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[NSW, QLD, VIC] Pre-Departure Express PCR Test and 1 Day PCR $79 @ Histopath (International Departure Terminals)


I think PCR tests prices are slowly coming down.
As Histopath has reduced their prices for all testing including PCR $79 and PCR plus antibody(for China) $120

I used myself this for 1 day pcr test. I visited walk in clinic at 1300 and received my certificates just after 4 hours .

Thanks [email protected] Abure Bauer
Currently Histopath is the cheapest option for Travel RTPCR.

Listing some more options as well If u don't have a histopath collection centre near you .

[NSW] https://granvillecovid19clinic.com.au/travel-overseas/
$100 on weekdays and 120 $ on weekends.


Cost $120 .

Healius/Laverty collection centres.

Normally $150 .

Use code EKPCR20 for $20 discount if travelling by Emirates

If travelling by Srilankan Airlines use code UL605 for $20 off

Normally $150

Use coupon code ETIHAD21 to get $20 off if your are flying with Etihad .

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    Can't you get these done for free?

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      Not for international travel.

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        Not even for domestic travel technically.

        • I contacted 4cyte pathology about the process for testing for domestic travel, as their paid testing is all about international, and this was their response:

          "Good afternoon,

          Thank you for contacting us.

          No cost is involved for Covid test if it’s for Interstate travel.

          Please note no appointment or GP referral is required for Covid testing.

          You could go to one of our collection sites either walk or drive-in along with Medicare card or any form of photo ID."

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            @Miss B: Official confirmation, you don't need to pay for tests for domestic travel:


            • @Miss B: Wasn't a huge fan of that article. It didn't actually explain how you do the state tests. Do I just walk up to my state testing clinic and when they ask "Symptoms? Special worker?," I respond "Neither I'm just here for a domestic travel test."

              • +1

                @markathome: It sounds like it. I'm still going to go to 4cyte. I'm happy with the information they provided and it's consistent with the government advice, so I'm confident I won't have any issues. It's about 20 mins away instead of the state testing site 5 mins away, but it seems worth the trip.

                • @Miss B: Thanks Miss B! I wouldn't normally add to a six day old thread but got confused as it was thrown up in the "Travel > Most Voted" list. I'm hoping when I'm actually travelling to a state that requires it in March - it'll be much clearer. Right now I just have like 4 trips to NSW booked.

              • @markathome: When I went to get tested, they only asked if I'd any symtom. Also noticed they didn't ask anyone else why they were getting tested either.

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            @madreece: We while they specifically don't say that Gvt tests are not accepted, they do say what needs to be on the test report.

            Most government tests only give you an SMS report which does not contain all the required information.

            The last time I got tested at RPA, they did upload the official report with all the needed particulars to MyHealthRecord. But the time frames are unclear.

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          they'll test you and send you an SMS saying you're negative/positive

          good luck using that at the airport

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            they'll test you and send you an SMS saying you're negative/positive
            good luck using that at the airport

            I don't know about other states, in NSW its easy enough to get a written result too.

            International travel tests need to be by independent companies

            Fair enough.

          • +1

            @pHyR3: I have heard you can give GP contact while filling form and GP can receive full report which GP can give you ! I have not tested so not sure!!

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          Agree, these paid for testing companies are a rip off. Pretty sure they are on the forum as well as they agressively downvote you for saying anything negative.

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            @Leon585: Not sure why you are saying they are a rip off? I think pHyR3's comment was in relationship to the Govt test result. I don't think it would have you passport number on your result.
            This PCR test is half the price from other pathology labs and will be compliant with what is needed for travel, what's the rip off?

              • +9

                @salmon123: From Qantas website:

                Invalid COVID-19 test result example
                Printed or digital record which lacks all the required information, such as:

                SMS results from free community testing and drive-through clinics
                Results that don't show a valid test type or testing facility as required by your destination
                Results that don't show your collection sample was taken within the time frame required by your destination

                This is what you get from the govt. testing. It is not compliant with International travel.

                • -7


                  From Qantas website

                  Individual airline requirement. Note that there's no mention of passport number, as someone earlier stipulated.

                  Having said that, I'm sure your GP could write a letter to this effect for free, with Medicare.

                  • +2

                    @salmon123: No mate, your wrong.
                    Also from the Qanats website:

                    Valid COVID-19 test result example
                    Printed or digital record with all required information, including:

                    Your full name (as per passport)
                    Your date of birth and/or passport number
                    Where and when the sample collection was taken
                    Name of the testing laboratory
                    Test method used
                    Test result

                • @madreece: A GP can just call and get a faxed copy from the lab if you know which one it was sent to.

              • +1

                @salmon123: ..Will the letter have your passport number on it?

                • @Eeples: If you write it in clinical notes on a referral, then yes it would have it on there as the lab is obligate to put the clinical notes on the report.

          • @Leon585: @Leon585 You want the negative results and they downvote you for being negative!

          • +3

            @Leon585: A rip off to you personally, but we still pay for the government tests, through our taxes. Nothing is free right. The path labs / hospitals still require to be paid for every test they do.

            COST / SPEED / QUALITY - you can only pick two.

    • No.

    • +4

      The test report done through NSW govt testing sites is printable(pdf copy) and shows all relevant information required to fly overseas(for most countries). Parents traveled just 4 days ago with NSW test done free.


      As per above link-

      If you had your COVID-19 test done with NSW Health Pathology, you now have two convenient ways to get your result.

      Our new Results Portal lets you securely access your result – whether positive or negative. You can also share a copy of your personal result report that has a unique QR code with authorised third parties. This could be your employer, school, airline or others.

      To register, you will need a one-time secure passcode which will be sent to your mobile when you click on link below.

      • Can you please check again , it is not stating airline:)

        This is exact wording ''We’ve created a new secure online Results Portal where you can access your COVID-19 results, download copies of your result report and share with authorised third parties such as employers or schools''

        • If you had your COVID-19 test done with NSW Health Pathology, you now have two convenient ways to get your result.
          Our new Results Portal lets you securely access your result – whether positive or negative. You can also share a copy of your personal result report that has a unique QR code with authorised third parties. This could be your employer, school, airline or others

          Check above from same portal, it is stating airlines aswell. I am in similar boat where i have an international flight scheduled & don't know if i should trust & get tested by NSW pathology lab or should i get private lab tested? As most widely, all airlines are asking & accepting private tests results.

          @DealCatcher - Can you please share how long did it take for your parents test results to show-up? which airline did they travelled? Destination? & if they faced any issues with Airline checking/asking for test results by private lab before onboarding?

          • @handler87: Be a guinea pig for all of us and chance your arm then let us know :)

          • +1

            @handler87: Test was done at 8 AM the day before flight.
            Result at 12 PM same day.
            Flew with Emirates to Dubai. Sydney airport. NO issues. Needed printed copies in colour at the airport. THey reached an hour before check-in started to make sure that test was accepted and if not histopath was the backup. Test was accepted without any issues.

      • How many days does it take to get the results ready through NSW govt website?

        • YMMV - i've had tests at a NSW Health site and had the results within 12 hours.

          • @01011010: how do you know if the test site is a NSW Health site?

      • how can you get the test done? Can you just walk in to get tested? I thought they will ask you for reason. So unless you don't say your true reason is for travelling or else they won't test you.

  • +1

    Rather get the test done before going to the airport.

    Rapid tests cost is sixty dollars.

    Retail price of a rapid test is ten dollars.

    • Have you gone overseas using it?

    • The cost of that has gone up, I looked at it a couple of weeks ago and they were charging $50 for the rapid antigen test.

    • It's not the same rapid test that you're thinking of.

      It's a RT-PCR cartridge based test. So a proper PCR. They use Cobas testing equipment but it's the same as the GeneXpert.

  • But will they be accepted at the border?

      • +6

        I have no idea, hence the question. You'd hate to get to your destination only to be turned around.

        • +1

          RAT test is accepted by Singapore but it needs to be "Professionally done" Home testing kit is not accepted.

          • @madreece: This isn't a rapid antigen. It's a RT-PCR rapid test.

        • What do you mean if they be accepted at the border? If you fly to Singapore, they do another test on arrival… Same with HongKong

          • +1

            @eutama: Singapore (and most countries) requires a pre-departure test as well as one after arrival.

          • +1

            @eutama: I was actually thinking of Qld. But I believe even UK & Europe had a "you must produce a negative test" before you can enter.

            So i was wondering if these tests are compliant/accepted. They seem to be quick.

            • @M00Cow: I thought UK& Europe dont need a negative test before you can enter (If you are fully vaccinated).
              Certain countries requires certain accredited lab. Hong Kong/Japan/China for example are very specific with their requirements.

              • @eutama: Depends where you arrive across Europe. For example, Portugal, covid test required even though vaccinated. Spain on the other hand, no test (nor even vaccine) required for Au citizens (and a few others on their green list). Airlines of course may have their own guidelines.

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    Good on Histopath. Let's see if other clinics drop their prices too.

  • +4

    Does anyone know if SA is requiring a private PCR test for their new border rules or if they'll accept a negative result from a public testing facility? I really hate how the non-COVID states haven't made this aspect of their reopening plan clear…

    • Surely domestically they will accept each other's home state health PCR test result?

      • But it's usually just an SMS, which anyone could fake.

        I don't know why they just don't do a rapid test on the ground. This crap about accuracy is just that, they're both above 90%

        • +1

          They should just link it to Medicare or Myhealth then you can prove its genuine

          • @zol1: They jeez that just might work.
            The small problem it's govt, it'll take $1b and 5yrs to decide it'll take another $2b & 10yrs :-P

  • Can you get tested here a day or 2 before travel?

    Its risky having a test on the same day, if its positive it will be too late to reschedule your flight.

    • +1

      You can get tested privately at approved clinics whenever you like (at your own expense). Better to get tested the day before you travel internationally for the reason you mentioned, and its generally cheaper than paying for an express test.

      • +7

        There are no PCR tests that I have seen that are cheaper than this. Most are $150 -$160 not including express testing

        • I just paid $100 for a PCR travel test with Medlab pathology but they don't have an express testing.

        • Same day is $300 elsewhere in VIC.

    • Results come in 1 hour.

      • Now that the price has reduced it's saying 1.5 hours. Still very fast, but at the same time, you won't be able to check in for your flight until you've got the results so you'll need to arrive even earlier to the airport.

        • I came to Singapore and the result came in 25 minutes lol.

  • +2

    Good price for this PCR test. There’s a cost associated regardless of where you do it, due to having to use private pathology labs.

    We’re travelling in the coming months and planning to get ours down at a local lab as early as possible (72 hours) before trip. Had been budgeting anywhere from $150-250 per person.

    • Ooo make us jealous, where are you off to?

  • +6

    Community test is not free in the sense that Medicare is in fact paying the cost of the test for you. My medicare records show me that Douglas Moir Pathology charged medicare $93.50 for the last Covid test I did in September.

    So community test is covered by medicare so thats why it is free to the person getting tested, but Medicare doesnt cover private travel hence you have to pay out of your own pocket.

  • Apart from Airport location, where is their NSW community location?

  • +1

    For reference, here's part of the Travel Advisory I got from Singapore Airlines for an upcoming overseas flight to Cambodia:

    "All travellers, including nationals of Cambodia, must have a Covid-19 Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test certificate issued by competent health authorities, no more than 72 hours upon arrival into Cambodia. The Covid-19 PCR test certificate must:
    state the passenger’s passport number, gender and date of birth; be in English; be in the original printed document and include the letter head of the hospital, clinic or medical institution. A photocopy of the certificate is not allowed; be accompanied by a lab report;
    state that the traveller has taken a Covid-19 “PCR” test and that the result is either “negative” or SARS-CoV-2 “not detected”.Other forms of Covid-19 test (e.g. Antigen Test, Serology) are not allowed; state the contact details of the medical institution or laboratory where the test is taken. The doctor’s name, doctor’s name stamp and signature must be on the test certificate; and
    state the date of issuance of the certificate. It should be clearly written out in full (e.g. 01 Dec 2020) and not in number format (e.g. 01/12/2020) to avoid confusion."

    Anyone know if Histopath will provide such a certificate? Their site claims "accepted by all airlines" but no mention of fulfilling the above requirements.

    • I assume they will tailor the document to suit the airline and destination. Usually Airlines follow whatever the destination’s format.

      So an airline with hub model (Singapore/Emirates/Etihad/Qatar…) will have a big folder next to each check-in agent, which explains why checking-in for flights now starts 5 hours prior to departure because the agent needs to double check all these forms above and beyond visa rules which changed a lot in the last 18 months.

      • You would hope so, however I cannot see any way to contact on their site to call or email and confirm. I can't afford to leave this to chance.

        The link for the Melbourne airport site on their website goes to Google Maps which doesn't help.

        • Wouldn’t doing it at the airport makes it easy to rectify the document if the airline refused the format?

          • +1

            @HardQuiz: I managed to find a phone number and they confirmed they can provide a printed certificate with signature etc.

            I will go the day before my flight as the flight leaves early and they only open at 6am.

  • I’m travelling to Canberra from QLD in January, is this the cheapest way to get the negative test as of now? Everywhere else it’s $150 which it’s quite an amount of money to be honest.

    • Not sure why you would need a test? QLD / ACT border opens in mid December

      • Open but you still need to show a negative PCR test.

        However, in trying to plan for my QLD trip in late December, I can't figure out to prove my negative test. Just the sms? Do I go to a place like this offer?

        • When we reach 90% there will be no need to show negative test for domestic travel, just fully vax.
          When I booked the flight it showed me places like Sullivan pathology who could do the test but it costs $150 :/

    • You can use state government free tests for QLD (proof via text message okay).

  • +1

    How about this:

    “ Our new Results Portal lets you securely access your result – whether positive or negative. You can also share a copy of your personal result report that has a unique QR code with authorised third parties. This could be your employer, school, airline or others.”

    You get tested at any of the NSW pathology labs i.e. Mount Druit hospital nearest to me, and get a written result with all your details. Has anyone tested using this?

    • what I have heard from airline they need certified certificate. This NSW free report will be just report.But independent path are certifying with big stamps. You can see these samples by going to their respective websites!!

      • Wouldn’t the QR Code and being a NSW Government testing facility be enough certification for the airlines?

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