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[eBay Plus] Dyson V8 Absolute Vacuum Cleaner $549 Delivered @ Dyson Australia eBay


$100 cheaper compare to the deal two weeks ago.
$599 for brand new Dyson v8 Absolute
take further $50 off if you are with eBay Plus
This is AU stock comes with 2 years warranty

Original Coupon Deal

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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    Combine with 3% ebay giftcards + the $10 giftcard on $90 spend deal to get this for $532.53 + $10 giftcard..

    Still hoping for a better deal myself..

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      Good point!
      I agree, don't think this is the best deal. (especially for a 2018 model)

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        FYI:V8 was release in 2016.

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    Craptastic battery - don't use on max mode or your battery won't last 2 years

    • Will it last longer on crappy mode?

      • Mine still works on crappy mode but can't use max mode or it just dies… waiting for crappy mode to stop working so I can invest in a new machine from a better brand lol

        • Sounds like you need a new battery

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    In the pictures, they vacuum stairs and the car without the long pipe/shaft, so the vacuuming heads or attachments are plugged directly to the cleaner. Good luck with that, as the air output is so near the dust and dirt it's going to blow it all over the stairs and the car.

    And if the output is not powerful enough to blow and scatter it, don't expect the vacuum to be strong enough to suck it either.

    IMO the attachments with brushes (like the one in the stairs picture) are the most useless - there's just not enough suction.

    • Bought the V8 Animal from TCC from last years Black Friday event for $399 to replace our very old DC35 and its been fantastic

      The outlets at the back exit perpendicular to where you're pointing the vacc and dont really agitate the dust unless youre in a really tight spot like the spots.

      Suction is also still very good even when the dust bin is at or near full and even then, the quick release and minimal mess bin empty function is pretty good and a lot better than their early models like the DC35.

      Battery is pretty decent on the standard mode, i could the 40sqm ground floor tiled area of my house 3x on standard before it needs a charge.

      The the direct drive head, combo head and crevice head are probably the most used in my household and cover 95% of our applications so…

      • The outlets at the back exit perpendicular to where you're pointing the vacc and dont really agitate the dust unless youre in a really tight spot

        Exactly, useless in tight spots, like narrow stairs.

        The suction with the attachments (like the crevice head or the aforementioned attachments with subtle brushes) is so poor it sometimes takes ages to pick up some breadcrumbs - seriously it's sometimes easier to sweep with those brushes and then pick up by hand (!)

        • +2

          With regards to air outlet and usage on 'narrow' or confined spaces & use with the combo tool, youre holding the vac at an angle and the air outlet is ~40cm away from the inlet. There's also a cap over the outlet with the vents on the side, so not even pointing down directed at the floor.

          I've used it on my stairs and under the side/coffee tables etc and have no issues with crumbs/dust.

          Protip with vacuuming using the specialty attachments like the combo or crevice tools; dont fully block off the inlet, allow a small gap or space for air to get through and you wont lose suction and would could also increase suction in some situations.

          • @Neilzy: Yup, you definitely need to find your way using this vacuum. It reminds me of Apple products - you adjust to them, not the other way around. (Apart from the introduction of the latest macbooks pro!)

            Thanks for the tips.

  • V8 Absolute Vacuum Cleaner $549

    Might be a bit too loud…

    • Might be not that loud, but definitely is loud when using the motorised heads, esp. on hard floors.

      No motorised head - as loud as a regular VC.
      With motorised head - louder.
      On a hard floor - extra loud, as if you're drilling in walls.

  • Should I pull the trigger or wait for Black Friday? There might be 25% off.

    • If you don't mind miss out (no immediate need for a vacuum cleaner), of course you should wait!
      This deal is not the lowest price for this model, it was cheaper before.

    • +1

      Bought my V8 Animal from TGG during last years BF deals for $399. there was also an eBay special for $449 if i remembered correctly, but as they say YMMV

  • Is it easy to put in a spare battery ,without having to charge same one up ,so you can continue to work or would it overheat the machine,using back to back batteries?

    • I haven't got the V8 model, but pretty sure prior to v11, all model has battery not easily detachable. But it is easy to swap battery tho (two screws to hold it in place).
      I have done back to back with old model, it is absolutely fine.

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    Absolute is short for 'Absolute $hite'. Terrible design. Brush head jams with hair in places you can't easily get to. Loads up the batteries..Nek minute ..dead battery. Get anything else but a Dyson.

  • $495 at Dyson (animal, not absolute): https://www.dyson.com.au/dyson-v8-animal

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