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Breville Oracle BES980BKS (Black Sesame) $1699 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


$100 cheaper now! part of some other sale. Win.
Breville Oracle BES980BKS (Black Sesame)

Note the sale was new, it scanned at 1799 but showed the guy the website and got it for 1699

Also now says reduced $100 from $1799

Same deal as here https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/665750 but $100 cheaper now

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • Can you get a further (whopping) $20 off using after pay?


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      only up to $1k

  • nooo, Ive got one from Bing Lee for $1799.

  • Try your luck with the redemtion offer from breville, a guy in the DJ's thread said it worked.. YMMV!

    No idea about the afterpay deal

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      P.S. I did it, and it worked.
      I bought from David Jones, got the tax invoice, used that to claim the Breville, Breville approved the promo, DJs cancelled my order, called TGG and they price matched.
      Shame about JB making it $100 cheaper!
      Any chance this is in a printed catalogue? My credit card will pay me back the difference if it's printed somewhere..

      • Didnt see it in any of the catalogs, just the website. Fingers crossed they claim :)

      • Did you claim again, for a second invoice

      • Could you confirm how you claimed it..mine got rejected!

      • Thats the one!

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    (profanity). Bought it yesterday at 1799

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      Refund? Credit card price protection? Life time of guilt while drinking coffee?

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        I'll go with the lifetime of guilt while drinking (hopefully) good coffee

        • It's only a waste if you don't use it. The premium paid will make it sweeter. Enjoy!

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    Must be coffee machine season, i must be strong and not buy one

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    Must…Not…Look…At…OZBARGAIN…after bought something.

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    (profanity) yolo just bought it

  • So tempting… anything negative to say about these so I dont buy one?

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      Sad looking credit card account?

    • Depends how deep you are ready to dive into this rabbit hole… :)

      My personal preference - BES920 paired with good Italian grinder.
      You will pay same money but get much better result.

      • What is your grinder of choice?

      • I'm with this guy, only thing is the auto milk on the Oracle is kinda handy, you don't have to stand there and hold it while it makes your milk, you can put on your shoes for work or whatever. But ultimately with the Oracle you might end up wanting to upgrade the grinder.

  • Do those 15% off jb hifi vouchers work online?

    • 5 or 15?

    • The gift vouchers do not work online. I used 18 of them to buy this machine tonight.

  • Brought it for $1799, walked out of JB HiFi and checked my phone and realised it was $1699 now, had to go back in and get a $100 refund. Lucky I checked haha

    • Same here, but I was home, when I realised that they have dropped another $100 off. Going back there tonight after work

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    TGG has at $1699 for black friday now.

  • What's the difference between this one and the Oracle that is $1k more? (Not the touch)

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    • this also happened last year (found it in comments on a deal on this site https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/583709 ) where people were saying the black sesame model was discontinued and that the boiler on this was lower power than the other models (1800 W and the other is 2400 W). I havent confirmed any of this tho and havent opened my box yet to check whether that is the case with mine. Seems weird though that it would still be on sale this year if it was discontinued last year

      • There's a comment here that the 1800W is the US wattage and must be a typo: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/664703

        • oh nice, if so that makes it more likely that theres no difference other than colour. I will set mine up tonight/tomorrow and hopefully the manual will list the specs
          i really need to find a page / video that goes over everything to do when first setting it up. Closest ive had to real coffee at home is an aeropress, so this is a bit of a step up :P

          • @DanielP2: Can you confirm if this 2400W or 1800W?

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              @Rapter4848: hi mate, no specs in the manual that i could see, but the compliance sticker on the base of the machine says 2000-2400w

  • This colour is a gloss black, thought it was going to be a flat/mat black. I would have preferred flat, but my wife loves it so that's what matters. Regardless, I would get it in any colour at this price.

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    I was able to claim the Breville Promotion for this. The receipt doesnt specify model numbers so i must have got lucky. YMMV

    • Where did you buy it that didn't show the model number? JB or TGG

      • Jb

        • crap mine from JB shows as BES980BKS

          I tried the redemption anyway

          edit: Approved!

          • @DanielP2: What did you register it as? I had to pick either stainless steel or black truffle, black sesame isn't even an option. I guess I'll just pick stainless steel.

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              @bleeder: yeh i did Stainless and it all went through even though mine has BKS on the receipt. GL, seems like theyre honouring it for everyone :)

              • @DanielP2: Did any of you received the redemption products? I got the approval email quickly but no communication since.

                • @miniscon: yeh same with me so far. I did log in to the breville webpage and its still listed as "Processing", but i havent had any further emails, and theres no way to get any further information that i can see

                • @miniscon: Meant to reply to your post earlier, not mine. I got shipping confirmation today.

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                    @DanielP2: That is amazing! Thank you for the update. I just checked mine and it's still processing. Maybe it will ship over the next couple of days!

              • @DanielP2: Did you put the serial number in and the other number they required? Or just receipt and that's it?

                • @jasontworld: Anything that was required i entered. I didnt need the serial number or PDC (they were optional). I didnt try to hide which model l I had or anything, but because the black sesame option wasnt in the menu i selected BES980, the brushed stainless steal one.

                  My redemption gift is currently in transit, I have tracking details for it. They took ages to actually send it, then it was listed as pending in the aus post tracking for about another week, but now it is actually on its way.

                  Im a bit worried about the coffee beans as they are gonna probably be over a month since the roasting date at least by the time i get them. Not to mention they are probably sitting in a truck or shed somewhere in this 40+ degree heat

                  • @DanielP2: Thanks for that..I've tried twice and got rejected without serial number and PDC.same my details didnt match the receipt.

                    Just tried again for the 3rd time entering all the details including both serial number and PDC. Rescanned the receipt in a different format as well.

  • Interestingly can't get the 'white glove service' if you have black sesame, only for stainless steal and black truffle lol. Very confused by this. I guess they are trying to clear an old colour and a way of making it even cheaper is cutting out the white glove thing? They still send you an hour long video to watch, but you can't get a person to come out to your house.

    • They dont send people out my way for the white glove service anyway, ill have to watch the video i guess :)

      • On their website it says they only do for WA and SA (I presume the states with no COVID), I'm in WA.

        • +1

          they probably dont wanna send ppl down to Bunbury tho….its like the ghetto down here :P

  • Bought from TGG and gift approved. Thanks all!

  • why is this almost double the price compared to Barista Pro? Wats the main selling point?

    • just realised this is a dual boiler.. hmmmmm!

    • +1

      Also this does auto-tamp and auto-milk

  • How do you use a seperate grinder, when it has auto grind/auto tamp on the machine?

  • Not confirmed, but im thinking you grind and manually tamp if you use an external grinder, or not put any beans in its hopper…

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