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$20 off nbn and OptiComm - 100/20 $79, 100/40 $89, 250/25 $109, 1000/50 $129 for 6 Months (New Customers) @ Aussie Broadband


Aussie Broadband Black Friday deals have gone live early.

$20 off per month nbn and OptiComm 100/20, 100/40, 250/25, 1000/50 for 6 Months.

*A ‘new customer’ is defined as an individual who has not had an active broadband service with Aussie Broadband in the last six months or hasn’t been an authorised contact, residing at the same address as the primary contact,on an active broadband service with Aussie Broadband in the last six months.

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This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • +12

    Just old offers rebranded as Black friday deals.
    I already had a pamphlet dropped last month in post saying to use FastBGB as coupon to get this deal for nbn™ Homefast

  • +3

    The Superloop 250/25 plan is $99 at the moment:

    • Yep, I moved to the Superloop 250/25 $99 plan at the start of this month, so far so good and testing well even in peak periods (POI is 'Port Melbourne Depot 3MEB')

    • +1

      Saw your comment and log in to portal. It’s available for existing customer. Thx

  • Any connection fee for opticomm when switching retailer?

    • -1

      Some ISPs are now charging $99 OptiComm connection fee.

      • They usually charge but some in special offer waive that.

  • +2

    was hoping for an excuse/reason to churn from superloop for a 6 month hop, but nope…..

  • +4

    No love for existing customers.. Will be churning out of ABB this week. Any good deals on either 250mb or 1000mb around at the moment?

    • +1

      Superloop. Check the POI CVC graphs here

    • I churned over the weekend, moved to Launtel. Free 7 day trial, and the pricing is better than Aussie's.

    • Launtel.

      They appear to have better on-going pricing for Opticomm users. Not sure about NBN.

      • 250/25 Opticomm = $109.50 ($3.70 a day) a month ongoing + $25 referral credit
      • 1000/50 Opticomm = $124.70 ($4.10 a day) a month ongoing + $25 referral credit

      And if you go on holidays, you can put your connection into Standby mode for $1.20 a day.


      • Launtel are good where they have built out to the nbn POI. Launtel use Vocus at some nbn POI locations which some are not a fan of.

      • I've been using Launtel for the past 12 months. The pause/start feature is great if you're away a lot.

        The only issue I had, and it only changed recently, was that their customer support does not exist outside of business hours. Which makes it tough when you have an issue at night. Though it's less likely you'll encounter issues if you don't pause it - I was pausing and unpausing approx 2x a week and when I try to unpause, there were sometimes issues which couldn't be fixed without a phone call or email to their support team

  • +1

    This is disappointing. Been waiting for black friday for new rsp deals. Might go the 5G path for better long term value.

    • Something to be aware of is that port forwarding doesn't work over 5G.

  • +2

    No Deal a here, this is normal discounted rate

    • -1

      Last time this was posted it got over 170 upvotes.

      • -1

        And this time it has a total of 14 upvotes…
        It's not a deal now, it was last time.

        • -1

          Actually 17 so far. Many good deals have been buried from early Black Friday deals. There will be people coming off 6 months deals looking for a new ISP promo.

  • Just found out that a lot of ISPs are moving away from Public IPs and static IPs. I think Aussie Broadband no longer provides a public IP either?

    • Aussie BB use carrier-grade NAT and you can ask them to turn it off for free and get a public IPv4. A static IP is $5/month.

      • Do they offer a IPv6 for free?

        • +1

          IPv6 is free. Login to your Aussie BB account to turn it on.

  • I would happily pay $129 for 6 months of ultrafast, but I'm an existing customer :(

    • +5

      You have to play the swapping ISP every 6 months game.

      • Not worth my time. If Aussie BB don't want my money then that's on them lol.

        • +5

          Not worth your time? It usually takes a few minutes to swap providers on the NBN, depending on the provider you're moving to. I'm not loyal to any of them, you can save yourself some good coin this way :)
          Most providers do the same as Aussie, a 6-month welcome discount, then you can't get this again as an existing customer, it's standard practice to boost their customer numbers even if a few leave after the 6-month offer, plenty will stay.

          • @SimAus007: First time going down this path for me - Do you have to sign up for the new provider and cancel the old yourself or does the new provider do it for you ala phone plans?

            • -1

              @deathkraiser: FTTP & FW = call to cancel.
              HFC, FTTN, FTTB, FTTC = automatic cancellation.

              • +1

                @Twix: Awesome, I am on FTTC so that makes it easy. Thanks!

              • +2

                @Twix: In theory yes, although recently I churned my mum's FTTN connection from ABB to Superloop and they didn't cancel until I called them and asked them to. The guy on the phone was fairly helpful and quickly acknowledged that it was their error given that the service instance with nbn had been inactive for almost 2 weeks.

                Moral of the story, once you're connected call your old RSP to ensure they've disconnected you and will stop charging you

                • @Domingo: That is what is meant to happen. Calling to confirm the cancellation is best practice.

          • +2

            @SimAus007: Well, it should only take a few minutes, but it doesn't always pan out that way.
            Twice now I've had my churn order jammed up in the NBN systems - the last time I was without NBN for 10 days during lock-down, so the entire family had to work off a 4G connection. #notfun
            So, yeah - if nothing else - pick your time to churn when your connection might be less critical. Murphy says it will go smoother that way.

            • @TheMoose: Depends on the technology you're on also. If you're on fibre it's impossible to have any any downtime if you connect on any one of tthe other UNI D ports (4 available), if on FttN it's a very different story. What tech is yours delivered on?
              I should have mentioned my only experience with NBN is on FttP, so I never churn, I connect on a new port and have 2 simultaneous connections and then disconnect with the previous RSP when the new service is operational, which is usually within a few minutes of submitting the order.

              • @SimAus007: I'm on HFC - which has several significant drawbacks - screwed up churns being one of them.

  • +1

    Try Launtel another good isp and Aussie company as well. Got my service changed in a matter of minutes.

    • +1

      1+ for Launtel

      • 250/25 Opticomm = $109.50 ($3.70 a day) a month ongoing + $25 referral credit
      • 1000/50 Opticomm = $124.70 ($4.10 a day) a month ongoing + $25 referral credit

      And if you go on holidays, you can put your connection into Standby mode for $1.20 a day.


  • Trying to find the link for the 100 down 40 up.

    Can't find where to click on it.

      • awesome!!

        Thanks for that… Gonna switch now from Mate

        Oops no I'm not… Black20 doesn't seem to work for build your own.

  • Just as a heads up, when I tried to switch to the 100/40 plan I got the message that Black20 code is invalid.

    • +1

      100/40 is working for me on multiple addresses. Call up if you are getting an error.

      nbnTM Internet Plan
      100/40, unlimited plan
      Promo / Referral
      $20 discount for 6 months
      $89 for the first 6 months ($109/month thereafter)

  • +2

    Superloop is cheaper even without the "Black Friday" gimmick.

    • +1

      I am very happy with Superloop, great speeds. I can't comment on their phone support as I've never had to call them, which is probably a good thing :)
      I know Aussie BB phone support is one of the best, however, from personal experience.
      I'd never touch the big telcos for NBN, they just don't compare or have the flexibility or range of speed options these other ones do.

    • +2

      Sadly only for new customers. For current superloop users this is cheaper.

  • Anyone had any luck trying to sign up with the 100/40 and BLACK20 code?
    I keep getting a 'this promo code isn't valid' error.

    You'd think for a company that serves you the Internet, can at least have their order page and codes working to buy the Internet (so to speak ;))

    • +1

      I tested an address for 100/40 and it's working. Call up if you are getting an error.

      • +2

        I figured it out.

        We're moving place, and the previous owners are with / were ABB.
        So the ABB system links the promo code to the address, therefore it won't let me go through with a code on a address they already have on file.

        I tried a rando address up the road, and it worked, no dramas.

        You're right i'll just have to call up.

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