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$25 off Money Transfers over $400 @ Skrill


Similar deal as before, seems to be a repeat end of the month thing, same promo code too as last time:

Get 25 AUD off when transferring minimum of 400 AUD or equivalent in send currency.
Use promo code GET25 when transferring until Dec 6th (GMT, midnite). Not sure if it can stack with referral for new users as the email said for existing (if you're new users and it doesn't stack though, the referral is a better promo).


And per other's comment, the deal is good if you're only transferring $400 AUD (or close to it) because Skrill rate is not that great, but all other transfer website without promo code won't beat that $25 with their rate differences for such amount. Credit to @devilbabies for giving example here (please note that with any exchange rates fluctuation the numbers might vary a bit):

Referral Links

Referral: random (82)

Referred member receives $40 off their first transfer over $100. Referee also receives $40 off their next transfer.

BTC Crypto: random (10)

5€ in BTC for referrer and referee.

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  • So little to no profit on transferring to yourself?

    • +2

      I just checked, these are the values I get:

      send $375.00 from Skrill to Wise as GBP and receive £209.42
      send £209.42 from Wise back to an Aussie Bank Account and receive $390.20
      Profit = ~$15.

      Worth doing IMHO for a few minutes of effort. This is the 3rd month in a row they've done it, so I've been getting $15/month.

      • Thanks for checking, I'll have to sub to Skrill posts then I have missed the last few
        Can we get devilbabies calcs added to the op?

        • OK, I added the link to that. Thanks for trying, I haven't tried it yet this month actually, but yeah usually about ~$15 profit

          • @hny3: I should add a disclaimer to my comment on rates, since they will vary a bit:

            There is some potential for risk/variability if there are large changes in the exchange rate while you're transferring money around.

            ie. a big change in the exchange rate could cause you to lose the $15 profit or even more.

            IMHO, the risk of large changes is very small, but people should be aware of this.

            (my transfer went very smoothly. Skrill to Wise transfer took 1 minute and $390.13 coming back to my Australian bank account now for a $15.13 profit)

            • @devilbabies: OK, I added the disclaimer and put it as a Note to help others determining whether it's worth their time or not

  • Thanks OP!

  • Thanks OP. Signed up yesterday with the referral offer and made ~$37 profit on that sending to my UK account and back again via Wise. Another ~$15 today from this offer. Not bad for a few minutes work.

    I've found I can eliminate the (minimal) risk of an exchange rate fluctuation by starting the wise transfer simultaneously — I just pull up wise in a separate tab and start a transfer for the same amount, which locks in that rate for a number of hours. Then go back and complete the transfer in Skrill, then back to Wise. Not sure if this will work if you are using a Wise GBP account to receive the money from Skrill — I'm transferring from a separate GBP account that I hold — but once you have locked in the exchange, Wise give you several hours to transfer that money across to their account. In practice, the transfer from Skrill to the UK was there within about a minute, before I'd even finished setting up the transfer back on the Wise side.

    • No worries. Forex movement are relatively slow though (I do trade forex) for such small amount, so I usually just do that within the day (or next if I forgot).

  • How to add referral code while signing into account?

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