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[BitPay] AMD Ryzen 9 5900X CPU $635 Delivered (Requires Pay with Crypto via BitPay) @ Newegg


Hopefully useful to some. I got my hopes up as I'm after a 5900x but gave up after stuffing around with the Bitpay app. As a non-crypto user, I had to make a wallet and buy $680 AUD of bitcoin to get enough for the payment, and I think there are then additional transaction fees on top of that but I didn't get to a stage where I could find out what these were. Even at around $680 I think this is a good price, but it's not worth it to me with all the stuffing around, I will wait in hope for Black Friday.

Also applies to 5950X and 5600X.

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  • wow 9500X!!!!!

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      4 generations ahead!!!

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      Sorry post first think later. I'll edit

  • I would like a 9500x.

  • 5900x?

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    Expect this price next week on ebay sale

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      Yeah i expect prices to drop, as 12th gen is out

    • I hope you are right!

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    Thanks, brought one

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      Where to?

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        Home you would think.

  • Ships from United States means GST on top?

  • 5950x showing $975.04 inc delivery

    I would guess you eat a chunk of fees in setting up this BitPay method

  • Ryzen 5000 series. Pay with Crypto. This is miners' dream to buy them all up.

    • what's a miner going to do with a 5900x? Other than maybe resell at this price…

      • Raptoreum

      • monero

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          With current rates you'd be making about $1 per day which means it'd take you need about 2 years to pay it off, not to mention you'd probably need to spend another $300-$400 on motherboard, ram, psu to run it, so make that about 3 years. Add to that the uncertainty of the market and changes to hash difficulty, it seems to me like miner's money is better spent elsewhere. Maybe I'm missing something though.

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    Took an hour for full confirmation but it is done.

    • What did it cost you with transaction fees?

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        I use FTX so it's free if sending 0.01 BTC or more. If under that amount you get 1 fee free BTC transaction per day, otherwise the fee is 0.00001 BTC which is about 81 aussie cents at this time.

  • FYI for all interested in new 12th gen
    Intel Core i7-12700KF $556.16
    Intel Core i5-12600K $410.08

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      so a better and newer cpu for cheaper? what does the 5900x offer over the i2700KF then?

      • A stong fan base apparently

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          Lmao, asking a genuine question and instead of a response i get dogpiled on

  • Any suggestions on Bang for Buck boards for these 5000 series CPUs?

  • Thanks OP. Would anyone have a screenshot of this for claiming price protection?

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      Dunno if they will accept it as its a crypto payment specific deal. We'll likely hit this price next week during black Friday sales anyways.

      • Just hope there's enough to go around with the increased popularity

      • No problems. Appreciate the reply though. Fingers crossed for Black Friday.

  • Good price, but I would avoid buying from Newegg with an irreversible payment method

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    This Bitpay is pretty shit house, if you buy Bitcoins via the app you'd be paying way above $635, on the other hand if you use a wallet like Metamask to send Eth, their recommended gas fee is like $132.

  • thanks OP, bought one!

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