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[CommBank] CBA x Little Birdie: Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max $39 + Shipping (Free C&C) @ BIG W


How to get coupon code:

  1. Make sure Commbank app is up to date.

  2. Go to "For you" section in the app (not the rewards section)

  3. Click on the Big W offer.

  4. Redeem coupon. (You only get one chance to click on the offer, Do not close this page while logging in)

Original deal - $20 off $50 Spend at BIG W @ CBA x Little Birdie

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • Damn I don't have this offer in there :(

    • +1

      Update your app and it may show then, mine did.

      • yep, i kept seeing these offers and thinking why the f do i never get any…
        updated app, and there it was !

        • is app version the latest update

    • Also, make sure that there is no ad blocker on and try closing and restarting the app.

  • +2

    Got to sign up to “little birdie” whatever the hell that is

  • Thanks OP. Got 1

  • Anyone purchased this have issues having Amazon prime to play videos?

  • Great deal! +1

  • Anyone care to pm code if your not using it

    • Same, if anyone not using their code, a PM would be greatly appreciated!

    • I’d love a code if someone isn’t using theirs. Thank you!

    • Me too, please :)

    • Check inbox

    • Please PM the code if you do not want it. Thanks!

  • not showing up for me. shame. keen to get one though.

    • +2

      get the jbhifi deal instead …

      just need afterpay to do it

  • +3

    i literally bought a fire TV 4k stick (not max) a month ago for $50 and i have been regretting not waiting for black friday SO MUCH

    • +2

      I bought the 4k Max the other day in the Amazon deal for 59.

  • Pulled the Trigger

  • +2

    I prefer Google Chrome cast over the firestick.

    • +11

      I prefer Snickers over Mars Bars.

      • I prefer Kit Kat over Mars, Twirl over Kit Kat and Whitaker's over Twirl. It's a long list.

      • its the peanuts

    • +3

      yeah if we can get chromecast for $39

      • How does Fire Stick compare to Chromecast??

        • I like it more to be honest. Faster and a better interface. Also you can write to an external usb easily.

        • Chromecast doesn't have a listening capability onboard, firestick does.

          • @sim36: can i beam from my phone or pc to it ..

            what is listening capable ?

            • @capslock janitor: You press a button and talk out loud and say the show you want.
              It's pretty good.

              • @DarwinBoy: is it easy to cast a video from my phone or laptop to the stick?

                • @capslock janitor: Don't know. Never tried. All the apps are on the device for me.
                  But it's competing with chromecast so it would have to be able to cast a screen I reckon.

  • forgive my ignorance, does this basically just convert your old tv into a smart TV? It doesnt come with access to any of those things like prime movies or netflix or anything does it?

    • +1

      Yes thats what it pretty much does. You need a subscription to those services to use them though.

    • +1

      Correct, It's a phone, without a screen.
      So you can add (practically) anything you can add on your phone and use it on your TV.

      There's a little nerdery to sideload apps not 'advertised' but it's 10 minutes of googling even for the new players.

  • I want to buy this just for Apple plus

  • I have got the promo code but it throws error on BigW website.

    What am I doing wrong?

    • include "-" and its case sensitive.

    • Í'm having the same issue - copied the code directly from the App and I have the "-" in and the correct "case" (all in caps as per the CBA App) and it doesn't work. Grrr

  • Makes all the Amazon Devices above $50 to be of exceptional value… eg $79 for Echo Show 8 Gen 2 - https://www.bigw.com.au/product/amazon-echo-show-8-2nd-gen-c...

  • OOS?

    • I just purchased for C&C

  • So I'm missing something here.
    1st time little birdie user here. Got the code. I go to big w and add code in checkout but says not valid.
    Am I missing something here?

    • That's pretty much what I did and went through. Try doing it in incognito mode or desktop mode if it makes any difference.

      • Tried. Same results. Got me stuffed how it's meant to work.
        Might try again tomorrow but im not going to hold my breath.

  • does this turn a non-smart tv into a smart tv with netflix?

  • Big W offer is missing big time :(

  • My house mate bought the old 4k one at full price last month :p

  • Great deal OP! Sadly, I bought mine at the previous deal for $49

  • Thanks OP grabbed one!

  • +7

    You don't need anything guys. Not even Commbank app. Not even Commbank customers.

    Signup for LittleBirdie account (Free)

    Click the link below, hit claim. Done


    • It can only be accessed via commbank app. There was a glitch couple of days ago but seems to have been patched

      • Worked fine for me this morning.

        • Try this link on another device

          • @Pricebeat: Can confirm ashftc is correct …

            On a mobile device (didn't confirm on browser)

            1. I was able to create a new littlebirdie account (I don't believe they even ask to verify email so you can get the code with any email)
            2. click the link by ashftc above and it took me to the promotion to get the code
            3. it generated the code and was able to use at bigw for a cart over $50

            was able to repeat multiple times

            • +1

              @putangiano: The link doesnt work anymore, i tried incognito on desktop and mobile

    • Thanks it worked for me.

    • not working and my rewards doesnt show it

  • not available on any delivery 😂

  • Wow. awesome deal OP.
    Bought 1 just now with the promo. $39 is a steal for fire stick 4K Max

  • Available in Victoria…..click & collect
    Watergardens - Taylors Lakes
    And other country areas

    • That was quick. It was available almost everywhere when I posted it

    • Nil at Watergardens now

  • Got a spare code if anyone wants. Hola if you need.

    • yeah I could probably buy something from big W

    • please, I would like one, thanks

    • wouldnt mind it FunFalafel if its still available. :)

  • I screenshot the voucher code
    Then just copy & paste onto Big W. Checkout

  • +3

    Anyone having any trouble getting the code, DM me and I will try and help. DM me with your name and email address and I will help you generate the code. Don't need anything related to Commbank.

    • +1

      Thanks. Code you provided worked. Ordered $39 firestick and 15% cashback 😎

      • If u use the code, the 15% cash back won’t be paid out unfortunately

        • I got the email confirming $8.05 cashback. Do you mean they won’t pay it out later on? All good anyway $39 a great price.

          • @Smity: Unfortunately ‘tracked’ doesn’t necessarily mean it will be paid out in the end

    • thank you!

  • Thanks OP. i cancelled my $59 Fire TV Stick 4K Max purchased during ShopBack’s 10% Amazon sale yesterday as soon as my $39 order at Big W was confirmed for click and collect tonight. Love the Ozbargain community for sharing these money saving deals!

  • Any reason to get the fire tv instead of the google tv with Chromecast except for the price. I got one google tv with Chromecast and one mi tv, do i need this ?

    • +1


      • Thanks Peteroz for saving my hard earned $59. :)

  • can someone help me get a code? my commbank app rewards doesnt show this ..

    • As per comments above try closing your CBA app, check for app update in playstore, then open to check offers.

      • i got it! not from rewards, but at the for you section, created an account, scrolled down and found the bigw 20$ discount!


  • if i already have chromecast 4k, any extra benefit of getting this?

  • Someone please DM me with a code - thanks :)

    • Just check out with afterpay on jb hi fi, it's the same price. You'll have to click and collect but if you're near a jb hi fi, no issues

  • I would love one too…a code that is

  • Thanks for original post. Worked,no problem

  • Anyone have a code please

  • Anyone have spare code? thanks, deal for appearing on my "For you" section in CommBank

    • Try checking at the 'For you' section of the app. Mine does not show the BigW offer but the just the Little Birdie. Clicked on it and brought me to the Little Birdie page where if you scroll down you will see offers exclusive to CBA members.

  • Hi have tried updating the Commbank app and no dice. Anyone have a code they are not using and happy to share?

    • Try checking at the 'For you' section of the app. Mine does not show the BigW offer but the just the Little Birdie. Clicked on it and brought me to the Little Birdie page where if you scroll down you will see offers exclusive to CBA members.

  • Hard to get stock (in Sydney) - finally found one in Rockdale, ordered last night - just got confirmed for pickup this morning

    Added 12% Shopback for BigW (making it $34.32), and 40 Reward points, so all in all an incredible deal.

    Worth the drive out to Rockdale :)

  • can anyone in victoria manage to order this one via delivery ? although no stock in store?

    Web shown that this can be order online and home delivery, but on check out i cant select the home delivery option. Any advise, folks. Thank you

    • Same here. The options are greyed out for me.

      Dodgy BigW

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