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Durex Fetherlite Ultra Thin Feel Condoms, 30 Pack $10.13 ($9.12 S&S) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Durex Fetherlite Ultra Thin Feel Condoms are 20% thinner than our Durex Regular condoms, while still providing a high level of security and protection. They're shaped to be easier to put on and provide a better, sleeker fit and feel during sex.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • +24

    Thanks OP, bought 10. Now just need a GF.

    • +1

      Can I introduce you to two? They are Ms Left and Ms Right.

    • You just need a few sponges, a latex glove and a

    • +1

      Hand is your best friend!

  • +1

    Nothing worse than having a bath with your socks on

  • +3

    Would like to know what @tightarse (TA) thinks of these… Only a tightarse would know if they're really ultrathin as they claim it to be

  • +4

    Are those dishwasher safe?

  • +4


  • Any French tickler deals Op?

  • So, how frequent should the S&S be?…. Feel it's a trick!

    • Why do you need S&S when it's already a lifetime supply?

  • Good, subbed every 6 months

  • How long does it last? Any last longer deals OP?

    • +3

      About 35 seconds on a good night

  • Ultra Thin Feel

    Feel to cum early ? lol

  • +5

    30 pack? I cant even live that long………………….

  • How do these compare to Zero?

    • +8

      This is 30 more than zero.

  • +1

    So how does sizing work for these? Is there a guide? Small, medium and large?

    • +5

      Yeah, you figure it out by looking at your shoe size
      4-7 = S
      8-11 = M
      12+ = L

      • +2

        We talking mm right? Yay I'm a medium :)

      • Phew, I always thought I was small.
        But apparently I'm Medium.
        This brings me a new sense of confidence in life.

      • I'm sure you have some for Extra Small and Extra Large. Do you have any stock for Extra Medium size please?

  • Thanks OP, bought a pack which should see me through tonight.

    • +1

      You playing water balloons?

  • First time ever i use Shipping Protection

  • Thanks OP bought a pack. Should see me through the rest of my life

  • +8

    Just in time for the OzBargain meet up

  • I shoot blanks went to the specialist he told the chances of getting someone pregnant is 0.1% so I save on a life time worth of condoms the true oZbargain way.

    100% raw sauce inside Apple pie worry free anytime.

    • +2

      That's still a 1 in a thousand chance.

      • And there's tens of millions+ swimmers in every load.

    • Now you just need to find someone who's actually interested

  • +2

    Are these the largest pack they sell? I've been looking for some in bulk.

    • +14

      User name checks out

  • Do these make good balloons

    • +7

      Yes but it would cheaper to just buy balloons

      • +2

        He wants less bang for his buck.

  • -3

    Will turn James harden into James hardon in a few easy steps

  • +2

    Subscribed 30packs, Amazon defined every 4 months as the most common. How did you know?

    • +8

      Because Amazon has f*$ked people over many times.

  • Large are gone

    • +1

      What use could anyone possibly have for those?

  • Could potentially save you hundreds and thousands

    • +3

      Nah, they would make the fairy bread too chewy.

  • +4

    If I bought home a pack of 30 my wife would think I’m cheating on her

    • Don't bring it home. Leave in your drawer at work, bring it out only when meeting up with the other woman

  • +3

    A factory in Vietnam was busted last week for planning to recycle and resell more than 300,000 used condoms, officials say. Authorities in the country's Binh Duong province seized about 324,000 used condoms that were set to be cleaned, repackaged and resold

    Hope it’s not the leftover stock.

    • Those are the cheap no brand ones that end up in the toilets of cheap petrol stations for $1 each.

      Never buy those.

  • Are there any alternative uses for condoms? I don't want to pass this deal.

    • +5

      Yes, fill-up with helium and take those to kids parties :D

    • Mothers Day present? At least you'll be sure no one else thinks of it.

  • +1

    Are these compatible with neighbours Homekit?

  • +1

    30 pack will only last a couple of days for me

    • +3

      covers it over and over so make it bigger? smart boy!

  • That’s tomorrow sorted

  • Jess Fox can now have enough supply to fix her kayak until Brisbane 2032

  • +1

    These are excellent for keeping bananas fresh.

  • Tempted to buy …Useless deal .. My hands don't need any!

  • Woah a lifetime supply for ten bucks

  • +3

    Will these be comfortable for my wifes boyfriend?

  • How good are the mods letting the comments section go….. AAA+++ modding.

  • I live in Sydney, do 29 others want to share a pack?

    • Depends, how long is the expiry?

      Also, the reviews seem to be a mixed bag

      According to one reviewer Iris: "Very good value but not very thin", and another reviewer Alu Bhaji says "Like, they're alright. But I've broken more of these condoms than any other variety or brand."

  • Single or multi-player??

    • How many joysticks?

  • +1

    Excellent, 10,000 year supply!

  • +1

    Any true OzBargainer should know the cheapest option - not abstinence, but soaking your nuts :

    • +1

      I hope that’s 118F and not °C

    • +1

      Is that how Pete Evans activates his almonds?

    • Does this actually work?!

    • I don't know, what about the cost of all the hot water?

  • How long can you keep them in your wallet? I have been carrying one around for years and it hasn’t failed me yet

    • Well if you have never used it, it can't fail until you use it

      • I live in hope!

  • +1

    Q: What food turns women off sex?
    A: Wedding cake

    • +1

      Either it wasn't funny, or there's something that I missed…

    • Who doesn't like cake?

  • Can someone write a review for this?

  • 30 pack?

    That's the next 60 years taken care of….

    • +1

      Nobody could use a 30 pack. It’s a just there for show offs!

      • I keep a 30 pack on my desk as a homage to the days before I got married.

  • I always come for the comments, no pub intended.

  • What's the used by? ;)

  • I'm feeling ya!

  • Do they have expiry date? I don’t think i will get laid anytime soon

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