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2000 Rewards Points (Worth $10) with $0.98 Minimum Spend @ Woolworths (Activation Required)


Nice bonus from Woolworths with $0.98c minimum spend, check your emails and dont forget to hit Boost first

Hi, want to boost your points balance?

Here's a boost of 2000 points, that's $10 off a future shop! How good is that?
To enjoy your points boost simply:

  1. Boost
    Hit the 'Boost now' button

  2. Shop
    Shop in-store at Woolworths

  3. Enjoy
    Scan your Everyday Rewards Card at the checkout to collect 2000 points

Boost, shop and enjoy until Friday, 3 December.*

Just another way to enjoy a little more everyday with Everyday Rewards.

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  • +1

    where is the actual link for the booster?

  • +3

    Targeted? Not in my Everyday Rewards app

  • +2

    too good to be true, then must be i am not targetted :(

    • it only came thru 30 mins ago, keep checking, I use woolworths a lot

      • Checked again now - still nothing.

  • +1

    Got it on one of my 12 accounts. Not many targeted?

    • +1

      the email says 'enjoy a booooost of 2000 points', any idea how to share a generic link bigspike?

      • +2

        There isn't one as it is linked to specific accounts.

      • hey what's the email's subject header?

  • +1

    In the fine print of the booster I have it states min spend $0.98

    • Same here.

    • Strangely specific lol

      • Yeah I'll make sure I choose something only a $1 and also gives extra points from another booster. Have to make it worth while and keep my ozbargain badge.

  • +1

    These ERC boosters are almost always targetted. Is there much point sharing them on OzBargain?

    • Just to make people like us who aren't targeted induce FOMO!

  • +1

    NOTE : This is a boost 'up to' 2000 points, not 2000 points of additional points.

    For example, I am on 1124 points. I will get 900 points if I buy a qualifying purchase of at least 98c, and scan my woolworth rewards card at the checkout. This will boost me up to just above 2000 points.

    Fine print on my offer,
    "How it works: Collect 900 points as a top up to 2000 points when you boost and spend at least $0.98^ (qualifying amount) in-store, and scan your Everyday Rewards Card before completing the transaction at the checkout. Offer can only be enjoyed once during the Promotional Period. Bonus points calculated based on your Everyday Rewards point balance on 19/11/2021."

    • thats not what I got, it says enjoy a boost of 2000 points once during the promotional offer

      • "To collect 2000 points you must boost and spend at least $0.98"
        not up to for me either

        • After rechecking the OP, and the picture he has shown, it looks like this is a slightly different offer to what I got.

          Sorry for the incorrect info.

  • Nada on 7

  • The ppl targeted, do you guys shop much?

    • most weeks
      we have two cards (linked to each other for fuel discount)
      got it on one card

    • Multiple times a week… I was surprised to get this.

  • +1

    This was easy.. spent $13 on stuff I needed anyway, 2000 points applied almost straight away.

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