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Samsung Galaxy Nexus $399 + ~$29.99 Postage from ShoppingSquare


Galaxy Nexus for $399. Seems cheap to me. Not sure about Shopping square though, but I'm sure you guys will fight it out in the comments section :)

From the website:

Package Content

  • Samsung Galaxy Nexus Android Smart Phone
  • Power Adapter
  • Hand Free

1 Year Warranty in Australia

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Shopping Square
Shopping Square

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  • OMG … so tempted to sell my GS2 and buy this one!

  • $400 and I'll bite

  • Wow, the SGS3 must be coming out crazy soon if wholesale is dropping this quickly.

  • Shopping Square soo many negative comments on Whirlpool even at $430 delivered I don't think I'd buy it off them + lots of people complaining about not receiving the item for weeks…Gooid price though.

    • Well they did take 3 months to deliver my SGS2 due to them filling more orders than they had stock for, of which they never communicated with me unless I rang them up.

  • Are all Nexus phones NextG capable?

    • All GSM Galaxy Nexus, yes. ie: they are all quad-band 3G. 850, 900, 1900 (1800?…the one no one uses), 2100

      But the old Nexus S has different versions, some of which may or may not be nextG compatible.

      And there's also a CDMA version of the Galaxy Nexus that is not compatible with Australian 3G on any carrier.

  • I rang 28 degrees shoppers protection and asked them whether purchases from HK places like this with Aus companies and AUD charging would be covered by shoppers protection for price reduction.

    They said it depends how the charge appears on the statement. If the charge shows on the statement as HK then not covered. If it shows within AU then is covered.

    Anyone who has bought from SS or Kogan or DWI or eglobal - can you tell us how the charge appeared on your credit card statement?

    Any experience trying to claim from 28 degrees shoppers protection with this type of deal?

    • i bought my white SGN from eglobal last Tuesday and it arrived safely yesterday with an Aus plug.
      On my anz visa transaction summary it shows as PAYPAL *EGLOBALSTO and no conversion fee was charged which means that the charge came through in AUD, but i did pay with paypal as you can tell.

      • so one week for shipping is not too bad…

      • Thanks radem12. I asked 28 degrees was I covered if I paid by Paypal and they said yes if the invoice had an Australian address and had a charge that matched the Paypal debit to my card. They said the currency being AUD wasn't good enough - it has to be a purchase "in Australia" - which for the WWW is difficult to define.

        eg you can buy from bookdepository in UK in AUD, or you can have Amazon.com bill you in AUD, but that wouldn't help.

        It's the "buy in Australia" rule vs buy online that creates ambiguity.

        Presumably the eglobal invoice does NOT have an Australian address?

    • why are you bothering with 28 deg price protection for this purchase? within 6 months, it will probably drop $20, not be sold at all, or just in a different colour. not worth it imo

  • seems odd to pay such high postage for such slow delivery, if all the posts are to be believed.

    Most deliveries I get from HK are free!

  • Why is shipping so expensive?? I thought HK shipping to Australia is heaps cheap?

    • Because they have to make money somehow and $399+shipping sounds better than $429. $429 delivered is a good price, I was in HK this week and I couldn't get them down below 3300 HK$ (a bit over $400 AU) for a Galaxy Nexus. I didn't end up buying a phone but I did end up getting a Nikon 5100 camera body for 2500 HK $ (a bit over $300AU).

      • Holy crap, that's a great price for that camera…

        • The packaging was immaculate but at that price it might be a refurb job, I know a guy in HK who can take it back to the store in Kowloon if something goes wrong so I was willing to risk it. It's working perfectly with a borrowed 35mm f1.8 lens and an old Transcend SD card. I'll probably buy an identical lens off DWI for $234 (I admit I could have done better in HK) and a 64GB 30MB/S Sandisk Ultra SD Card off dealextreme.com for $98.

  • I'd wait until mid to late April when there's a whole new raft of phones being released like the HTC ONE series and (possibly) the SGS3. That being said, the price is tempting.

    • I have been eyeing up the Nexus but on reflection have decided to do just that. Mainly due to the horrible things I have read about the Nexus' battery life.

      Given the next crop of Android handsets are about to hit the street, all with ICS at the very least it should continue to put downward pressure on the price of phones like the Galaxy Nexus as SII.

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    I am still waiting for an order to be delivered from the 5th of March.

  • Man these are getting cheap, but i'm holding off till Christmas. Hoping for a quad core phone for less than $300 :p

    Good post OP.

  • Anyone have any experience with 3rd party extended batteries that are selling on ebay?


    Seems awfully cheap to double-up on battery life.

  • Just checked, shipping is $49.95.

  • It's back. 399.95 + ~29.95 shipping this time

    Bought a memory card from them once, arrived in about 1 week so that's alright.