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Sony WH1000XM2 Wireless over-Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones, Black $179 Delivered @ Amazon


Wireless, noise-cancelling headphones with SENSE ENGINE

Industry leading digital noise-cancelling

Adaptive Sound Control, automatically adjusts NC and ambient sound modes to suit your activity and environment

Blend music & environmental sounds during fitness sessions or outdoor workouts

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  • +1

    much difference between the XM2 vs XM4?

    • Big difference is micro usb vs usb-c

    • The XM2 set the standard, back in the day, and it's been a series of incremental improvements since then.

      IMHO, the XM4 are better in most respects but they are NOT twice as good as the XM2 (as the asking price might suggest).

      I have a draw full of headphones and I'm in no hurry to pension-off my XM2 cans yet. They are still my preferred travel headphones but I mainly use the XM4 in the office and at home because they offer multi-point bluetooth pairing.

      • Xm2 got a more premium feel than 4 but it's less comfortable and heavier.

        • Definitely heavier but the ergonomics of the XM2 make it more comfortable for me.

          (Aside: This is why I generally ignore reviews about earbud and headphone comfort. No two heads or ears are the same. What's horrible for one reviewer could be perfect for you - or vice versa.)

      • Just found the deal where I bought mine 😁


        Ping @albert0pia - do you still have yours?

  • +1

    XM2 has great build quality, much better than the cheap and flimsy feeling XM3 I upgraded too. They are a bit heavier and the ear cups are not as comfortable though.

    • +1

      I thought the XM2 was prone to the headphone cracking issues

    • Yes this. Sound signature is nicer IMHO on the XM2 vs XM3. Only benefit of the XM3 is USBC

      • only benefit of the xm3 is usbc

        and ANC is better

  • +1

    I found the 2's to be more comfortable than the 4's on the ear over a prolonged period. Kinda regret buying the 4's.

    • I also kinda regret buying the 4s, way less comfortable than my old Surface Headphones for extended use.

  • Was considering getting a new pair of XM2s, as they have become quite cheap now. This or a refurbed/second hand XM3 pair?

    • -2

      XM2 hands down. I regretted upgrading to the XM3

  • Only 2 left in stock, be quick if you really need one :)

  • +1

    razer opus' grandpa

  • I'm so confused. go to XM4 deal. comments read XM3's were better.
    got to XM2 deal. apparently these are better sounding than the 3's??

    anyone owned all three that can confirm?

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