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10% off TCN Physical Gift Cards (Him, Her, Kids, Teens, Home) + 1% Fee @ TCN


T&Cs: Limited time only. ‘XMASGIFT’ offer is 10% off select physical gift cards. ‘XMASGIFT’ offer is valid until 21/11/21 11:59PM. Offer valid for 10% off select physical gift cards only; The Him Card, The Her Card, The Kids Card, The Teen Card, The Home Card. ‘XMASGIFT’ must be applied at checkout. ‘XMASGIFT’ offer is valid for a maximum value of $1000. Offer may not be combined with any other offer or discounts. Offer is valid for one use per person. No additional cashbacks.

See wiki page for participating retailers.

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    For those of you who purchase these gift cards to use at JB Hi-Fi, please note that TCN gift cards can no longer be exchanged for digital JB Hi-Fi gift cards on the TCN website. I called TCN about this last week, and I was told this a permanent change.

    Clarification: You can still redeem TCN gift cards in-store at JB Hi-Fi (where JB Hi-Fi is a participating retailer).

    Also, here is a table of participating retailers (last updated 25 Oct):

    Gift Card Participating Retailers
    The HER Card Adidas, Adore Beauty, ASOS, Aveda, BooHoo Woman, Booktopia, Calvin Klein, Champion, Culture Kings, Estee Lauder, Forever New, Glassons, Glue Store, H&M, Hype DC, INTERSPORT, JB Hi-Fi, JD Sports, Kookai, MAC, Nike, Platypus, Princess Polly, Seafolly, SHEIN, Showpo., Sportsgirl, SurfStitch, The Oodie, Tiger Mist, Tommy Hilfiger, Tony Bianco, Universal Store, White Fox Boutique
    The HIM Card Academy Brand, Adidas, Aquila, ASOS, BooHooMAN, Booktopia, Calibre, Calvin Klein, Champion, Culture Kings, Diesel, Drummond Golf, Edge Clothing, Foot Locker, Glue Store, H&M, Hype DC, INTERSPORT, JB Hi-Fi, JD Sports, Neverland, Nike, Pivot, Platypus, Surf Dive n Ski, SurfStitch, The AFL Store, Timberland, Tommy Hilfiger, Universal Store, Van Heusen, Xbox
    The HOME Card Adiars, H&M, House, JB Hi-Fi, Matchbox, MyHouse, PETstock, Provincial Home Living, Robins Kitchen, SUNNYLiFE, Temple & Webster, The Good Guys, Urban Home Republic, VIP Home Services, Wheel & Barrow Homewares, Zanui
    The TEENS Card Adidas, ASOS, Beginning Boutique, Billabong, Calvin Klein, Champion, Culture Kings, Foot Locker, Glassons, Glue Store, H&M, Hype DC, INTERSPORT, JB Hi-Fi, JD Sports, Nike, NRLShop.com, Pivot, Platypus, Princess Polly, Quiksilver, Showpo, Strike, Surf Dive N Ski, SurfStitch, The AFL Store, The Oodie, Tommy Hilfiger, UGG Express, Universal Store, White Fox Boutique, Xbox
    The KIDS Card Adidas, AG LEGO Certified Stores, ASOS, Booktopia, BOUNCE, Culture Kings, Foot Locker, H&M, Holey Moley, Hype DC, IMAX, INTERSPORT, JB Hi-Fi, JD Sports, New Balance, Nike, NRLShop.com, Pivot, Platypus, Quiksilver, Scooter Hut, Sketchers, Strike, Surf Dive n Ski, SurfStitch, The AFL Store, The Athlete's Foot, The Trybe, Toyworld, Xbox
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      Thanks mate, they worth even less value then.
      I bought $2k+ cards from last Target deal and exchanged all of them into e-JB Hifi cards.

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        You’re lucky, because TCN stopped exchanges for JB Hi-Fi gift cards in the last couple of days of that promotion!

        • oh sh!t - I've got $3k worth sat here :( Does this mean I can never use them online with JB now?

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            @digitalane: Probably.

            Someone tried to purchase JB Hi-Fi gift cards using TCN gift cards in the last week, and were told “you cannot purchase gift cards using gift cards”.

            I don’t think JB Hi-Fi’s checkouts automatically block you if you go to purchase a JB Hi-Fi gift card and you swipe a TCN gift card on the EFTPOS terminal, but staff will probably interrogate you if see you swipe a card on the terminal (because who swipes a card these days lol). You could be more covert by adding a TCN gift card to your mobile wallet first and tapping your phone on the EFTPOS terminal instead… but I didn’t suggest that lol

        • Can you still use TCN card for JB Hifi instore purchase?

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            @DanielYuuuu: yeah you can- to be fair - I'd usually buy in store with JB so I can haggle a bit on price :) So not the end of the world

      • Isnt it only an issue if you cant go into a JB store? Even if they dont have stock, the store will order it in for you as a click and collect. Or is it some young person aversion to having something they cant put into their phone?

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          Its still less flexibility than if you could make the payment/purchase online. Some deals are also posted as online only, it also requires that you have the card physically with you for a purchase as it needs to go through the eftpos system instore.

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            @sydney_kings: You can anytime go to Jbhifi store and buy their gift card from the store and pay with TCN cards. So you can have it converted to Jbhifi gift cards.

            • @raj5055: That assumes staff will let you do that.

              JB Hi-Fi staff were issued a directive by the JB Hi-Fi head office in late November 2020 to stop people purchasing “gift cards” using TCN gift cards or Ultimate gift cards. Earlier this year, staff ask me what kind of card I was using to pay for an Apple gift card and asked me to show it to them, so YMMV.

              I said “gift cards”, because I’m not sure whether the directive related to purchasing JB Hi-Fi gift cards or other gift cards (e.g. Apple gift cards, Nintendo gift cards).

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                @WookieMonster: TCN card when added to Google pay acts like any other Debit card, but accepted only in specific stores.

                So there is no need to mention to staff that you are using gift card to pay. Just pay normally through Google pay but don't forget to select TCN card in Google pay while paying.

                • @raj5055: I'm assuming that's just the digital card, and wouldn't work similarly with the physical cards?

                  • @cbrbargainer: Not sure on that.. As per my understanding it should be similar but not sure… Haven't used physical cards

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        Damn that's so unfair for those sitting on TCN cards. It's like they changed their T&C's without notice

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          I experienced a similar thing with Quiksilver changing their Gift Card T& Cs. I have a couple of gift cards which t&cs stated could be used online - any or all of the amount could be used up until date of expiry (3 yrs). They removed the function to use GCs online. Can now only use in store. My nearest store was about 1.5 hrs away but has since closed down.

          They also now state the whole amount must be used in one go or is forfeited. Now I am stuck with virtually unusable gift cards. I would like to think a customer is bound by the t&cs at the time of purchase, not ones that can be changed by the retailer at the drop of a hat.

    • Can these cards still be stacked and used at JB HI-FI in store?

      • Yes you can do, just did today morning.

        • @raj5055 How many cards did you use on a single purchase Raj? I'm looking to use 5-6 on an item during Black Friday.

          Additionally, does anyone know if there is any limit to cards being used in one transaction in store?

          • @Vigawla: I don’t think JB Hi-Fi a specific in-store limit on the number of TCN or Ultimate gift cards you can use in one transaction. Apparently, the record at one JB Hi-Fi store is 63.

    • You can do online but you can do instore anytime, so not a major issue.

      I just purchased a JBHifi gift card from the store itself today morning and pay using TCN cards just like you pay with other cards.

      • ok - this is interesting - so you paid with a TCN card to buy a JB card (which can be used online or instore and has no expiry)?

        • +3

          Yes that's right. Just add TCN card to Google pay and pay in store same as you pay with other debit cards. No need to mention to staff member that you are using TCN to pay.

          • @raj5055: nice

          • @raj5055: How do you add TCN card to Google Pay?!?

            • @samehada: Download TCN app, register your card and there you get an option to add to Google pay.

              • @raj5055: How did you get this to work? I downloaded the TCN app and on the first screen it asks to send a verification code to your mobile number, but it never sent me the code. So I rang TCN and they said you won't get a verification code if you don't have a digital TCN card that's linked to your mobile number. That is, if you only have physical cards, there's no way to use the TCN app or add to Google or Apply Pay.

                • @diamond: https://thecardnetwork.com.au/pages/apple-pay

                  This should help. I don't remember exactly how I added because I added it almost 6 months back.

                  • @raj5055: Thanks, I saw that page but the person on the phone was adamant you can't use the app unless you have a digital card. They might have quietly changed the rules again :p

                    • @diamond: So now TCN physical card can only be used as a gift card right ?

                      Can we buy Jbhifi gift card in store using this

                      • @raj5055: I read some people got told you can't buy gift cards with gift cards, but since it's more like an EFTPOS savings card that's restricted to certain stores, I think you can buy whatever you like unless they say no. They really should just let you convert to online gift cards again; what's the difference anyway apart from being inconvenient for everyone :S

  • Home $100 gift cards are OOS. I also tried to purchase the $50 option but the code doesn't work.

    • Noticed this also why do they advertise the home cards as available when they don't seem to be

      • They show available for me?

        • They must've updated it and now you can buy Home gift cards. So frustrating as I bought Him cards instead.

    • $50 home gift card is available just not the $100 option.

      • But the code doesn't work at checkout thats the issue at least want for me

        • Just retried and it is working

          • @Kamppinator: Are you guys choosing the digital gift card or physical gift card? It only works for physical gift card for me.

            • @DanielYuuuu: Was selecting physical. I have $200 in physical cards sitting here from redeeming flybuys points for them so am happy to go with physical cards

      • They are both available now.

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    Works out to be 9% off as they charge you a $10 fee.

  • also add credit fee per card

    $0.50 for $50
    $1 for $100

    • Basically its 1% credit card fee

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    Physical cards only

    • +1

      Wonder how long will it take to deliver

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    Was 10% off straightaway from the Target deal few weeks ago.

    This is essentially 9% off + the risk of losing it in the mail.

  • Can we buy this card to buy laptop at JB HiFi education?

    • +1

      If you are referring to this site, the answer is (most likely) no.

      TCN gift cards are EFTPOS gift cards that can only be used in JB Hi-Fi stores. Even if you purchased JB Hi-Fi gift cards at a JB Hi-Fi store using TCN gift cards (which is officially not allowed, but the POS system will not stop you from doing that), you cannot redeem JB Hi-Fi gift cards on that site.

      I think you can convert your TCN EFTPOS gift card into a digital gift card via the TCN mobile app that can be stored in your Apple Pay wallet or Google Pay wallet, but I don’t think you can use Apple Pay or Google Pay on the JB Education site either.

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    Most physical TCN cards can turn into Digital (so to be used instore with Apple Pay etc)
    But I hate the TCN app that you cannot remove those $0 balance Giftcards
    they stay forever in the app even its $0

    • Agreed, so dam annoying!

    • I agree. Should have the option of archiving used gift cards. Otherwise the app and the ability to convert to digital is quite good.

    • Second that!
      Only realised it when I got three with $0 balance sitting there.

    • Why not use it directly through Apple Pay wallet?

      • +1

        You can't add directly to Apple Pay wallet from TCN website
        you need to download the TCN app, then add the Gift Cards to wallet from the app

        The issue is, all the Gift Cards that you have will be displaying in the TCN app (before adding to wallet)
        include those added years ago and have been used up the value ($0 left)

  • Shame no EB Games or David Jones

  • +1

    Just purchased with my Crypto.com card for an extra 3% CRO cash back :)

    • Is this card any good? I’ve been seeing their promos all over my instagram.

      • +1

        They have been very aggressive with their marketing, even sponsor for Formula 1 now. I signed up during early Sep when they had double referral bonus, price was $0.14-$0.15, its gone up a fair bit now.. Coin still has to be staked for a few months though. We'll see…

        • You did well to get in at 14c - it was 21c by time I joined.

      • For me - its been great - I staked for the Indigo card at 28c and whilst its locked away for 6 months - so far its gone up to over 70c. But the main reason I went for it were the 3% cash back (in CRO), up to 12% interest on AUD (taxable), free LoungeKey membership and also 10% interest on the original stake. (But that does require outlying a $5k stake so there's some risk)

        The lower tier card at $500 stake still has some decent benefits.

        Mod: Referral solicitation removed.

    • Those cards seem cool but the tax implications of getting a bunch of CRO as cashback all the time seems like a pain in the ass.

  • Does anyone know how the police the one use per person? is it per email address?

    • Were you able to purchase the digital gift card for 10% off?

      • +1

        I didn't try - pretty sure its only on the physical

        • I'm afraid of the slow delivery speed. Might end up getting delivered after the black friday sale.

      • Tried. Discount only applies for physical

  • Simply use separate email ID's when purchasing, the remaining details can be the same. This can help you purchase as many quantities as you like, limited to $1000 per email ID.

    • Have you tried adding +1, 2, 3 etc. to your email. E.g [email protected] will come up as a seperate email ID but be delivered to that email. You can change the number at the end to have a new ID.

  • Pay safer and faster using your TCN gift card with Apple Pay.
    Which cards are eligible for Apple Pay? Apple Pay can be used with all TCN gift cards.

    • Do you need to enter in the PIN when using Apple Pay?

      • Sorry I use Android.

  • Damn them. The eBay ones never go on sale

  • so you can only these instore?

    • +1

      It depends on the gift card you are looking at and the participating retailer.

      You’ll need to refer to the pinned comment for the link to the page of the gift card you are interested in. Scroll down to the How to Use section, and you’ll be greeted with a Select a Retailer dropdown list. That list will indicate whether a retailer accepts the gift card:

      • In-store only,
      • Online only, or
      • In-store and online.

      For TCN gift cards, when it refers to online, it refers to the ability to exchange part or all of the gift card balance for a digital gift card from that specific participating retailer. For example, if you’re looking at the HER gift card and look at Cotton On, Cotton On will accept this gift card in their stores and you can also swap part or all of the balance for a Cotton On gift card that you can use in-store or online.

  • Is it possible to claim GST through TRS scheme at airport if item's paid for by gift card?

  • Questions:

    1. Can you pay with TCN Him cards directly in store at JB? If so, there is no need to buy JB gift cards first, assuming you're happy to pay in store.

    2. If adding, say, 30 $100 TCN Him cards to my phone wallet, will they show up as a single $3,000 card or as 30 separate $100 cards? If separate cards, I guess it would be hard to pay for a $3,000 item at check out - not sure you can even use 30 payment methods haha

      1. Yes, JB Hi-Fi still accept TCN gift cards in-store (unless you are trying to purchase gift cards using TCN gift cards… some staff will stop you, but if you are discreet with the physical card or use a mobile wallet, you should be able to get away with it).

      2. It will show up as 30 separate $100 TCN HIM cards. Someone once commented that the record for the number of TCN/Ultimate gift cards redeemed in a single transaction at their store was 63… If you are going to redeem 30 physical gift cards in one transaction, I suggest you try and go at a quieter time of day, as well as prepare the cards by removing the cardboard packaging and revealing the PINs on all the cards, otherwise it will slow down the checkout process.

      • +1

        Thanks for clarifying!

      • Why would staff stop you from using TCN gift cards in-store? They are a listed retailer. He is not buying JB gift cards, just straight out using them as they were intended.

    • 1 yes

      2 separate i believe

  • +2

    Need a bunnings gift card my dudes

  • Anyone know how long these take to arrive? Looking to use them black friday

    • Same. Nothing found in FAQs regarding delivery

  • Can I use an existing JB Hi Fi digital card in the same transaction as the Him Card (physical) in store?

    • Yes. (The only exception is if you are trying to purchase a JB Hi-Fi gift card.)

      I've purchased some iPad accessories using TCN gift cards and JB Hi-Fi gift cards in the same transaction in the past and had zero issues.

      • +1

        Amazing thank you for sharing your experience with this

  • Looking to buy iPhone in the new year. 9% off is probably as good as it’s gonna get, happy to go instore at JB

    • I'm also looking to do the same. Assume we want to buy the $1699 RRP iPhone 13 Pro 128GB, does that mean we need to buy 17 (17 cards at $100 each) of these TCN cards, insert them one by one and enter the PIN at checkout? I imagine that will take quite a long time.

      • +1

        does that mean we need to buy 17 (17 cards at $100 each) of these TCN cards, insert them one by one and enter the PIN at checkout?


        I imagine that will take quite a long time.

        It would, which is why I suggest you:

        • "Prepare" the cards ahead of time (i.e. remove cardboard packaging, scratch to reveal the card PIN). I didn't do that when I used two TCN gift cards at JB Hi-Fi once, and it really slowed down the checkout process.
        • Go to JB Hi-Fi when there are fewer customers, so you don't create a long queue of customers behind you waiting to check out.
        • +1

          Good tips - I used 25 or so on a tv purchase - store wasn't fussed - was just polite and apologetic :)

        • can tcn giftcard loaded into apple wallet or google pay?

          • @a1234my: Yes, but you’ll need to add the physical gift card to the TCN app first. You should then see an option to add the gift card to your mobile wallet.

  • Can I use the card to pay for a Footlocker purchase online?

    • No.

      According to the TCN website, it can only be used in-store.

      • +1

        Thanks WookieMonster.
        Shoes are $30 cheaper online than instore, so online still works put cheaper.

  • Question is, will it come before black Friday sales are gone?

    • Even I didn't get it yet. Hopefully for boxing day 😅

  • I can't get a verification code from the TCN app (to start putting cards onto Google Pay). Am I doing something wrong here?

    • Eventual response from TCN:

      Hi (deleted),

      Thanks for your email.

      We're sorry to hear that you're having issues with one of our cards.

      At this stage, our app does not allow for a physical card to be added directly to it.

  • Has anyone received these yet? I haven't received a shipping notification or anything. I always get nervous after buying gift cards because of the number of times gift cards have been used as a last ditch effort to raise capital before going into administration…

    • Received them today.

    • Remember to activate your cards ahead of time because it takes up to 24hrs. I didn't realise that you had to and I was in the checkout and JB Hifi buying a 9th gen iPad that I had put on hold… had to phone them up (TCN) and spend about 20mins on the phone with them while the guy manually activated the cards for me (thankfully). Should've read the back of the card… oops

  • Anyone received their card in WA yet?

    • Update: just got mine here in WA today

  • Still waiting here in VIC

    • Same here.

      • Weirdly, it just turned up this morning. Via registered post. 8.30am on a Saturday.

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