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2TB Samsung 970 Evo PLUS NVMe M.2 PCIe SSD MZ-V7S2T0BW $269.10 Delivered @ Computer Alliance


First post, so be gentle..or don't.

Part number, MZ-V7S2T0BW, seems to have some issues - according to some previous threads I've seen. Have read about differing speeds depending on the amount being read/written, as well as a bug that is affecting speed - supposedly Samsung will not address this, however, it is still the upper echelon of the GEN3 range.

Can't confirm the above info, so this may have to be discussed in the comments.

Anyways, this seems to be the cheapest I've seen this M.2 in a while.

1% surcharge on card and Paypal payments. No surcharge on Zip/BPay/bank transfer/cash in-store.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • +1

    Delivery shows $9 for Sydney Metro? Are you local?

    Edit: O need to apply code, my bad!

    • +1

      With the coupon, I get $0 delivery and yes I'm Metro.

      EDIT: Checked multiple postcodes - $0 from Melbourne post codes and regional NSW w/ coupon

  • If only 1tb

  • Anyways, this seems to be the cheapest I've seen this M.2 in a while.

    Was $255 just recently. Note that Far Cry 6 can no longer be claimed if bought after 12am 25/11 (today).

    • Ok pass

    • The 255$ deal required eBay plus so in actuality this is a better deal minus the no far cry 6 but not a masterpiece anyway lol
      Better to support the stores than give eBay 12% commission

      Anyway I snagged one great price

      • Can get a month of eBay Plus for $5 (currently free if targeted).

        • -1

          That’s if you don’t forget to cancel and if you forget there’s another 5$ better getting this deal tbh and support Australian business

    • I emailed them in the last deal, apparently it is still available.

      I paid $285 vs this deal which is $269 ($16 saving to spend during steam christmas is better imo)

  • Seems like a good deal from a decent seller.

  • Hey - is there any reason for me to get the samsung instead of this for $199
    via this deal

    I am simply after file storage (though I do not want an external drive) - I don't game or have any other requirements.

    I do want an SSD though to quickly search files.

    • +1

      these drives have different amount of "writes" as a part of their warranty. Samsung one is @ 1200TB where as Kingston one is 480TB (similar to Km warranty on cars)

      • Interesting. Thanks, was not aware of that!

  • Issue with slc cache appears to be Ryzen specific. Intel systems are fine.

  • +1

    Thanks OP!

    Note that there is a 1% PayPal surcharge bringing it to $271.79

    With the surcharge it's ~same as on Amazon combined with $20 amex deal, plus possible cashback (eg. CashRewards)

  • The version received was the old version for me :)))))

    • Very nice. Is it easy to tell them apart?

      I haven't opened the box since I learned about the part switch thing - trying to decide to sell or give it a go first.

      I picked it over the 980 pro because of the 1750MB/s sequential write once the cache is full…also $150. Sounded like octane with a hangover but in my price range.

      • Yh pretty easy to tell just different part numbers

        • Beauty! Cheers for the reply.

          I misunderstood the arstechnica article and thought you had to take the label off the drive or something to see the manufacturer part number but its just on the label? thanks for the heads up.

          edit: MZVLB2T0HALB - also old stock. glad I caught your post, thanks!

          • @xentar: No problem I thought the same at first bro so all good happy to help enjoy your ssd and I suspect they will hold value for a while seeing as Samsung nerfed the new version lol

  • Just for anyone to know, I was able to claim Fry Cry 6 after the due date as the promo date claim on the site is showing until Dec 31, 2021.

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