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Gigabyte GeForce RTX 3080 Ti GAMING OC 12GB $2299 @MSY


A decent model of the RTX 3080 Ti. Pretty cheap compared to the current going value for these cards.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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    Not cheap at all when you consider you can buy a whole PC for $600 more with a 3080Ti


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      Whilst the Dell deal has the entire PC at a steal, that doesn't mean this isn't the best priced 3080ti we've seen this month.

      The Dell deal IS crazy good, but as mentioned in it's associated thread, the warranty is tied to the whole PC, not the 3080ti - leaving you with difficult decisions associated to maximizing the capabilities of the 3080ti.

      edit: a quick review of staticice has this sitting ~15-20% less than anything else instock, making it a deal in the current climate

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      Why is a 3080 ti being paired with an 11400f

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            @misunderstood98: So wait, you do realize when you increase the resolution you actually take the load off the CPU right?
            This shows how little you actually know and that the CPU is perfectly suitable for a 3080Ti.

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                @misunderstood98: What are you even showing me? You just proved my point. The CPU is more than adequate. An 8700K though, welp…

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                    @misunderstood98: No, the CPU is burdened at lower res, so that 1080P benchmark was perfect at showing all 3 CPUs pretty much work the same under load, so when you go higher in resolution you reduce the load on the CPU and load the GPU.

                    Thanks anyways.

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                        @misunderstood98: What are you even talking about? You questioned the validity of chosen CPU then I showed you 3 CPUs under load @ 1080P with no frame lock, and it shows the GPU under performing but the CPU under load.
                        When you increase the resolution you put less load on the CPU and the GPU should be loaded @ 99% all the time, it proved that all 3 CPUs performed around the same, which really puts to rest your statement.
                        The CPU is more than adequate for that GPU.

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                            @misunderstood98: What are you even talking about? $600 for a complete PC build minus the GPU, and they ask a dumb founding question to which you cannot even understand the answer.
                            The CPU is more than adequate for PC gaming, then you go on a tangent about some back ground bloatware w/e.
                            A 5600x is more than capable for gaming, it wont bottleneck a 3080Ti neither will the Intel.
                            Is it the most optimal gaming cpu?, obviously not BUT it is more than sufficient, which leads me to the 1080P benchmark which shows that the GPU is far from optimal use over 3 very similar CPUs, when you increase the resolution, you reduce the CPU load, so now the CPU waits for renders where as before the GPU was spewing out renders and the CPU not having much time to cope with anything else.
                            You got this very wrong, the CPU reduces load as the resolution goes up, so that throws out your bloatware logic right out the window.
                            The benchmarks barely showed any GPU usage at full load, which means a CPU bottleneck due to too many frames being written which then hold back the GPU performance.
                            Increase the resolution, increase the GPU time for render then you reduce CPU overhead.
                            But I guess there is something something bloatware…

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    It's funny, a crazy expensive GPU is "pretty cheap" when it's less than 5% off a ludicrous starting price, and a PC package is "crazy good" because they're subsidising the other components with the massive margin on the card.

    We've all been suckered into accepting the new normal of graphics card prices, so now NVIDIA and AMD can launch their new generations at substantially higher prices. I guess I'll be crying over my 1070 for a few more years.

    • yep soon enough we gonna get 5 digit consumer gpus and we'll buy them

  • anyone know what was this cards price was on release?

  • +5

    Thanks bought 10 for my crypto farm

  • OOS

  • Nuts re gpu pricing im selling 5700xt's for $1500+ a pop now had heaps of left over stock when I stopped IT trading couldn't sell them 2 years ago for $600 as everyone wanted the nvidia cards. Seriously I use a 1050 myself and it's fine for hd gaming. But then ppl have money I guess to burn..

  • I wouldn't call 2.3K AUD cheap, but yeah, looks like these usually retail around 2.6K at the other shops right now: https://thors-stuff.com/gpu-price-availability-20112021/

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    Stop buying overpriced video cards and force them to drop prices please

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