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TPG 5G Home Broadband, Unlimited Data, First Month Free, $69.99/Month up to 100Mbps, $79.99/Month Max Speed @ TPG


This seems like a decent deal if you have TPG 5G broadband coverage. Cheaper than NBN. Cheaper than Telstra, Optus and Vodafone 5G broadband.
It's worth a trial as there is no contract, 1st month free.
Existing TPG customers get $5/mth discount as well.
Apparently they have their own 5G network, or possibly share with Vodafone as they were merged last year, TPG Telecom expands standalone 5G network.
They seem more accessible than the Telstra 5G Home broadband offer, I tried a few addresses that got declined by Telstra address checker, but were accepted by TPG.

No lock in contract
$0 5G Modem^
$0 Activation Fee
$0 Delivery

Try it free for a month
If you're not 100% satisfied within the first month, then simply return the modem within 21 days of providing notice of cancellation^.

Quick setup
Connect as soon as your modem arrives - no technician needed.

WiFi Modem included
Dual-band AC Wireless for your in-home WiFi.

Great speeds
5G fast for browsing, emails, social media, HD and 4K streaming.

^Modem non-return fee will apply if service is cancelled within 36 mths of first connecting to 5G Home Broadband or if your order is withdrawn by us, and the modem is not returned.

Techy types should be aware that 5G Home Broadband uses CG-NAT. Carrier-grade NAT (Network Address Translation) is a type of network that assigns services with a private IP address, instead of a dynamic public IP address. Our network will then translate that private address into a public address. This means that the following items (which depend on internal NAT) will not work on 5G Home Broadband:
*Port forwarding
*Hosting web, email or file servers internally
*Smart Home systems (e.g. accessing security camera footage remotely, home automation and printers)
*Remote Access (i.e. accessing your home computer or devices from another location)

Carrier-grade NAT can give you a strict NAT with some online games.

Critical Information Summary

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  • +4

    Cant get it in my area. Does it run off the optus network?

    • +7

      Nope. TPG-Vodafone is a competitor to Optus.

      Apparently they have their own 5G network, or possibly share with Vodafone as they were merged last year

      • +1

        Vodafone and TPG (and all the other sub-brands) use the same Vodafone network. Mobile and Fixed Wireless. The main differences are not all network services (like VoLTE, WiFi Caling etc) are available across all brands. Vodafone 5G Fixed wireless is basically the same price (1c more i think) if you have a mobile with them, so its all much n muchness.

        • +1

          VFA/TPG roam onto Optus in areas where they don't have coverage, AFAIK, but it's for voice & low/legacy speed mobile data.

      • +3

        Oh ok, don't know why I got downvoted I was just asking a question

        • +10

          Welcome to the new gen ozbargain. You get voted down for asking a question and vote up for posting a PlayStation 5 at above RRP.

      • -3

        Their 5g is 5 without the G. You get the connection with slow connection.

    • Try Spintel 5G Home broadband
      Same pricing but uses Optus 5G network

      See here: https://www.spintel.net.au/home-internet/wireless-internet

  • +8

    FYI I think TPG are pushing more people to wireless internet as this is likely a higher profit margin for them. I was on NBN25 for $59.99 a month with TPG and they reached out to me last week and offered me their 4G unlimited wireless at 20Mbps for $49.99 per month. I had a 7 day trial and have now switched to it given my data needs are not huge. Saves me $10 a month for what is almost the same as what I had before.

    4G wireless worth considering for those who have basic internet needs. I’m still able to stream Kayo with this 4G internet and it doesn’t skip a beat. For others this 5G might be better value for them based on their needs.

    • +4

      Its the same as felix and i pay $35 per month unlimited 4G @ 20Mbps

    • Have u had a chance to use it when its heavy rain?

      • Not yet for me but I can’t imagine it would be slower. 4G is capable of a lot more than 20Mbps and this plan is just TPG capping the maximum speed to 20Mbps. I guess time will tell for me.

    • -1

      The issue is that NBN Co.is pushing up NBN wholesale prices to everyone.
      The NBN resellers don't have any control over this.

      I just copped a $5/mth increase in my plan because of NBN wholesale price increases
      But they also increased my data cap from 200GB to 500GB. Pity I don't even use 160GB per month

      I noticed that Belong NBN rates have also gone up by $5/mth simply by removing their discounted 12 month plans.

      Meanwhile 5G unlimited plans are getting cheaper and more widely available as the 5G rollout continues.
      Admittedly $69 for a 100Mbps 5G unlimited plan with zero cost modem is amazing value and its available from both TPG and Spintel

      So NBN Co are pushing up wholesale costs to their own detriment as customers will realize and eventually switch from NBN to faster and more flexible 5G plans. Consider that the (equivalent) NBN 100 plan cost is around $89. Thats already $20 more per month. So NBN is DOOMED!

      The CEO of Telstra (Sol Trujillo) knew that wireless internet was the way of the future back in 2008 when the fibre optic idea was still in the planning stage with Labor. But Kevin Rudd refused to accept good advice from Sol Trujillo and we ended up with this NBN white elephant.

      • +5

        200-300mbps on TPG/Vodafone 4G?! Wow… I'm trialing it at the moment and the quickest I got was 13mbps.

        • -1

          You must be in a bad area

      • +2

        I get 200 to 300Mbos on TPG/Vodafone 4G also, even in peak hour, but I have full strength 5 bars of signal (line of site to the cell).
        Like all wireless, you need to have decent signal strength where you use it for high speeds.

      • +3

        Problem is congestion. The more people who start using it in your area, the shit it will become.

        • Thats 4G, 5G the more the merrier.

          • @skillet: If you read what I’m replying to, you’ll see I’m referring to 4G.

        • +1

          For me its mobile. Good line of sight to tower and no big apartment blocks makes a world of difference for indoor coverage especially.

          • @Xizor: Cheers. I see Vodafone's 4G home service speed is "max off-peak speed of 20Mbps". Yuk.

            • +1

              @rye: Ideally you want to be on 5G plan anyway, next few months I think 5G fixed wireless across all telcos is gonna heat up.

            • @rye: Been using felix 20Mbps for over 4 months and havent had a problem with 3 devices streaming at the same time

          • @Xizor: This discussion is about wireless home broadband. Not mobile internet

  • No coverage :(

  • Address check says service is available, how do I know I am getting decent speed?

    • +6

      Buy a cheap prepaid TPG/Voda 5G sim and throw it in your phone I guess? If it pulls good speedtest results consistently you'd probably be ok

      • Sounds good. I request them to call back and see how it goes

  • +1

    Most of these 5g home internet dont offer it to areas that dont have fttp.
    Which is stupid.

    • I have FttP and can get both Optus and TPG/Vodafone 5G, but not Telstra. Although FttP craps over 5G (I'm on 1000/50Mbps 3ms ping)

      • +3

        They did a double negative…so I'm guessing they mean

        Most of these 5g home internet only offer it to areas that have fttp

        But that's not quite true, we could get 5g fixed wireless on the Gold Coast in an NBN FttN area (full of apartments) & later a HFC area. But eventually we settled a few kms outside the 5g footprint so couldn't keep it.

        We found it often was just as fast as 4g.

    • +11

      Imagine complaining about internet options when you have access to FTTP.

  • Not available in western Sydney

    • Available in Parramatta

      • Is that a house or apartment? I am in North Parramatta apartment and it shows not available to me, both TPG and Optus while optus shows some individual houses in same street have 5G coverage… If it is wireless, wonder why not all dwellings have access to 5G plans in the same street.

        • Apartment, 11 hunter Street Parramatta

    • Available in the eastern suburbs though, it's Sydney after all

  • +6

    Thank dog they're clear about that CGNAT thing, and on the sign up page too!

    Belong had no mention of it on the sign up page (was in the knowledge-base) so I was pulling my hair out until I realised what was going on and grudgingly paid the static IP fee.

    Switched to Superloop recently and they also have the info in their knowledge-base rather than in your face on the sign up page, but thankfully theirs just says "this is what CGNAT is, but we don't use it" so that was good.

    This looks like good pretty good value, but it doesn't appear there is any option for a static IP if you need to get off CGNAT?

    • Did you try calling them and explaining that you need to be off cgnat for a "reason" such as operating a home security system?

      • +1

        Trying to contact Belong is worse than contacting Centrelink, so rather than try to call and get a real dynamic IP I just paid for the static IP and waited out my contract.

        Plus my reason for needing a real IP is hosting a private minecraft server for my kid and her cousins to play on, so I'd imagine they would have pushed the upsell to static anyway

    • Belong no longer offers static ip for new plans, even if you try to pay.

      I got stung the first time years ago, and actually lodged a TIO.

      Not paying static ip is not the same thing as putting you on GCNAT, at least when you are coming from the ADSL world

      • The static IP upgrade was just in their user NBN account options, same place as plan speed changes, so I just did it. Was a bit over a year ago now when I chose it, I left them a couple of months ago once the year was up.

        I am aware of what CGNAT is and what static and dynamic IPs are - I'd imagine most RSPs would use you needing a real world IP as an excuse to force you to pay for a static IP rather than give you a real dynamic one, and with Belong's phone support being so bad I didn't even try and just paid the $5/mth. I have used the TIO before (for TPG and Vodafail actually) but I didn't think this issue was TIO worthy, or worth the time, effort, and stress to go through the whole process.

  • This product is not available at your address

  • I assume that since it is 5G, you can take the dongle with you on the go?
    It can work on the train, office?

  • Not available at my address in Hamilton 4007. I wonder if it’s using Vodafone’s network? Couldn’t find coverage map on TPG’s website. Vodafone coverage maps says I can get 5G indoors. I’m 796m from one Vodafone tower, 1.38km from another and 1.6km from another (all 3G, 4G, 5G)

    • Considering TPG owns Vodafone, why wouldn’t they be using Vodafone…

      • +1

        They do. Just like Telstra and Optus, they limit the number of home 5G services on each tower to avoid congestion during peak periods.
        So you may well get 5G on one of these carriers with your mobile, but they won't connect any further home 5G services (which tend to offer large or unlimited data).
        FYI It was a merger, Vodafone 51% TPG 49% with the former Vodafone CEO head of the new company.

        • they limit the number of home 5G services on each tower to avoid congestion during peak periods.

          I never said they didn't? I was simply answering his question about what the carrier is.

  • +3

    never trust TPG, will find all excuses to charge your money.

    • +4

      I've been with them for years and I've found them to be good.

  • Just to confirm, this is no good for travelling around the country? You are locked to a tower?
    If locked to a tower/address can you constantly change address as you move around country and be allowed access to a new tower?
    What is the modem fee if it's not returned when service is cancelled within 36months?

    • +1

      Yep, 5G home broadband is locked to the address. You’d want to look for 5G Mobile broadband If you want to take it with you. Modem fee calculation is in the Critical Information Summary link above.

    • -1

      I HIGHLY doubt they lock to a tower/address. More likely just discourage it saying its for your home only. Whether youll have adequate coverage at other locations is another matter.

      • +2

        I think they can detect it somehow. In their FAQs:

        Can I take my 5G Home Broadband service to another location (e.g. holiday or moving house)?

        No. The 5G Home Broadband service uses our 5G Network and is only for use at the address nominated on your application. The service will be disconnected if we identify that you have moved to another location.

        • So you aren't locked. Its just they might bust you…. if they check. Care to be the guinea pig? :)

          • @Xizor: jesus, that's some pretty harsh terms to lock you to 5G

            • @HK Refugee: What's the harsh part? That if you sign up to a home broadband service, the operator expects the service to remain at the home location?

              We must have different definitions of harsh. Harsh would be signing up for a mobile broadband service and being locked to the service address.

      • +2

        They are automatically alerted if you are connecting to a tower that is not near your home address and will disconnect you. All 5G services do the same due to congestion issues (because of unlimited data or large allowances).
        All 3 providers only allow x number of home 5G services on each cell.
        Your welcome to try it and tell us how long you last before they disconnect you ;)

      • I am using Vodafone 5G Home Internet here, the sim card is not only locked to the address but also locked to the modem. I can't even use it on my iPhone, or any other devices.

        • -1

          Locking to device is very simple to both do and enforce (IMEI, MAC Address etc). Locking to a cell or location is a little trickier as they need to factor in congestion, local outages etc often times its re-actively enforced if at all. This of course varies between carriers and over time.

      • +1

        They claim to. Telstra at least allow it but cap at 1.5mbps. Still okay for vacations.

        • I brought an unused Telstra Smart modem from eBay for $30 (the seller said Telstra had sent him two modems by mistake) about a year ago. There was a Telstra sim in it and on the occasion when my fibre Opticomm service goes down, it still kicks in lol. Haven’t measured the speed though.

          • +1

            @rye: Speed limited to 25/5, from memory.

  • Damn not available for me! I’m on Telstra mobile broadband but 400gb is killer I get 360mbit on a b818 though and apparently I’m not able to receive the 5g home connection for 1Tb… I am 500m from the tower and would be straight LOS if it wasn’t for 1 house :eyeroll:

    • Interestingly 5G home internet isn’t available at my home in Hamilton 4007 through Optus, Telstra, TPG/Vodafone but according to SpinTel’s website, 5G Home internet is (funny considering they go through Optus)! Tempted to try them out, they have a 14 day trial and month to month plan. I get decent service with Optus 5G on my mobile.

    • +1

      Search for a serviceable address nearby, then change mailing address for modem.
      Confirmed works, using it now.
      270-420mbps down, 30-40mbps up.
      Ping is 25ms unloaded.

  • Just talked with a staff, it seems no 5G currently available for apartment.

    • +2

      Interesting. Did the staff read their own company’s spiel? 😉

      Will 5G Home Broadband work if I live in an apartment or own a two storey property?

      Yes, 5G Home Broadband should work in multi-dwelling units (like apartments) and multi-storey properties. For best results, position your 5G Home Broadband Modem near a window, away from direct sunlight.

      • At least not available for me

        • My acquaintance in Macquarie Park got the service, in a high rise residential apartment.

      • They probably mean the location of the apartment, not apartments themselves.

    • -1

      Not true.

  • -2

    I checked multiple addresses in Sydney and it is not available.
    Is it really available or just a marketing hype?

    • +1


      Plenty of patches. But that's the problem at the moment… it's patches :(

      Australia does 5G differently to other places in the world. We do one big tower, they do scattered smaller towers. That's why Covid is different here? (/s for the last part. Please, people. Trust the scientists or go back to the dark ages!)

    • I checked multiple addresses in Sydney and it is not available.

      Seems to be available in Parramatta.
      An acquaintance in Macquarie Park also got it (as in actually have the service).
      Not everyone in the same suburbs will get it though, as the carriers would limit the subscribers in each location to avoid congestion, as others have said. First in first served I guess.

    • +1

      Available at mine, Dad’s, and my work…all near CBDs of Sydney. We have Voda for mobile so have tested speeds at all times of day and week.

    • So it’s not available to you personally, so therefore isn’t a deal for anyone?

  • Can't find a coverage map anywhere.

  • -2

    Vodafone network checker


    See if the deal is available in 5g coverage area

    • 5G mobile coverage does not guarantee 5G Home broadband access. Same with all carriers.

  • Their 4G was extremely sht down south of Sydney. Don't think I would ever trust Vodafone again after trying their 4G and had to ship back their router

    • This deal is for 5G

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