As an Adult, What Kids' TV Do You Enjoy Watching?

I genuinely love watching Bluey each day with my daughter, especially with the start of season 3. I'd probably watch it even if she weren't around.

This got me thinking, what kids' TV/movies do you love watching as an adult?


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    Bluey and Horrible Histories.

    Does Dr Who still count as a children's program? Lost interest in it a few years ago - too moralistic and shouting.

    Old episodes of The Goodies on DVD. Still hilarious - remember Apart-Height?

    • Yeah it's interesting that it's moved from ABC main channel to ABC Me/Kids.

      I only watched 1-2 seasons with David Tennet as the Doc and really enjoyed it but I think the formula is a bit repetitive and when they make a new Doc its hard to get "reinvested" in the character.

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    Agro outtakes and adults only bits on YouTube, he wouldn’t get away with it these days with the over the top political correctness.

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    Samarai Pizza cats

    • Oh yeah!

      • Who do you call when you want some pepperoni?

  • Fireman Sam I usually keep watching to find out what happens even if my kid has lost interest. Pretty funny show actually

    • Oh man I can't stand fireman Sam personally. The voices get on my nerves and they sound like one actor doing a really bad job of it πŸ˜‚

  • None……its the price of being a grand parent….:)

  • Bluey 100%

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      Second this

  • Care Bears
    Gummy Bears
    Spellbinder (more older kids/teens)

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      I was watching Spellbinder when I was a kid. Ocean girl, Crash zone, Round the twist, Silversun etc too :D

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    Eek the cat
    Invader Zim
    Angry Beavers
    Rocco's Modern Life

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    Adventure Time and Steven Universe.

    Debatable whether they are true 'kids shows' though. They both contain a lot of themes, plot points and jokes that only adults would pick up on.

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    Thank you OP for posting this. I didn't realise there were new eps of Bluey! My fave episodes include Hairdressers, Queens, Horsie Ride, Charades, and Muffin Cone :-)

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      Sleepytime makes my wife cry every time. It's such well made TV

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      My new favourite is Omlette. Bingo is awesome.

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        Our 3 year old has just decided he's going to start "helping" with chores so that episode was pretty relatable.

      • I love Bingo :-) I saw Omelette last night, and Promises.

        I forgot to include Hammerbarn I think, in my fave episodes.

  • camp cretaceous

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    Arcane….animation style/quality blew me mind.

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    Teen Titans!

    • Teen Titans vs Teen Titans Go deserved an Oscar for best picture.

  • Sarah & Duck


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  • Grizzy and The Lemmings

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    Ren and Stimpy

  • I actually like a lot of them. I’m a bit of a kid at heart so I don’t mind watching that stuff either my kid.
    Bluey is a great show. Curious george is a favourite too and I actually don’t mind it.
    Anything Disney is usually ok with me.

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    The Bugs Bunny Show (and Sophie Lee was an added bonus).

  • Bluey obviously, and the new Mickey Mouse cartoon is great. Great art, cool throwbacks and the first episode had me cracking up.

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    Watching the full gamut of kids' TV with my own two kidlets makes me conscious of how difficult it actually is for these many talented people to create entertaining (and educational) content. There's a heap of crap shows that make the good ones stand out even more, in particular:

    • Bluey
    • Camp Cretacious
    • Hey Duggee (the design and music is just top-notch and very entertaining!)

    And although Dino Dana and Andy's Dinosaur Adventures give me the shites, I'm always very impressed with the visual effects and compositing (the latter inserts Andy into Walking with Dinosaurs and BBC natural history library footage and, given the constraints, does a pretty damn good job).

  • Bluey.
    the live performance was decent too.

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    Silversun - 'science fiction' type show on the ABC years ago. Australian made and starred kids like Angus McLaren, Thomas Blackburne and Ryan Corr when they were young teenagers.

    Always loved the theme song from Ruby Gloom.

  • I have three kids; 2 girls who are 10 months apart (6 & 5), and a boy who is 2 (3 in Feb).
    I despise almost everything they watch, except for Pepper Pig and (by the same people) Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom. It seems like a common theme with British humour is at the expense of others. But the misfortune of a character is enjoyable to watch.
    But the favourite is now Bluey. I love the accents, the short videos and how the people behind the show knew their audience so well. Bluey's made me cry a few times and I liked it so much that I made my partner watch a few of my favourite episodes, when all 3 kids were sleeping over at their grandparents'. He's also a fan now :3

  • Bluey. End Thread.

  • I cant believe Lego Ninjago hasnt been mentioned!

    Bluey is an obvious inclusion too.

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    Bluey, shaun the sheep, Ben and Holly

    • Shaun the sheep for sure.

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    I always got a chuckle out of Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom. Nanny Plum and The Wise Old Elf - what a double act.

    • Yeah, Nanny Plum and the Wise Old Elf - something going on with those 2.

      • They have great chemistry. Pity I like this show more than my kids do.

  • OP gone through extreme measures just for an excuse to watch a kids show.

  • The Sooty Show - always fun to work out which puppet Matthew is doing
    Puffin Rock - love listening to Chris O'Dowd's voice, makes me think of Roy's hilarious moments in The IT Crowd

    • Bluey
    • Simpsons
    • Pokemon
    • Every Pixar movie, and now the new Pixar spin off tv shows on Apple TV

    When mums not around we'll quietly watch American Dad and Family Guy.. πŸ˜‚

    • Simpsons

      I thought that counts as an adult show.

      • I watched it as a kid.

  • Mr Rogers Neighborhood

  • I was so happy when my kids were past the nursey rhyme/endless singing shows stage of childhood and would watch shows with a narrative.

    Post that 2 highlights:
    Bread Barber Shop (Season 1)
    The Last Air Bender

    For Movies:
    Kubo and the two strings

    Most other movies that might've been listed have been played so many times they hurt my eyes.

  • Postman Pat..
    This episode specifically…
    Enjoy πŸ˜ƒ

  • bluey!

  • Currently watching Dragonball Z (uncut version) at the moment. Roughly 60 episodes in - it's as epic as I remember it on Cheese TV

  • Simpsons
    Dragonball series

  • Q&A

    I like to see how young naive left wing fruit loops want to dictate to me how to live and how they dream up new ways to spend the fruits of my labours

  • Bluey
    Little Lunch
    The Inbestigators (Netflix)
    Miraculous: Tales Of Ladybug & Cat Noir

    And off-late have been excruciatingly enduring infinite replays of Disney Zombies and Disney Descendants!

    • "The Inbestigators (Netflix)"

      Yeah thanks. Now I got that tube in my head!!! It won't leave.

  • One Piece

  • Spongebob's da bomb. Could watch it all day.

  • +1

    Horrible Histories has made me burst out in laughter.

  • Shaun the sheep

  • The Adventures of Paddington (the newer tv show) is amazing my daughter loves it and you seem to find another funny reference each time you watch it.


    Bluey, love the stories and the art style.

  • I've been watching Molly and Mack without my toddler lately. The songs are oddly addictive and I needed to know if James and Alice got together!

    Also Bluey is always fun.

    From my own childhood, Art Attack was so good.

  • Crayon Shin-chan

  • And most of us can still sing the theme song from 'Round the Twist'!

  • I was partial to Boohbah when that was still on TV.

  • -1

    Me and my 3 year old have been watching a lot of NCIS and Game of Thrones lately. I would throughly recommend, they are both good shows.

  • This is going to sound rather off but 28 Days Later and 28 Weeks Later.

    I was talking with my 12yo daughter about films with powerful scenes and I told her about the opening scene of 28 Days Later. As she's been to London and knows how busy it is she wanted to watch that scene. We watched it on the condition we stopped at the end of the scene. She was instantly hooked and pleaded to be allowed to watch the rest.

    She loved it!

  • Ben and Holly's little kingdom, always gives me a laugh.
    I still watch dbz and db super.

  • Bluey

  • I know the wiggles songs now does that count?

  • Duckula.

  • Hey Duggee is brilliant. Funny, witty jokes that adults can enjoy, whilst teaching greats lessons for kids. 1000 times better than Peppa Pig.

  • Can't believe no-one has mentioned Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse. It's a scream.

  • +1

    Just remembered The Secret World of Alex Mack. Wow, throwback.

  • Transformers.
    I do have a soft spot for Adventure Time as well.

  • Xmen on disney+

  • Just remembered another one. I see clips on TikTok and it’s still great.
    Curiosity Show.

  • +1

    Anything made by Magic light pictures.

    The snail and the whale
    Rat of the highway


  • Paddington!

  • Just re-bingeing the entire (original) Transformers and Warner Bros cartoons now with my little one.
    For the "modern" stuff -> Bluey has to be the best of current kids cartoons

  • The Owl House
    Infinity Train
    The Last Airbender
    Clone Wars + Rebels
    Duck Tales
    Adventure Time
    Over the Garden Wall
    Hilda (adore this show)
    Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts
    Tales of Arcadia (Dreamworks) series
    Thundercats 2011
    Steven Universe

  • I've been watching Ultraman since I was 6 and now I'm 30

  • Love Bluey and Boruto.

  • Thanks to me, my kids thoroughly enjoy:

    Round the Twist
    Sailor Moon
    Looney Tunes Bugs Bunny 😍
    Postman Pat (original) 😍
    Genie from Down Under 😍
    Dragon Ball Z
    Power Rangers (original) 😍

    My teenager enjoys Family Matters, The Wonder Years πŸ˜‚ and Passions πŸ₯΄

    • Is Passions back on? Where???

      • No sorry! I watch on dailymotion 😌
        Cant DL so it was my only option

        • +1

          Oh, bugger - I loved that show - it was hilarious!

    • Round the Twist
      Sailor Moon

      Series 2, 3/4 Linda Twist 😍
      Serena 😍

  • Captain Underpants!

  • +1

    Bluey is very good. Peppa Pig also wasn't bad although got sick of the DVDs being on repeat after a while!

    Also Night Garden for some seriously trippy stuff

    • +1 for The Night Garden.

  • My son and I have a routine of watching It's Pony every day after school.

    One of the funniest Nickelodeon shows i've ever seen. Also Spongebob, we watch that all the time.

  • +2

    Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom is hilarious!

    • +1

      Wise old elf cracks me up.

    • +1

      Another one of my favourites!! Nanny Plum is brilliant.

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