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eufy T8410C24 2K Indoor Security Camera Pan and Tilt White $86.99 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Eufy T8410C24 2K Security Camera Pan and Tilt now only $86.99

I think its a very good price

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  • Does this work with Google assistant? Ie. With good nest hub "Hey Google show me camera feed of the garage" kind of thing?

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      Yes.. but is extremely slow… ie. literally takes a minute or two to load. Homekit works much better.

      • Thanks. Any idea of its this camera specifically or all WiFi cameras with Google assistant?

        Also you mean apple home kit? Unfortunately I don't have any appe products. But is there a nest hub equivalent for apple home kit?

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          The Google assistant integration is crap. The initial load is quite slow, almost always the first try hangs on the loading screen, so you need to trigger again. There is a lag of almost 30 secs in the feed, and the feed do not stay on longer period. The feed will freeze after 5 - 10 mins of stream and you wouldn't even know it's frozen unless you check the stream time. I got this to monitor my kid's room from the kitchen and bedroom nest hubs and it's practically un-usuable, I use my phone or tab instead. I have been hoping for Eufy to address this for a yr or so.

  • Honestly, for indoor cameras, Kasa brand does just fine (tapo c200). Currently on sale on Amazon for $47.

    • Tapo and Kasa are two entirely different cameras by TP-Link. Kasa outweighs Tapo by lengths

      • Ah shit i meant KC115. It looks like the taco. MB

        • Good suggestion.

          I assume the Tapo C200 does not has active siren tho? KC115 seems to be almost same price $80. Thanks

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    Will Bunnings price beat and reduce by 10%, since they are selling for $87?

  • Anyone knows how this camera compare to the Tapo c200/c210?

    I need one that has faster connection, which I thought eufy based on youtube reviews, but looking at other deals here before it looks like the eufy could have 3-4 sec delays. Thats not very good.

    I have few of those cheap xiaomi ones but they all suddenly not working one day and need to replace them, not sure why.

    Need one that is much more reliable

    • So many overseas security cameras now. I have v380 pro which works alright for $30 ish… However they need me to register to their cloud accounts for seamless live view… Now i use it for motion detector with built in siren only.

  • Can I use this outdoors undercover for my pets? I have the homemade 2 and doorbell already and just need something simple for the pets outdoors

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      Yep. should be fine, just don't put them anywhere where they could get regularly wet.

    • Please note that these wired cams won't sync with homebase. Only wireless ones. Super annoying.

  • These are great

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