the exclusion of the odd helmet on clearance this is the cheapest I have seen. Happy riding.

Also available at Bikebug. Also should be eligible for 5% price beat at 99 Bikes as prices are advertised and don't require a code. Thanks impoze for info.

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    As far as helmets go, I'd rather the production version than the POC.

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      I'd rather the POS version for $19.

      • Great choice if you're riding BSO!

    • I'll pay that…. Well done.

  • any one have experience with the MTB helmets?

    • I'm very happy with my Axion Spin. The ventilation is better than my previous more expensive POC Tectal Race Spin - the fit was good but I kept having sweat dripping into my eyes.

      POC helmets may suit people with oval shaped heads better. This review on road helmets mentioned this for POC. https://intheknowcycling.com/aero-helmet/

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        I thought you said POC Rectal Race Spin

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    don't forget to try price beat at 99bikes for an additional 5% since it's not a code but an advertised price if they have the same one listed.


  • good deal thanks!

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    Just be careful with some of the POC models, I know the ventrals dont have adjustable ear positions on the chin strap. Some people have reported that it sits too high up and presses on the ear. I have the ventral air spin and luckily the fixed ear position works OK for me.

  • My last POC helmet saved me from a very bad day, highly reccomend POC helmets!

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      So, do you think that a cheaper brand would not save you?

  • Bugger… bought a Vectral Air Spin a few days ago with their % off sale and paid just under $300 :(

  • Last time they had a helmet sale I placed an order and it turned out their system had a stock count error. They didn't cancel my order for several days and by the time they did everything was OoS. So be aware you might not get what you want, buyer beware.

  • How do these compare against Giro?

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      POC is a lighter helmet but Giro feels more secure around the head for me.

      But I feel safer on the road with the POC having a bright orange helmet on me.

      • Are you saying that you prefer this brand just because they make helmets of this particular color?

        • Not really sure which one I prefer to be honest, just throwing my thoughts down for anybody that cares.

    • POC aren't owned by a large ammunition and weapons manufacturer who donates to the NRA. So there's that.

  • MIPS? i can't see it on the MTB version ?

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      POC's version is SPIN

  • What does POC stand for?

    • Person of Colour

    • Proof Of Concept

    • Proof of Concept

    • People of Culture

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      I’ve always read it as Piece Of Crap

    • it stands for "Piece of Cake"

  • Rosebank StackHat or GTFO.

    Aside: They are now collectible and bloody expensive

  • Bikebug is also now doing 40% poc helmets


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    Got a further 5% off from 99 bikes thanks

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