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Coles Mobile 365-Day Expiry Starter Packs $95 for 120GB (60GB Standard + 60GB Bonus Data) @ Coles


Taken from the upcoming catalogue starting Wednesday 24th of November

Buy and activate by 30/11/21 - New customers only.

$95 for 120GB (60GB Standard + 60GB Bonus) 365 Day Expiry

  • Optus network
  • Unlimited standard calls and text nationally
  • Unlimited 13/1300 calls
  • Unlimited standard calls and texts to 15 selected countries

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  • +22

    Great price but very short time to activate :/

  • +1

    Current catalogue has that recharge at $90. Need a $2 sim card for a new service. Only 60GB though.

  • -2

    Sneaky devils offered me $112 for a 120gb recharge and then put this on sale for $95!


    (I see its only the 60gb with bonus 60, still a decent deal imo)

    • Ahh, but if you change to this plan, will your unused data roll over?

      • +2

        This deal is for new customers only, so no roll over.

        I’m actually at the end of my first year with coles now and not too sure if left over data rolls over.

        • +4

          If you're on the 120GB plan, Coles says that up to 50GB can be rolled over if you renew before your current plan ends. If auto-renew is turned on, it should automatically renew on the last day of the plan. However, I recall seeing a complaint here on OzBargain, from someone saying the auto-renew didn't occur when it was supposed to, and they were worrying that they had lost their rolled-over data.

          Perhaps double check that your credit card details (including expiry date) haven't changed since you entered them, in the Coles mobile account. And check that auto-renew is turned on, from the older CIS it looks like it didn't previously default to being turned on.

        • I'm thinking of porting out and back in, to change to this plan.

          Anyone know how long do you have to be with another provider, before Coles Mobile will consider you a "new customer" again?

        • 50gb data rolls over on a new recharge.

          I got offered a recharge for $112 on a 365 days 120gb plan too.

          Anyone who has Nov 2021 recharge expiry got offered 50% off recharge on above plan to $75 only as a promotion.

          • +1

            @BinnyC: Now thats a solid deal! (Getting offered 50% off)

            Still, 25% off isn’t too bad.

    • +1

      When I logged in, it says 50%off discount if you recharge on or before 30/11. Mine expires on 27/11 with auto recharge on.

      • Mine says 25%. My plan expires on the 30/11. I always get ripped off 🤣

  • What happens if you go over the 120gb?

    • -2

      Usually, for Coles mobile plans, going over the data limit triggers an auto-recharge (probably at full price).

      • +8

        Data just stops working

        • Apologies, I was mixed up with an Amaysim plan, on my Mum's phone, which I manage.

        • You will get SMS messages when you use 50, 75 and I think 90% of data from memory. My son uses a Coles SIM as it's one of the few that do not auto add an extra 1Gb for $10 until the bill gets huge… My son has used the data on his plan twice and now uses wifi when ever he can.

    • +8

      Instant death

  • People on the $150/120GB annual plan get offered 25% discount on their recharge (so recharge costs $112.50), do people on this plan ($120/60GB plus bonus) get offered a discount on recharging?

    I'm on the $150/120GB plan, but didn't use nearly as much data as I thought I would. This plan, even without the bonus data, would suit me fine. So even though I'll lose any rolled-over data, it would be more economical to port out, and then port back in, onto the plan in this deal. But only if the recharge, in a year's time, is less than full price!

    Secondly, how long do you have to be with another provider, before Coles Mobile will consider you a "new customer" again?

    Also, it's not mentioned in this deal, the plan in this deal allows up to 50GB of data to be rolled over: https://colesmobile.com.au/home/left-image/product/5

    • Can't you recharge on a lower plan?

      • +1

        Yes, but only at full price. Discount is for new customers only.

  • Great deal, but it sucks that there's no volte/wifi calling. I hate not having internet access during calls.

    • +1

      Surely your wifi will continue to work during calls, for internet access?

      • +6

        It goes to 3G when on calls

    • +1

      I don't think you know what Wi-Fi calling is.

      • They’re talking about volte.

        • -1

          I don't think you know either, what does not having VoLTE got to do with not having "internet" during calls?

    • +2


    • +7

      To clarify: Coles has neither volte OR wifi calling.
      Wifi calling is helpful to me when I'm in offices or homes with wifi but limited mobile reception.
      No volte means you drop to 3G for the duration of the call. So, unless you are also connected to wifi, bye-bye internet access while on the call.

  • This would've been perfect for my mum if only they started it a week earlier.
    Her Aldi $99 superpackwith measly 15Gb/yr expires tomorrow.

    • +2

      Perhaps put her on a cheap new customer plan with another telco for a month as a stop gap?

    • +2

      That's fine I think. The credit will expire tomorrow, but the number is still active for some more time.

    • +2

      Use Catch Connect 240GB only $109. Might have to wait for SIM in the mail though.


      • +3

        The Catch Mobile deal is of incredible value, however many of us, including me, don't use more than 10GB/month (or 120GB over 12 months), so this one works out better.
        The Coles one also includes unlimited calls to 15 international destinations, which some may prefer, the Catch one doesn't (not that I have any use for this personally)
        Of course, if you are using 10 to 20GB/month on average and don't have a use for the international calls included, the Catch one is the best value around :)

      • waited for 4 weeks and no international roaming, otherwise, it's a good deal.

  • What is this 60GB Bonus about?

  • +1

    I bought a month ago but didn't activate. Do I get 120GB?

    • No. I did the same, was waiting to activate. Called Coles today, gave them the online order number and they agreed to refund. On Wednesday I'll pick up this new deal.

  • +4

    For anyone interested, the KB prawn gyoza 750g ($8.50) will be half price from the 24/11.

    • +14

      can you make international calls with gyoza

      • +3

        Call Japan only

      • speed dials uber eats

    • +1

      Does the Gyoza have Band 28?

  • +2

    Just one week to activate. This is shame.My plam will finish 18/12 :-( Guys can you recommend any other plan for 365 days?

  • +3

    how is this compared to Catch 240g https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/662432

    • +1

      Yes, surely Catch has a wayyy better deal at $0.45 per GB whereas this Coles deal = $0.79 per GB, but has calls and texts to 15 selected countries. Catch allows 30 days to activate vs this Coles deal allowing until 30/11 only.

      International calls are kind of redundant in the age of WhatsApp etc.

      Looks like both Coles and Catch use Optus 4G and 3G network.

  • Can I use coles e-gift card to pay for this (Suncorp member)?

    • I couldn't use egift card to pay the last time I bought @ $119 at self check out. Staff said the system recognised the prepaid the starter pack like buying a gift card. Not sure if it was due to split payment.

      • If you are buying a sim card or gift card using split payments, coles checkout system will not allow it.

  • My sister is on the old grandfathered $150 boost plan. I was wondering if it's worth switching her over to Coles. I'm currently with Coles mobile and have had no issues with coverage, just wondering if she should sacrafice the Telstra coverage and the grandfathered plan for Coles for a $55 saving. Any help is appreciated.

    • +1

      I'm going to drop Coles when I'm done (late December) found network coverage and data speeds/connection terrible.
      A Optus tower is around 200m away from my work and about the same from home and get horrible reception and problems on both.
      I regret signing up myself and wife to them a year ago.

      Going back to Telstra network with one the resellers (Boost or Aldi)

      obviously for everyone not me…. YMMV

      • +2

        Woolworths is another option for Telstra. 10% off groceries once a month.

    • I did the exact same, moved to Coles after being with Boost's $150 plan for a few years. No regrets at all. Great coverage, really great pricing! And even better when you get Flybuys offers (spend X and get 2000 points etc. At Coles) Means I got $10 back! Now that's the OZB way!

    • Follow her around for the day and check the signal, it varies with location greatly. It might be good for you and horrible for her.

      To make it fun, don't tell her you're following her.

    • +1

      $150 recharge lasts 365 days doesn’t exist anymore even for those old grandfather $150 boost plans. New one replaces it is $200 when you recharge but you may be targeted with a one-off $50 discount if you receive the email.

  • I’m coles customer near 11 months. Speed test is under 20 at home and office, but super fast at train station, bus stop. Call quality is not good, got missed call text few times but phone didn’t ring at all. Plan to move to Wws mobile. Tested the speed is 40-50. Call quality is okay. Only thing I’m missing is the international call offers by coles. Hope this helps to who lever wants to love to coles.

  • I understood that the inclusions are different, but with Woolies mobile, I would understand it as practically a free plan, with the inclusion of 10% once a month discount, on grocery purchases. Should I say Woolies mobile is a better offer?

  • Can you port number with this deal? Currently with vaya (also Optus network) but this is significantly cheaper

    • +1

      Yes. You can.

  • +1

    Going overseas soon.. can it roam?

    • +1

      International roaming no longer available.

      • +1

        thank you for the information @F1ngoIf, would you know if any prepaid mobile plan would have the international roam services. it's needed for receiving SMS for account verification from time to time. Cheers, Bob

  • ah if only I had waited another day; i've just bought 3x of kogan's $120 plans for the family just last night. Could've saved $75. oh well

  • +1

    i bought 2 sim packs yesterday for kids and then saw this post, so i hit up customer support and they told me they've never had this promotion and its fake lol.

    • Lol

  • Lebara also have a promotion on their "Extra Small 360 Day" plan that ends 25 Nov (I signed up for this yesterday):
    - Reduced to $99 from $140 for the promotion
    - The $2 SIM is included in the price.
    - Normally includes 80GB data each year but this is increased to 100GB "split into 30-day blocks of 6GB plus one off data bank bonus of 28GB..
    From their doco https://www.lebara.com.au/data-banking/ any unused data each month is automatically added to your data bank, up to a limit of 200GB.

  • Any deal for port out my number so I can port in again in 2 days ?? My coles recharge is going to finish in 2 weeks. Will port out and in works for this deal .. ta.

  • how about $150 long expiry plan? no double data?

  • Bought the Sim card from store today. I'll see if I can still be eligible for the bonus data.😅

  • +2

    ~~Bought the promotion sim card today and activated 1 hour after

    1)show 60GB Data during in activation summary(step 3)
    2)show Allowance: 60GB only in account after activated ~
    3)talk to coles mobile and they noticed only 60GB in account(no extra 60GB bonus data)
    4)Coles mobile will tell you (we will make a request to load the 60GB bonus data for you)
    5)received a email from coles mobile support to supply a proof of purchase regarding to the promotion date

    Finally…. they will send the request to their supervisor and need to wait 1/2 days to get approve and add the 60GB bonus data manually~!

    So when you buy this sim kit from Coles please Keep your receipt and ready to get into a hassle

    • +2

      thats shitty

    • +1

      Thanks for sharing your experience. I'll go to other providers next year if I don't get the bonus data. 🥲
      I actually confirmed with staff and they said it should work with the promotion.

    • +1

      Mate, you are describing my experience, step by step. Needed to activate 3 services, spend 2 hours chatting to them, now need to wait for resolution.
      Looks like someone forgotten to tell the provider about the promo….

      • My issue has been fixed in the next day
        60GB Bonus Data Add to account= Total 120GB now

    • +1

      My issue has been fixed in the next day
      60GB Bonus Data Add to account= Total 120GB now

      So if you can not see the extra 60GB bonus data in your account please contact Coles Mobile Customer Service
      There will be no more this kind issue if anyone who activate the sim from 25/11/2021 to 30/11/2021
      as they are not ready to load the promotion on the first sale date???

    • +1

      I've activated last night and thought similar, it still shows 60Gb but when I click through to dashboard it says 120Gb data , 60 GB allowance - confusing. I'll start the chat process when they open at 9am.

      Does it display the 120Gb on the plan screen?

      • Yes , when you login to the website it is show 120Gb data , 60 GB allowance But it shows 60GB data and 60GB allowance on my account dashboard yesterday .So if you can login to the coles mobile app it will appear 120GB Data left.

        • +1

          Thanks Apollo, loaded the mobile app and it shows 120gb, so maybe they've fixed it

  • Just tested, if you have a $2 sim card from the supermarket, you could activate+recharge a 120GB plan for $95. So, $97 in total.

  • Bought it. However, there's a advertisement paper in the Coles shop shows activation before 14/12/2021. Which one is correct?

      • +1

        Firstly, thanks for your kindly reply.

        The thing, I saw a post in the Birkenhead point Coles, it said:
        Big Data Sale
        120GB data, 365 days for $95
        (60GB standard + 60GB bonus data)
        Buy and activate by 14/12/21.
        Switch today. Now that's smart.

        I have the photo, however, I don't know how to upload the photo here.

        And, I wonder which information is correct?

        • You can use "imgur.com" to upload the pic and share the link here.
          My current plan also ends on 14th but I am planning to activate Coles one tomorrow just to be sure it will get 120 GB.

        • sounds like the in-store promotion is Dec 14th cut off vs online promotion is 30th ( Activations after 30/11/21 will receive 60GB standard data only.) https://colesmobile.com.au/home/left-image/product/5

  • brought it and didn't realised can't use this to recharge existing plan
    whats the cheapest way to port out and port back in?

  • Ahh dang, I tried to activate it yesterday on the last day but it only finalised activation this morning, thus only getting 60GB. I wonder if it's reasonable to ask if I could get that bonus 60GB since I did try to activate it yesterday.

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