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Waterford Marquis Markham Decanter 3 Piece Set $99 (RRP $519) + Delivery ($0 C&C Sydney) @ Peter's of Kensington

  • Crafted in crystalline glass
  • Hand wash recommended
  • Beautifully presented as a set in a Waterford gift box
  • 750ml x 9.2cm (l) x 21.3cm(h) - Decanter
  • 2 x 275ml x 8.8cm(l)x 9.6cm (h) - Double Old Fashioned Tumblers

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  • +1

    Not that Marquis is my fave of the Waterford lot but geez - this has to be better than all those terrible tumbler offers from the booze companies! I know what I'd rather under the tree :D

    • +3

      With respect to the glasses sure, but, personally, pouring from the original bottle is part of the fun in having a drink. I don't know why having a decanter is useful unless it's filled from a big batch and that's not really much of a thing here.

      • +7

        3L of suntory in a plastic bottle like how oil comes in
        Gota pretend it's some high end stuff.

        • My jaw dropped when I first saw price of those things in Japan, good times

      • To each their own.

  • +3

    $149 at Catch. Another BS RRP

    • RRP $519 as provided by waterford website https://www.waterfordcrystal.com.au/marquis-by-waterford-bra…

      • +3

        Nevertheless, actual “bargain” is how much its reduced from your normal price or compared to other retailers, not relative to the highest price listed

      • Got a coupon for free shipping rep?

      • +4

        Hey rep - you are not seriously suggesting that anyone would be silly enough to purchase this at the ridiculously inflated RRP? Waterfords went into receivership in 2009 and the name was sold off - nearly all of their stuff is now produced outside of Ireland.

  • +11

    I mean this is the real treasure of the lot…

    • +1

      Wow… That is wild!

    • +1

      Wow. Just wow.

    • Oh wow 🤩

    • +3

      The first time someone puts it down slightly too hard all the legs will break off…

    • Hella painful to clean surely

      • +2

        just smash it and pull out another one??

    • +1

      Mmmm pour me some more of that lobster juice

  • [Connor Roy voice] You don't hyper-decant? You're just doing regular decanting?

  • $11 shipping to Vic

    • Yes shipping costs have been an issue for Peters for a long time and probably why many have gone off them - there so many other options these days. Pity cause I really like the store - just some feedback for you rep!

      • I usually try and get these deals on their eBay store with free shipping via eBay plus but this item is not reduced on their eBay store. eBay.

  • I see Marquis Markham 4 glasses around $62 with ebay plus and afterpay 25% off on their ebay store. Are these better than Reidel in general.

  • +1

    Lol @ RRP

  • -1

    These guys sell crap quality goods that break within a few uses and they won't stand behind them and replace them or refund. Better off buying on Wish or Aliexpress.

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