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Samsung 75" NEO QLED TV QA75QN85A $2499, Samsung 85" NEO QLED QA85QN85A $3499 + Shipping @ David Jones (In-Store Only)


Long time lurker first time poster.

Mrs wanted to go shopping for bed linen in DJs, after spending an hour there I started contemplating buying one to use as noose but instead made my way over to thr TV section and came across this deal.

Snagged the 85 for $3499 + $150 delivery after waiting about 30 mins to find someone to serve me.
He said very limited stock left and couldn't believe the deal. This was at 9pm last night so hopefully if you try this morning there will be some left.

About $600 off cheapest price I could find posted here. Went to JB after to see if they would price match (just for s&gs) and they guy said they couldn't even come close and suggested I go and purchase it immediately.

Good luck!


Key Features
75" Neo QLED Ultra HD 4K screen
3840 x 2160 resolution
Direct Full Array
Quantum HDR 24x
Quantum Dot Technology
200Hz motion rate
Ambient Mode+
Dolby Digital Plus
Samsung SMART TV
4 x HDMI
2 x USB

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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David Jones
David Jones

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  • Which store is thsi? Website shows different price

    • In store only

  • Great deal but surely there's a difference between 50% off 'all' and 'selected' TVs.

  • +2

    RRP is only for making the % number looks bigger.

    • But it stipulates 50% off RRP

    • +2

      Almost: it uses the automatic and unconscious - ie. you cannot stop it - anchoring effect to change your perception of value.

      So if you see the RRP number (note: context is irrelevant), then the same price may (no way of knowing unless you are part of a controlled group study) appear to be of higher value than if you didn't see the number.

      It sounds highly irrational because it is. It happens to everyone, there are no magical people much like confirmation bias, and it happens at very high rates.

      The only defence to this insidious psychological manipulation is being intimately knowledgeable about prices - or not seeing the number. Intimate to the extent that it's impossible for anyone to be familiar enough with all prices for all things although grocery items and the like is far more likely than TVs.

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    QA85QN85A for 3500 is madness. Unless delivery is 500 bucks, this is the cheapest price ever. Very highly rated tv with VA panel.

    • +3

      I just had a friend pay $5300 for it a few days ago. They took over $1K off for him. This price surely is close to deal of the year for something this size. 85 inch theres almost no difference to the Q90A. Same dimming zones, brightness and most other features. Ridiculous price

    • rtings says its IPS

      for those interested - comparison between LG C1


      • The 85" one is VA panel which is considered to be better.

        • -2

          So do you reckon rtings is wrong?

          from rtings:
          Neo QLEDs differ from standard QLEDs because they use Mini LED backlighting. It sits just below the Samsung QN90A QLED, and it differs from previous Samsung flagship TVs because it uses an ADS panel, which is a very similar technology to IPS

          • +11

            @EssendonUser: No, rtings' review is based on the 55" and they said it would be the same for 65" and 75". HOWEVER, they noted the 85" uses VA panel and is the only model that has ultra viewing angle.

            You can check the "Differences Between Sizes And Variants" section of the review. It is mentioned there.

            • -1

              @Davesday: right, could see it now.. "However, the 85 inch likely uses a VA panel, since there are no 85 inch IPS panels on the market"

          • +1

            @EssendonUser: 85 inch doesn't come in IPS. For that reason the rtings doesn't apply to this tv. 75 inch on the other hand is IPS

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    Great second sentence! Relatable.

  • Good deal OP, I am sure there will be a few ready to pounce on this.

  • The 75 inch seems better value at 1000$ less.. or is 85 inch worth it ?

    • +79

      Mate I asked the mrs if she would pay $1000 for an extra 10 inches and she said yes quicker than I could finish my sentce. Decision made

      • +2

        Your original post made me smile, this comment made me laugh.

      • :-) I was half expecting that..

      • +2

        how about 2 extra 5", will they count too?

      • Lol. Comment of the year :-)

      • +3

        Got a very wise wife there, mate!

        • Wise and honest wife.

      • And they say size doesn’t matter.

        • +2

          It's the use case that matters: in the bedroom, in the living room, on the back patio etc.

      • +1

        I note that you didn't finish "my (i.e. your) sentce". If that was intentional, well played.

    • +1

      I bought the 85” a while back and used to sell the 75”. They use different panels (VA vs IPS) and it’s very noticeable when you see them everyday. The 75” has much more noticeable blooming compared to the 85”.

      • +1

        So which one is better panel, 85" or 75"?

        • +3

          85" is the better one because it uses VA panel like the more expensive models.

    • Yes. I'd do anything for an extra 10 inches :wink:

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    +1 for description

  • +1

    if only i needed (could find some spare wall space) for yet another flat panel tv … i'd pounce :|

    • +1

      Same here😭

  • +1

    Are these the mini leds?

    • +2
    • +2

      Yes mini LED and only the 85" is VA panel. The others are IPS variety and contrast is not as good.

      • What's better - VA or IPS?

        • +2

          VA has better native contrast ratio. There are no IPS panels at 85”, only VA. So there are ‘assumptions’ that it shares a similar panel to higher end models.

          But VA is generally better for movie watching.

        • VA

  • +2

    This has got to be the best deal of all time for a 85" TV. I just paid $4500 few days ago and thought it was a great deal. This is $1000 better!

  • This or Sony X90J? Mostly for watching movies, TV shows in a reasonably lit living room.

    • +1

      I'm a Sony fanboi but at this price…

    • +1

      Have the X90J, it’s good from straight on but off angle is pretty poor. If your room has sunlight (direct or indirect), I’d avoid cos the anti glare is not great.

    • +2

      At 75" or less it's basically a tie with the x90j and x95j - check the rtings review and score for a professional reviewer.
      The 85" is straight up better however and should be considered close to the qn90a 85"

  • Okay so instead of buying over-priced bed linen at DJ, you bought the Tv, good job mate

    • +5

      To think I would get out of this without the mrs buying the most expensive bed set in the store would be knieve my friend

      • naive?

        • +14

          Sorry was trying out the new bedsheets while replying. Priorities

          • +1

            @Rooster19: You meant to say you were ironing the bedsheets as an apology to the wife for buying the oversized TV .. !???

            • +9

              @sachz: Mate considering the amount the mrs paid from them I'm contemplating hanging them on the wall as well

  • Rang customer service says no one in Melb have one, shipped from warehouse only

    • Were you able to order at that price directly from them?

    • So are they available for purchase at this price and delivered from warehouse?

    • +3

      First noob I spoke to said there was no stock - then went and spoke to the actual guy works in the section and he ordered it from the warehouse direct. Delivery 3rd December.

      • What store?

        • Bondi

          • @Rooster19: so do we still need to get INSTORE if they're ordering from the WAREHOUSE ??

            • @sachz: Correct - unless u can talk someone on to phone to do it for you. The price on the website is $4788 I believe

              • @Rooster19: Been on the phone trying to do that all morning. So far no luck. I'll keep trying

                • -6

                  @lastfanatic: they are not matching prices.. JB and Harvey said no too

                  • +2

                    @s26f84: So what exactly are you negging for ? Am I missing something here ?

          • @Rooster19: Hey mate, any chance you could share your receipt?


  • What store was this, please

  • -1

    At this size, wouldn't one consider a short throw projector instead?

    • +1

      Not really when a projector needs a darkened room and the LCD can work in both bright and dark rooms.

  • This is a great tv. Fantastic deal

  • I note in the post itself OP said that JBHIFI will not even price match it. But wondering if other stores like TGG or HB would price match? Has anyone tried?
    Also deal was found in DJ in Bondi. Does anyone know if Melb DJ stores have similar offer?
    Sorry 2 questions in one go.

    • +3

      I'd say it would need to be advertised or available online for them to match it.

  • Any idea if the 65" model is also half price?

  • +1

    Great price. Currently 2850$ at costco

  • Rang Bondi, was told the offer finished yesterday although it says 28th in the photo

  • This or Sony x90j?? Rtings valued X90J more for the movie, which I prefer, but not sure in real life situation which one is better

    • +1

      This if it’s the 85” version

      • I think 75" is the max my wife allows me to buy

    • +1

      If you're getting 85 inch go the Samsung. If you're going 75 inch or lower go the Sony as movies will look better because of the deeper blacks.

  • I've got a 65 c9 and I'm so tempted to grab an 85"…

  • Samsung, it seems, has been pretty poor with stocks for these neo qled tvs

  • +1

    Chadstone DJ is not doing this promo. Only some stores apparently. So let's see where else the deal can be had…

    • Also went to JB, they can only price match if it's the advertised price online. HN could not come close to these prices, was below their staff price and cost price.

  • +1

    Anyone else doubting this deal? Doesn't make sense to me selling something 800 cheaper than best price you can find online, for an item they don't even have in stock. Don't understand the reasoning. Grats to anyone that gets one though!

  • Wow, great deal. If anyone in Melbourne managed to nab it, please do let me know which store. Thanks

    • Just went to David Jones in Melbourne City. They have the 75” (in the warehouse). No 85” though. I asked if there were any available in Melbourne and they said no.

      • Ah thanks, so they can match price for 75? Thanks

        • That’s what the guy seemed to suggest. I’m looking for an 85” though so I didn’t explore further.

          • @Rawr: Yeah, prefer the 85 too… Dun want ips

  • Needs to be a store that does TV's, can't order them. Giving up, chasing a ghost bargin at this point… had just talked myself out of needing a new TV too, when I saw this.

    • +2

      Yea, start to think this should be categorised as unobtainable deal lol

  • How many HDMI 2.1 ports?

    • Only 1 according to reviews.

  • Time to bite the bullet if I can find a 75

  • -2

    75" - $3388
    85" - $4788

    Thank you

    • +2

      As a DJ employee this is correct, deal seems to have ended a couple days ago so not sure why this ticket is incorrect

  • +3

    The 85" is a really good screen , same panel as 85" QN90a. I own it and have been really impressed. I would say the 85" is the best non Oled large screen you can buy.

  • +3

    Called Adelaide City, the poor guy had been dealing with a lot of calls from us.

    There's only one in stock in Adelaide, and the pitch he gave me was that it might be a returned damaged product. I think that's spin, but as from the Associated post above they quoted the full price of $4788.

    Congrats OP, but it looks like the dream is over :(

    If anyone else has any luck later this morning I'd be keen to know. Even paying shipping interstate it'd still come out ahead.

    • +1

      Can be a store specific deal spinned out of control lol

      • That's what I'm thinking at this point too

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