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[Secondhand] AnyCubic 3D Printers (Customer Returns) + 1kg PLA $149-$268 Delivered @ Anycubic-Make eBay


AnyCubic is doing a fire-sale — clearing out their stock of customer returned) 3D printers! These printers come with a full warranty, and there is a generous free 30 day return policy too. With FREE shipping and 1KG of PLA filament to really get started with!

NOTE: the Mega Pro is a 2-in-one 3D printer & laser engraver!
Safety comment on lasers: Please consider safety when using — ensure you have good ventilation, and safety goggles for everyone who is in the room when in action. Be aware that lasering some material can product very hazardous fumes e.g. vinyl, so please check that the material you are engraving onto is suitable before trying.


Model Price Print Volume Electronics Special Features
Mega X $268 300×300×305mm 8-Bit + TMC2209 Silent Stepper Drivers
Mega Pro $226 210x210x205mm 8-Bit + TMC2208 Laser Engraver (1.5W) + Silent Stepper Drivers
Mega S $149 210x210x205mm 8-Bit + A4988

All three models:

  • support printing a range of materials: PLA, PETG, ABS and TPU (flexible).
  • have dual-Z motors and filament run out detection.
  • come with the excellent UltraBase coated glass printing surface
  • have easy to use touch-screen LCD interfaces

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  • +2

    Ah the deal is back but looks like more expensive then before shame!

    • Unfortunately the old pricing was a price error — the ebay code was not supposed to be active on that listing! But free shipping is back.

    • Penny pinchies

    • how much it cost before?

    • Can we seriously sort out the thens and thans. It's getting out of control.

      • +2

        Then I think maybe someone should post some edumacational resources, as you may have had a better schooling than them.

  • Is this really true for the Mega Pro?

    NOTE: the Mega Pro is a dual 3D printer + laser engraver!

    As far as I can tell the Mega Pro is a 2-in-1 printer with laser engraver and not a Dual 3D printer + Laser engraver.

    The note seems to infer that it is a dual extruder printer.

    Thank You

    • I have edited as suggested, thanks.

  • +4

    Bought a printer from Anycubic-freedom off of eBay. Arrived faulty.

    Asked for a replacement was told no. Told they don't keep spare parts and had to contact China.

    Took a week of backwards and forwards but received confirmation parts are on their way, been 3 weeks since I first contacted them through eBay.

    If these have been returned, it will be for a reason. Being they don't keep parts for faulty printers. I wouldn't be touching customer returns.

    • Fair points! These printers still come with a 30 day return policy if people are dissatisfied out of the box.

      • Thing is, it takes much more than 30 days to find out if your printer has an issue or if it's user error
        My Anycubic has ( since start ) a slighly bent plate: The middle is bit higher than the outsides. Sometimes ok, sometimes a pain
        The board is a non standard 22cm x 22cm. Not easy to replace
        Great to see that the stepper drivers are upgraded. makes a huge change.

        • +1
          • You should be able to get up and running in 1 hour or less. If its taking you more than a day, there's likely something to flag with customer service. I don't make any benefit from listing these deals, but I'm happy to send you resources to help get started (or do a 5 min phone call) if you're a newbie who is stumped. Getting stuck with a broken / defective printer is most certainly NOT a bargain! :-)
          • Most printers will "dome" slightly when hot. If it is causing you issues, one option is to try a thicker first layer. If that doesn't work, it is something to flag with customer service.
          • I would not say 220mm is that uncommon, Anycubic, Tronxy, Wanhao and Anet have all manufactured printers with those bed dimensions.
          • @pinchies:

            • Sure I managed to print the Owl within 1 hour, but that is no test.
            • I got the doming under control, mostly, but without auto-levelling it need time and lots of youtube to get the print to stick. I have found a hand sanitizer that creates the perfect stickiness.
              -Actually its 23x22

            Dont get me wrong, I think the Anycubic i3 Mega with the heated plate is great, I love it, but when buying new, If something does not print, it's mostly 99% user error. But in returned Printers the buyer might not be so sure if it's user error or the printer, which, if he returns, is a shame.

  • Damn I just bought one off Ali on their 11.11 sale.

  • +8

    I've been 3d printing for about 2 years almost every day, and also make quite a bit of money from this side hobby:

    I'm also a structural engineer with a mechanical engineering background, so I have the technical knowledge and experience to back my opinion.

    I advise not to purchase these Anycubic 3d printers due to the following reasons:
    - very limited software/firmware support from the 3d printing community (eg. Custom Marlin firmware from Github to support linear advance calibration etc).
    - limited hardware support such as BL touch for automated bed leveling.
    - limited components/accessory replacements in the event a part is faulty/breaks. Having to wait for part replacements from China, also expensive vs other companies.

    I know I may have went a bit too technical with the above points, but in summary Anycubic has very little resources for post sale support/upgrades/issues.

    I suggest Creality 3d printers due to the large amount of resources (YouTube, Github, reddit, Facebook groups) and more readily available/affordable parts (majority sourced in Australia).

    If you're rich then Prusa3d printers.

    Having 1kg of filament chucked in with this deal is nothing, when it only costs $15-25 anywhere.

    Apologies in advance, I can't share what I do specifically with 3d printing.

    Edit: the 1.5w diode laser is used for engraving the surface of timber, it won't cut through. CO2 lasers will cut through timber/acrylic, and fiber/plasma lasers for metals.

    Also please wear specific UV laser safety glasses or you'll go blind overtime (it's like looking directly into the sun), have a well ventilated room and fire extinguisher.

    To OP: feel free to share my feedback to Anycubic, they need to heavily invest in the software/firmware and customer support/resources if they want to really compete in the 3d printing space (I'm not talking about resin printing).

    • These are good points. All of the 3D printer companies have strengths and weaknesses. I would agree that these Anycubic models may not be the best purchase for someone wanting to tweak and mod their printer with every aspect, but just for a beginner to start with, I think these represent a good choice to dip the toe in.

    • +1

      @Ausdave As a structural/mech eng perhaps you should have sought out one of your first year colleagues from the electrical strand. Upgrading to Marlin 2 and bltouch is no harder than most printers though it’s worth going the extra step to klipper now. Failing components are mostly the same generic kit of parts on most i3 clones and easy to pick up in Australia. You should always make your own profiles from scratch as no two printers are the same. I’ve seen many Creality owners give up on their printers because they thought they just had to go with the supplied/community profiles and everything would work. These are ok printers as a starting point and the cost to enter here is quite decent for a starter.

      • Not going to counter argue your points, cause what you've outlined is mostly valid.

        For me personally I'd pay let say $100-200 more for the increased chance of success and reliability on other proven companies (risk management).

        Time is money for me, paying a bit more versus potential hours/weeks lost due to limited resources if things go wrong.

    • +1

      Edit - this previous comment covers a lot of content so to save you repeating yourself and for those looking, read this comment first. Anything in addition to this would be good, especially on how to get your pages out in a community without seeming pushy or like a Mickey Mouse busines.

      Hey Ausdave,

      I've seen your comments on another post re. your business. I'd like to start printing for a small side business rather than just a hobby and your previous comments drove me to do some research and planning of my own. Obviously you're keeping yours private but do you have any learnings you can share (or PM if you're feeling really generous). Tips around what equipment you use (camera, booth materials, lighting etc.) for professional looking product pictures, who did you use for your store site build, how do you market your store.

      Not looking to muscle in on what you have going but hoping you can shower us with some of the wisdom you have picked up doing it yourself with a professional approach to high quality printed products rather than cheap and at volume like every other printer in the world.

      I have my own market in mind with my own contacts in that market so I'm not looking for a 'make me rich' lesson, just some tip you learned along the way in setting up a store and what sells best (i.e. photo styles, tips for product description, how to market your site to a patch you have connections in etc.)

      Anything would be appreciated as I'm aware you're not obliged to give your time up. Feel free to PM me if you want to know any more, or just help us out here if you can (I know I'm not the only one who is wondering :)


      • +1

        I'll PM you later today.

        I've currently disabled PM on my account due to people asking what I do, which I stated I wouldn't.

        Ideal world is we all share what we do and everyone is happy, but unfortunately there's a thing called competition.

        • +1

          Champion, thanks mate

    • +1

      Re. Ausdave's creality suggestion, there is currently a deal on the Ender-3 v2. Great starter printer (if you're looking at this one) with endless resource, easy parts, and a strong custom firmware community.

  • +1

    Bought a printer from these guys 2 years ago. It's PSU went twice and took around a month each time to get it replaced.

    That unit wasn't a second either so I'd hate to see why these were returned. As per the above Ender 3 or similar for a little bit more…

    • Reason for return is probably uneven hot plate.

  • Ebay seller says they have make no claim to include TMC drivers in the Mega X and as such my model came with noisy A4988 drivers. While it is a good printer, just be warned it won't be with the upgraded drivers suggested in this post. It's a shame as it's an otherwise great starter printer.

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