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Intex Challenger Kayak K1 (1 Person) $78 or K2 (2 People) $148 + Shipping @ Catch.com.au


These have been pretty popular in the past and in particular, the K1 (single person) seems to be the lowest it has ever been at $78+shipping. Thanks to Webluce for pointing out that the K1 is eligible for click and collect from Target and has free shipping with Club Catch.

The K2 (2 people) is also close to its all time low. Shipping for the K2 was $22.95 to Sydney.

Seems like a great deal for someone wanting to try it out. In the comments below, a few posters have also suggested getting BCF to price match.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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    $42 shipping to WA

  • Does anyone know if BCF will pricematch Catch? Unfortunately too late to call them.

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    K1 has free pickup from target or free shipping with club catch. K2 doesn’t
    Bought a K1 with 5% cashback from ShopBack
    Thanks OP!

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      Thanks for the tip. Bought 2 of the K1

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      Good to know, have updated the post accordingly. Thank you!

    • I also have $10 back from $60 spend on SP as reward

  • That pump looks like a crappy one I bought at Kmart. Anyone know how long it would take to pump this?

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      I've got the K2 Explorer which uses the same pump. It's flimsy but it's double action meaning it inflates both up and down. It popped apart accidentally for me during some particularly vigorous pumping (that's what she said) but could just be screwed back together. As for inflation, no more than 5-10 mins to get all three chambers filled.

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      It's surprising strong and fast. Less than 5 minutes to pump up the k2.

      I've also got en electric pump, but the hand pump is far quicker and can pump to a higher pressure .

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      I know the one you mean. This one is bigger and better.
      The tiny ones are such a massive pain for the inflatable rowboat that I bought an electric pump. This one is so good and easy for the kayak that I've never even considered trying the electric

  • What are these like if you are closer to the 100kg weight limit? Is it likely to sit very low in the water, be hard to paddle?

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      I'm 102kg and I have the K2. My kiddos sit in front at about 25kg. No issues.
      140kg capacity.

      It's a great kayak. Highly recommend!

      • How do the back supports on the seats go. Do they support a heavy set person well?

      • How quick is deflation? What is the deflated volume after use?

      • -1

        What if you hit a pointy rock?
        Or accidentally nick the fabric when loading/unloading it?
        Maybe have a small rodent chew at it when it is storage?

        Would you say it is a durable product, or prefer a different material type (like solid plastic).

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          I got a little hole in mine after a scrape on a rough surface. Gorilla glue patched it up just fine.

          Not highly durable, but quite fixable. I was being a bit careless too.

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    Thanks got a K1 C&C at Target.

    Keen for some summer action.

    • Can’t seem to find it on the target store. Can you send a link please?

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        Not sold on target. Buy it at catch and choose click and collect at target instead of shipping

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    When dies this deal end? Would like to try price match for a bcf Pickup rather than pay delivery. (wanting to get 2x K2 so would have to pay 2 lots if shipping at $32 each).

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      You can still get free pickup if you are not a catch member.

      Add the items to your cart, select free pickup, and then delete the Catch Subscription fee that gets automatically added into the cart. You will still be able to continue the checkout with the free pickup.

      • Was this for the K2?

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          Sorry only tried it with 2x K1's.

          Looks like no option to pickup K2 in WA

          • @drogba: Ah OK, thanks for clarifying.

  • I got the giant yellow banana one (explorer), because the k2 didn't have free shipping or to my local target.

    • It's hard to know which is better.

      The yellow one has a 90 day warranty.
      The green one has 12 months

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      I also got the yellow explorer K2.

      Yellow is more balanced (wide - wheelbase) and stable.

      Blue one is a bit more sleep and faster

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      I also got the yellow one after checking the reviews it's more stable and comfortable.. I got it for my kids so these factors were important

      • -2

        Yep, that's why. It's for the kids.

        • Unsure on negs - no sarcasm intended - it's the reason I bought it as well, it's for my kids.

          Also on the topic - I tend to buy brighter where I can. So I'll go very bright and easy to see contrasting colours where outdoor adventure is concerned. I figure if it's easier to see then it's harder to lose.

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    For those who have suncorp rewards, can get 6% off catch gift cards + 5% cash back from shopback as well.

  • Bought 2 k1. First time kayak owner, looking forward to this new experience, thank you for the post.

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    Thanks OP also used 10 percent off student beans + 8 percent gift cards

  • bought explorer K2. Total $145.

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    Thanks OP. Got K2 one, paid for delivery to a Sydney address. I was considering calling BCF tomorrow to price match but then thought that it appears to be a good deal even with the delivery fee so decided to go for it. First time kayaker, my son will be super excited :D. Also used Shopback for a bit of cashback.

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    They never shipped the last one i brought … but I guess that's not a good enough reason for a neg when there are 50 pluses here.

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    Thanks OP, grabbed 1 K1. I was going to buy a few till I saw these Intex 3-Person Explorer 300 Boat w/ Oars for $23.99. Bought a couple of them for the kids to muck around on while I cruise around.

    • Thanks for the link mate… grabbed one of those plus the K1… bring on Summer!

  • Thanks OP, great deal!

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    Any one recommend good life jackets that are decent priced? Need 2 adults and 2 kids. Thanks.

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    I bought these yesterday. Not a bad price.


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    I just went to Amazon for a price check as I had only just saved the K2 for later. It popped up as $148 delivered (with prime).

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    Don't forget to combine with this 15% Cashrewards deal (midday to 8 pm Monday 29 Nov)!

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    Not sure why the LatitudePay $15 off >$60 spend hasn't been mentioned already.

    • Is this offer still available? I don't see it.

      • The email i got said "Hurry, offer must end 11:59pm Monday 29 November 2021."

  • So even with club catch membership trial the K2 is not free delivery is that correct?

    • yes. K1 seems to with kmart pick up

  • Can I sit in the K2 by myself? Need the extra weight capacity

    • Yes. Bought 1 last year and no issue in seating by my self

  • Went with the price match at BCF. Figured they will be easier to deal with than Catch IF there was any problems.

  • They seem pretty decent for the price if you are carefull and sensible. Below is a good review for the K2 after 3 years.


  • Can anyone comment on the legroom in the K1? I’m 6’4” and very tempted to buy, but worried it will be too small/cramped

    • https://www.paddleventure.com/intex-challenger-k1-review/

      The inflatable kayak is constructed so that the stern and bow are somewhat closed. This considerably reduces the ingress of spray water. But this has a disadvantage for tall people. In my case the Intex Challenger K1 is too small, because I am too tall for the boat (6.2 ft). In addition the canopy is very low dimensioned, so that one feels constricted. One should be at least smaller than 5.9 ft. Otherwise we recommend the Intex Challenger K2, which can also be paddled as a single kayak.

      • Thanks for this

        • In the youtube link few commets up the guy talks about the space/legroom difference between K1 & K2.

  • Will they withstand a shark bite if you're fishing in the ocean?

    • +3

      Only from a "gummy shark"

  • are those inflatable 150s life jackets excessive? it does seem nicer that they are less bulky though, but are also $60-$100+ instead of $30~ for the usual type

  • Thanks OP got the K1 for around $54 stacked with Latitude Pay and cashback which tracked instantly.

  • Does anyone know if a K1 would be big enough for a ~5ft7 adult with a 4yo sitting between my legs? Just tight budget with christmas. Also can these be easily deflated for transport after usage as I dont have roof racks. Thanks.

    • +1

      Maybe, but it'd be a squeeze. I'm a similar height and don't feel much room to spare. It's a good size for just me, but even then it can feel like the K2 might have been better just so I could stretch out a little, and have the option of comfy guests.
      I've seen guys with their small kids in them though, so it can be done.

      They mostly deflate in about 2 seconds. The problem is really squeezing out the air and folding them up tight, but to get them small enough for an empty boot is easy.

      • Thankyou! I appreciate it.

  • I can’t get Bcf to price match they do t want to do it for catch

  • K2 gone up to $228. damn.

  • how does this kayak compare with Komodo KX2


  • anyones order been shipped?

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      Curious to know too. Just got notified that my order has been delayed. Apparently 'there's been a slight delay in dispatching your order from our warehouse'.

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        Got that message yesterday too. Gonna be so cut if they cancel all our orders.

      • got the same email this morning at 10am "there's been a slight delay in dispatching your order from our warehouse" - I need it by 17th Dec, it'll get to me in time right??!! ><

      • +1

        I got that email about delays at 9:01AM yesterday and then an email saying it had been dispatched at 7:55PM the same day.

    • mine just got shipped and expected on 6-dec

      • what time/day did you order?

        • 28/11/2021 around 22:50

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    My K2 just got delivered, despite the fact that I received a delayed delivery email yesterday. Hope everyone else's are on their way too.

    • Thanks for sharing. I received the delayed delivery email today. (I ordered 30 November, 9 am.)

      • I received confirmation that mine was dispatched today.

    • Did you ever get the email update that it was dispatched/shipped?

      • I did but the email arrived on the same day that the kayak did!

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