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Amino Z Whey Protein Isolate: 1kg $29.95 ($5 Credit) or 3kg $69.95 ($15 Credit) Delivered + 25% off Amino Z Supps @ Amino Z


We've been radio silent for a while, but Vanessa and I have been inundated with requests for a Black Friday promotion. So despite ingredient shortages and significant cost increases we're doing our Black Friday deal again as a thanks for the massive support we have received :)

The deal

1kg for $29.95 Delivered + $5 back in store credit (Usually $39.95 + Delivery)
3x1kg for $69.95 Delivered + $15 back in store credit (Usually $102.95 + Delivery)
Plus 25% off any other Amino Z branded supplements

Please note we have a maximum quantity of 3 units of WPI per customer under this deal. This is due to significant ingredient shortages and so we can ensure that everyone gets a chance to order.

Deal Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M1bwV6PgSG8 (new packaging demo, product info, product mixing demo and my general rambling)

Coupon code: OZB-BLACK (add in shopping cart)

Flavour Availability

  • Available flavours:Chocolate Coconut (like Bounty), Banana, Choc Banana, Vanilla Creamy, Mango Sorbet, and Coconut Ice Cream
  • Sold out flavours: Aussie choc malt, Choc Mint, Choc Orange, Strawberry, Unflavoured, Iced Coffee, Creme Caramel, and Chocolate

We have strict availability limits and I will update this list as flavours sell out.

Product Breakdown

  • 100% Australian made (in our new manufacturing facility)
  • Per serve: 29.1 - 24.4g protein / 0.3 - 0.9g fat / 0.4 - 3.4g carbs (varies between flavours)
  • Protein is grass fed, added hormone free, ultra and micro filtered and cold pressed
  • All natural flavouring and sweetener. We use stevia and no artificial flavours.
  • Colour free - we have removed all colours/dyes from our proteins (note the chocolate flavours are brown due to cocoa)
  • Soy free - we use sunflower lecithin instead of soy lecithin (soy is common in whey proteins)
  • Backed by our 110% guarantee. Try it and if you don't love it, we'll give you 110% back (in store credit) or a full refund (including delivery). As I mentioned in the video, we offer this so you can try the product risk-free. If you've opened it up to try it we're not going to make you send it back either.

Other Notes

  • We pack these into 1kg pouches and you'll receive 3x 1kg pouches if you order 3kg.
  • We have upgraded most of the pouches to the new packaging, but not all. Some products will still be in the old pouches until we completely exhaust that stock.
  • To view the full nutritional panel, just click on the "NUTRITIONAL INFO" tab on the page and then select the flavour.
  • Store credit is assigned as "Z Points" to your account within 24 hours after your order ships. It can then be applied to any future order that you place.
  • Best before dates will be 20-24 months away. We turn this product over very quickly so all current stock has been produced recently.
  • You will get free delivery on your entire order if you order the Amino Z WPI using this code along with anything else.
  • There is a limit of 3 units of WPI under this deal. Additional units do not receive additional store credit.
  • To apply existing store credit (Z Points), at checkout, select the option in the "Payment Section" to apply your Z Points.

A word of thanks

Everyone on the Ozbargain community has been so supportive of our brand and business. I cannot thank you enough for the extremely valuable feedback we have received (both good and bad). Plus many people have reached out to me personally by email to provide feedback and this has resulted in some significant product improvements over the past 18 or so months. Our most recent has been the packaging upgrade, but we have also made various other flavour/mixability/general product improvements as a result of this great insight.

As always, I will continue to engage via this forum and email because there is always room for improvement. Thank you to anyone who takes the time to help out!

Any questions please ask!

Amino Z (Owner and Deals Guy)


25/11/21 9.35am: Aussie Choc Malt now unavailable under this deal.
26/11/21 11.00am: Choc Mint and Choc Orange are now unavailable under this deal.
29/11/21 10.00am Strawberry, Unflavoured, Iced Coffee, Creme Caramel, and Chocolate are also now unavailable under this deal.
Several other flavours starting to run low.

Referral Links

Referral: random (297)

Referees get $10 off their first order. Referrers get $10 worth of Z Points.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • Any deals on Whey blend or only the Isolate? Cheers

    • +1

      Thanks for the question - we don't currently have a whey blend in our brand, only WPI or WPC. The WPC is 25% off with this code, but the WPI will generally represent much better value. Link to WPC is here: https://www.aminoz.com.au/amino-z-whey-protein-concentrate-w...

      • Any plans for a similar WPC deal soon? WPI is unnecessary for me.

        • +1

          Not at this stage I'm afraid. Raw materials are very hard to get a hold of in the current markets and right now we do not have the capacity to run a deal given the amount of stock we would need to manufacture. This might change, but as of now we have no plans.


    • Just curious why would you want a blend instead of isolate?

      • +1

        I mix the protein into my oats, every time I use an isolate it sucks the water out of my oats and turns it into an oats soup. Haven't had that issue with a blend/WPC.

        • Ah I’ve noticed that happens too.

        • Hey I just got my isolate from these guys and noticed that it hasn’t sucked the water out of my oats. I make overnight oats though.

          • @enwar: Oh awesome, thanks for letting me know mate.

  • Knew you'd come through, thanks so much :)

    • You're welcome and thanks for the support!


  • code not valid?

    • Just checking, did you add in the WPI in the 1kg or the 3kg size and apply the coupon code into the coupon section (not the gift card section directly underneath)?


      • hey… added "3x1kg" as per description?

        • Hi Tony, sorry I missed this as I was replying before. Would you mind sending through a PM and we can sort the order out for you? Alternatively, I would suggest to clear your browser cache and then try again.


  • loving the new packaging guys!

    • Thanks telf22! It took a while to find something suitable and actually get it manufactured, but it makes a huge difference alright.


  • Another deal vid by Jay, can't wait to watch this one when I am done work!

    • Hah, might be good for a laugh :) Thanks as always for the support knobbs.


      • +1

        I think the fact that you go to the effort of making a video and explaining bits and pieces of it shows your commitment to customer service. It was literally what I was scanning the page for when I got my notification of an AminoZ deal

        • +1

          Thanks knobbs that means a lot and I appreciate the feedback too. I think it's important to show the product, especially how it mixes (as we get asked this a lot). But yes, customer service is extremely important to us as a company and I think every little bit helps.


  • I'm receiving an error on checkout - will PM you

    • Thanks currentfad. Shoot through the issue and we'll be able to take care of things for you.


  • hehe, I just got 2kgs last week, always the way. :)

    • +1

      Thanks for the order EightImmortals!


    • +1

      You mean always the whey, right? haha

  • +1

    Flavour recommendations?

    • +1

      I bought from them last time they had a deal and their chocolate and chocolate orange taste alright. The powder itself smells fishy but I quite look forward to chugging it down during/after the gym now.

    • +1

      I usually get the chocolate, tastes fine.

    • +1

      I can tell you that chocolate and vanilla are both the top sellers. Personally as I mentioned in the video, creme caramel is my favourite (tastes like the dessert). But if you don't like caramel and want to try some of our more unique flavours, I'd try either our new Aussie Choc Malt or Choc Coconut. Both are very popular and good if you like chocolate.

      If you don't like any of them, just hit us up for our 110% guarantee. Tell them I gave you a dud recommendation :)

      I hope this helps.


      • Appreciate that, thank you Jay! Might bite the bullet as a first timer and take your recommendation and go for Creme Caramel :)

        • +1

          Awesome thanks for giving us a go!


    • +3

      Iced coffee is good as well. I actually mix Chocolate and Iced Coffee equally, makes kind of Mocha flavor :)

      • Oh yes actually if you like coffee, iced coffee is super popular too.

    • +2

      I was always getting chocolate as my staple, but got to try chocolate mint and was pleasantly surprised, so have stuck to it since.

  • +1

    Thanks for another amazing deal! Would you be able to let us know when the approx expiry date is of this batch?

    Sorry if it’s listed somewhere as I did a search and couldn’t find the details.

    • +2

      Best before dates will be 20-24 months away. We turn this product over very quickly so all current stock has been produced recently.

      • Thanks currentfad. And sorry AlterCheapo - my post is so long it's easy to miss!


  • This has been long wait for AZ deals…thanks Jay

    • Pleasure, thanks for the support of the brand!


  • Finally! Was holding out for this.

    • So was I. Much internal debate about whether or not we would proceed with this deal, but I got my way haha. Thanks for the support chewkl!


      • Hey Jay,

        When you said "maximum order quantity of 3 units of WPI", is 3x1kg for $69.95 considered as "1 unit" or is that "3 units"? Just bought 3x1kg but thinking of buying more if possible.


        NVM, got the answer in Other Notes section.

  • +1

    Generally buy the unflavoured WPI and mix a serve w/ a small amount of other flavouring (cocoa, Gold Standard, maple etc) so I can control the taste and it works really well. Tried a few flavours (vanilla, chocolate, coconut, strawberry) but personally am not a fan of stevia in general so have stuck to unflavoured and am pleased.

    Also use BCAAs (passionfruit) and non-stim preworkout (pineapple coconut) - both are fantastic.

    Would really like to see a non-stevia WPI (maybe coconut cream preworkout flavouring?). Thanks again AZ.

    • Thanks for the feedback andro, this is insightful. We have had some people who are more sensitive to the stevia taste and reported similarly to what you have said here. For that reason we are working on a non-stevia alternative, but we expect this to be a few months away. I'll also pass on the feedback for the coconut cream pre workout, good suggestion.

      Thanks again.


  • +1

    Side note I did a 12-week course with Jay probably a decade ago, nice guy!

    • Did you get a 6-pack?

      • +1

        Put my back out showing off to a chick at the beach during that particular course 🤣 . A decade ago I was late 20s so it was more like 15 years ago!
        But it did put me on a much healthier overall lifestyle!

    • +5

      Oh wow that takes me back! It's been a while - I didn't realise that you were the same Luke. Might have to hit you up for a new gaming PC, I've been eyeing off the 3080 :)


  • Thank you Jay! I were on my last 1 KG :).

    • Nice one, thanks for the order http404!


  • Got 3x1kg last time. The choc coconut took some getting used to but now I miss it! Really good stuff and goes does easily. Great deal too!

    • Thanks for sharing and for the support of the brand LittleTicket!


  • You have any meal replacement products like Soylent?

  • Ordered thank you!

    • Thanks for the order!!


  • Just bought a 5.2kg bag of Mass gainer, pre-workout and this creatine last week.
    Ordered on Sunday and got delivered on Wednesday.
    Can recommend

    • Awesome, glad everything arrived quickly and thank you for the support!


  • Good timing for me! Was about to buy some ON. Picked up the choc malt, mango sorbet and strawberry to give them a go.

    Had ~$17 worth of points I didn't know I had either that I was able to use.

    • Nice, it's like finding spare change in your pockets :)

      Thanks for the order JR63!


  • will this get me huge and get all the chicks? i want chicks.

    • +3

      I hear chicks dig guys that use Amino Z WPI :)


      • SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        thanks Jay, u are a legend.

        • Nice one! Thanks for the order.


  • So we can only order 3 bags of wpi?

    • 3 bags would be the maximum number that would qualify for the discount with $5 store credit each. We are extremely limited on raw materials so we have had to limit it at three maximum per person unfortunately.

      But you can of course order in anything else in the same order for the free shipping. And of course 25% off anything else from the Amino Z range.


  • +1

    I'm a light user and can get away with purchasing 3KG once a year. I still have quite a bit left from the AminoZ sale earlier in the year, but seeing the mango sorbet and caramel flavors (which weren't available earlier this year) is making me really consider getting them. I can see I have store credit from that sale so it's pushing impulse buy territory at $55 for 3KG delivered and get another $15 to use in the next sale.

    Can anyone comment on how the mango sorbet or caramel tastes? I wasn't the biggest fan of the chocolate banana flavor from the last AminoZ sale, but the strawberry is pretty decent.

    • i find the milk based flavours are best. i never like the fruit flavours, but its been a while since i was turned off by fruit flavours. i usually get chocolate or cookies and cream.

      • +1

        Yeah I see what you mean but mango sorbet kind of sounds like it might takes like a Weiss bar.

        Caramel is kind of a milk based flavor. It doesn't appear to be available in cookies and cream (which I'd get too).

    • +2

      Just to share on the mango and creme caramel - the mango is a fruity and slightly milky mango flavour. The milkiness comes from the subtle milkiness of the whey protein. And the caramel is like a creamy creme caramel dessert.


  • whats the best flavour that isn't going to make me gag or throw up?

    • Vanilla

      • i usually like vanilla if i mix it with something. i usually get chocolate or cookies and cream that i can drink by itself.

    • I quite like the strawberry one. I wasn't a fan of chocolate banana.

    • I ordered chocolate and liked it. Did try other sample flavors, but preferred chocolate.

      • i went safe, i went with chocolate. thank you

        • I was surprised by the taste, thought it will taste bad. lol.

    • +1

      If you like coffee, Iced Coffee is pretty great (with water).

      Tastes more like a store bought Iced Coffee than something barista made, but it's honestly pretty enjoyable, which isn't something I can usually say about a protein shake

      • i will give that a try next time, i went the safe route, i went with chocolate.

  • Can you use the store credit that you get to purchase something else from the store with the 25% off price in the same transaction?

    • @boydbino, usually I never ran into problem while using my points so yes there should be no issue. You can check it before playing order.

    • You can use any existing store credit as a discount on the current order. But the store credit that you receive will be applied to your account after your order ships. So it can be applied in a future order, just not the current one.


  • Creme caramel, coconut ice cream and Aussie choco malt this time …hope it turns out good…

    • Nice, thanks for the order pyramid!


  • Been waiting for this deal again!

    • +1

      It's been a while alright. Finally got it off the ground as we've been massively low on stock for a long time now.


        • +5

          Could you PM over your email to us? I'll ensure you are unsubscribed, I am unsure why your email has not been taken off the list. Thanks in advance.


  • Awesome stuff! Just in time for a top up, Iced Coffee is a great flavour paired with water and ice.

    Saves me money too as it replaced my usual coffee in the morning, the new Choc Malt one is great as well, tastes like Milo but I couldn't have it everyday

    • Thanks for sharing and for the order Explorejupiter!


  • choc malt is suppose to taste like Malteser's? im interested in this flavour. i like maltteasers

    • +1

      We tried to get it tasting similar to Milo, so a similar taste profile to this.


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