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LG C1 65" 4K OLED SMART TV $2995 + Delivery ($0 Pickup/ within 20km of Participating Store) @ Betta Home Living


Been tossing up between forking out for 75 inch or sticking with the value 65. Noticed this morning in my searches it's cracked the 3k barrier!

Update 24/11: Price dropped to $2,888

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Betta Home Living

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          • @SuperUser3218: I also purchased this TV at Betta Home Living and used the 5% signup code. Total cost me $2,743.60 included delivery. About one hour later, I got a phone call from my local store (North Queensland) saying no stock in shop, nor Queensland stores. Salesman asked if I'm happy to wait three weeks for stock and I was happy to.

  • 6-12 months you had to bargain so hard to get this price now its walk ins now.. !

  • Waiting for a similar deal on Sony A80J … 77inch

    • Same here.
      Also keen to see what prices come out for this along with the A90j 83" and Also the C1/G1 77" & 83" options.

  • If only I had space on my table for this… 65 is a bit much though. :( so annoyed the PS5 was crippled without 1440p support

    • You can get the 43inch one?

      • Yeh I just saw that one, but it's still too large for the limited viewing distance I have… I currently use a 27", so the largest I'd probably be willing to go is 32.

  • +1

    Betta is price matching Harvey Norman's tomorrrow price today. Picked it up for $2888

    • I think you got the lowest price ever for this. Congrats.

      • The hilarious thing was when I was on the phone, the guy asked me who is sellling it for $2888 and I mistakenly said TGG.

  • I'd suggest jumping onto this if you need a TV now.

    Cost of electronics are expected to rise

  • Just put in an order then got a call saying no stock for 4-5 weeks.

    Had it for $2845 with the signup code 5%. Bugger!

    • Yeah can confirm the same. I've just put mine on back order. Conveniently for me, I won't need a TV for 4 weeks as I'm moving.

      Also, if you want one now and can be bothered trying, price match with Harvey Norman and use 7% Shopback gift cards.

    • Had the same call, they said 2-4 weeks. For this price, happy with it.

  • Called up the support number, apparently many stores don't even have stock. Got my order cancelled, will aim for one of the other deals.

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    Who would of thought that this 200+ upvoted deal would be terrible before dinner.

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    Is it worth paying an extra $1,000 for the A80J?

  • Price has now updated to $2888, those who purchased here could reach out to Betta to try and ask them to honour the cheaper price and get a refund of the difference.

    • They happily offered this to me

    • I had no issues getting the price adjusted to $2888 and the extra $107 refunded.

  • LG C2 is coming out. No wonder for the C1 firesale from every retailer.

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