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KOO Elite Summer Weighted Blanket $5 + ($5 C&C or Delivery) @ Spotlight Australia


Two colors Charcoal and Sea foam.

5kg or 6.8kg same price.

Please Note the Size 104cmx152cm

Blackfriday deal of $25 for the blanket, reduces to $5 with the code plus $5 for C&C (free over $50 order) or delivery(mine was $12.99).

Credit to saunbaussie for the original coupon deal

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This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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Spotlight Australia
Spotlight Australia

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    reviews look pretty bad

    • +2

      can use them as dead weight

    • +10

      FeEl fRee tO pOsT a DEal

      • -2

        I only post bargains

        • 2018 cALLed iT wAntS iT’s BArgAin bACk

  • +2

    Would love to get these but getting code conditions not met error - tried a few cart combinations on 5kg/6.8kg, and one, or two blankets. Delivered or C&C. No luck.

  • +12

    I bought this based on the weight being correct for my adult weight (which it is). However, I didn't allow for the fact that this particular blanket is almost half the size of other brands weighing the same. Therefore, it's far too heavy and uncomfortable for the purpose, as well as being too small. Completely useless.


    Smaller than a towel
    A total waste of money this is smaller than a bath towel. And can't be refunded as it is classed as bedding.

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      That must be close to a record upvotes for you JV for a comment ?

      • +1

        Not really…

        Are you keeping a tally?

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          No, not at all. But many on here seem to dowvote you often unfairly I think, so great to see you upvoted so much.

          I find some of your comments and jokes informative and/or funny ( not all though ),

          and often upvote ( not into dowvoting much for anyone unles they show mean streak or downright Rude ),

          so I'm on your side if there is such a thing lol.

          • -1


            so great to see you upvoted so much.

            I guess that’s good if it makes you happy.

            • @jv: Haha, let that go to the keeper and/or umpire to sort out lol.

    • Did you find a better alternative brand?

      Kogan and other online sellers do them around $20?

  • +1

    The 6.8kg is only 104cmx152cm

    • ,kids blanket

      and i mean small kids

      • Yeah these are tiny! Get the other version when it goes on sale

      • 6.8kg blanket is designed for people that weigh 60-80kg…

        • Hence the reviews. It's too heavy for the very small size.

  • +2

    Spotlight Geraldton
    12,401.3 kms away

    • start cycling…

  • +2

    Sweet, been wanted to try a weighted blanket. I ordered C&C and it said the order qualifies for free $5 voucher in store.

    • how about trying half a weighted blanket?

      or buy 2

  • +1

    Had to make a free account for the code to work

  • -3

    OP, put size in description

    • It is in the description

  • Its small

  • +4

    Have had my order cancelled every time I've tried to order these from Spotlight when on supposed special, waste of time…

  • Summer weighted blanket? Am I reading it right?

  • Stitch two together for 2m x 1.5m 🤔

  • +1

    These again
    Can't imagine needing anything more than those waffle blankets in Qld summer, if that lol

  • +2

    Neg reason, bought it before on a similar deal, not worth it, tiny, warm and all round uncomfortable for me. I can see how a better quality blanket might help someone but this one isn't it.

  • +1

    Good small size. Big weighted blankets too large to wash easily or store away. You only need to cover part of the body to get the nice weighted feeling.

  • The code failed for me. I closed the page then came back and it worked whilst still in my cart from before.

    I use another one in winter. The idea for me is not to cover the whole body like a normal blanket, but to hold my shoulder down. I tense so hard overnight that I have quite a lot of pain each morning. My other one helps so hopefully this one does too.

  • +1

    Collected mine 2 days ago and love this. Thanks op for posting this

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