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$20 off $20 Spend (VIP Members) + Shipping/ Free C&C With $50 Spend @ Spotlight


Ensure you're logged in as a VIP member. Doesn't appear targetted, I saw it on insta and it worked for me.

Note unfortunately I think it's online only with a minimum of $30-50 for click and collect, or shipping charges are about $13 for me in SA.
But hey, basically $20 off a $30 pickup or delivery is nothing to sneeze at.

Click & Collect is now available in select stores across the country. Orders below $50 will incur a $5 admin fee, free for $50 orders and above.

If you do sneeze, I'd suggest you buy these: https://www.spotlightstores.com/sewing-fabrics/sewing-patter...

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • Any reason for the Tent Dress pattern OP? I think between Spotlight and Aldi for bargain variety shopping Aldi does win, but the deal is tight to be sure.

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      It's a…

  • my store has $50 minimum click & collect.

    Click & Collect is now available in select stores across the country. Orders below $50 will incur a $5 admin fee, free for $50 orders and above. Additional locations across the country will be added soon.

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      Mine said that on the front page too, but then when I logged in it changed to $30.

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        Yeah I had $30 click and collect written everywhere then as i went to pay it changed to $50.

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    Promo code is invalid or conditions not met. Please note, promo codes are case sensitive.

    I just added some solar lights. Any ideas why am I not eligible?

    • Are you logged into your VIP account?
      I have seen this deal elsewhere & some noted it didn't work on some already heavily marked down items?

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        Not working for me either :(

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    The clearance items I've had in my cart for ages didn't get discounted, but my sale items did!
    And it looks like my store doesn't do click and collect anymore, items are in-store but not available for c&c. 🤔

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      I can't see an option for click and collect either

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    Bonus $5 voucher when u click n collect

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    Lidcombe, NSW is charging a $5 click and collect fee……. but you get it back as a store voucher….. ok then?

    • Same for Geelong…need to spend $50 for free click and collect

  • when does this expire please?

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    I was planning to go tomorrow because I needed a colour thread that I use very regularly - Gutermann was buy “two get the third free” so with postage etc was $21 instead of $28 had I have gone into store. I don’t have to try to navigate the hovel that is the Melrose Park store, nor attempt their car park and I’m not in a hurry for it. Win. Thanks OP!

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    Works for me thanks OP. Just went with postage, Spotlight stores are so depressing!

    • mind if i ask what you ordered? Mine didnt go thru

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    $50 worth in cart to get free C&C. Apply voucher and I need to spend another $20 to get free C&C haha.

  • Bought a queen flat sheet for $7.5 + $5 C&C. Thanks OP!

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    $28.95 + $5 C&C fee.. -$20, Remove $5 item from cart and buy with C&C voucher. Stonks thanks OP

  • -2


    • ,,,,

      • Oops sorry. Didn’t intend to me rude… I revised the comment and it appears that it hasn’t been reflected…
        Thank you for sharing😉

        • ☺️☺️☺️☺️

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    SodaKING Refill Gas Only White 60 L is $5 C&C after the coupon (+$5 In-Store Voucher on pickup) so essentially free. Not much stock but showing some in QLD, great for those with a SodaStream.

    • Click and collect isn't an option in Qld unless I'm missing something. Does the code work in store? Actually thought of this as I got an empty one.

      • Definitely works for me when logged in as a VIP member. Just have to change the C&C location on the product page to a QLD postcode and select a store (such as Indooroopilly) then it should be able to add to cart.

        Won’t be able to use it in store I don’t believe as there’s no barcode.

        • Hmmmm always shows a postcode far away when in try. Edit, worked for some reason never found the Radio button but managed it, nice.
          My account always seems a bit dodgy, never get the emails or order history despite logging in and changing settings. Got jack off daily emails

        • Ready to collect.. boom
          It's the only thing I go there's for lol

  • Worked for me, perth WA.

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    So they charge a $5 C&C fee, but give you a $5 voucher. WTF?

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    Why does Spotlight keep putting out these ridiculous offers! Let just hope they don’t cancel and refund like they have been known to do…

  • Cool, thanks. Works for me

  • funny rascal. thanks

  • How long does it take for click and collect to be ready?

    • It says within 24 hours - depending how smashed they are with these orders I guess.

  • Thanks Op! Got something - missed out on the last $40 off one - so this one made up for it (a bit). Thanks!

    • The $40 off is still running until 5 Dec

      • Oh I mean there was the one where it was spend $40 get $40 offer.

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    Thanks OP, we got some sewing patterns to keep us busy over Christmas. Most of the items were out of stock / unavailable for C&C at stores near us in SA.

    Happy to pay for delivery in this case 😀

    Discounts: -$191.00
    Delivery $12.99
    Subtotal: $0.00
    AUD total: $12.99
    Includes GST of $1.18

    • Discounts: -$191.00


      • They currently have a 5 for $10 deal on some pattern brands. I'm guessing they bought 10 patterns, which they say at $19 each, but you'd be a chump to ever pay full price!

        • +1

          Indeed. We haven't ever paid anything near full price for those but 10 patterns (2x 5 for $10) for $12.99 is nice and is the best we've ever seen them :)

  • Worked for me in Melb just now. $20 off $20 with $5 click and collect voucher. Thanks for posting!

    • Update: called my store and they’re apparently falling behind with the fulfillment and that we’ll get the notification when ready. Fingers crossed it’ll get fulfilled.

      Edit: it appears that the items in my order are suddenly “out of stock” at the store I selected and they were randomly obscure items too. The prospect of receiving my order is diminishing!

      • Update: they cancelled half my order. Which makes it one full-priced $10 item $5 with the click and collect fee. The item I placed an order for was definitely in stock and not “low stock”.

        Poor and shady business dealings are happening, guys. Why advertise a code only not to honour it by asking another store to fulfil it? Officeworks sends out the missing item from their warehouse if it was not in the store as promised. Amazon has been providing our family full refunds without us notifying them and allowing us to keep the items. On top of that, Amazon has been providing credits for us to use and we don’t even have to “complain”. I think I know where I’m putting my stretched and hard earned money next and going forward.

    • Hey did you receive the $5 voucher by email or in store?

      • Sorry didn’t get a voucher as when I got to the store, it turned out they cancelled my entire order and only notified me of half the cancellation. I would like to know out of curiosity too but all a moot point now. Good luck with your order!

      • I was told it would be emailed but I'm still waiting since collection on Monday.

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    It's a good deal but my store never has the items I want in my cart in stock. This happens every time.

  • thanks Op, needed a new frypan. $4 c/c

    • Same here. Tefal 20cm at $9 C&C.

  • Anybody got confirmation on their order yet?

    • thinking to ask the same question as well :D

      • Finally got ready to collect mail.

    • Got order confirmation, not collection.

      • Same. Got order confirmation - no sign of collection yet.

        • Got collection confirmation message. Apparently, the did not send any email. I received it as a sms on mobile.

  • Didn't work for me

  • Worked for me. But $50 click and collect along with $5 not worth it as I wasn't playing to buy anything.

  • -1

    Picked up a 180cm Christmas tree and 2 bath towels for $5 (c&c) and got a free $5 voucher (no min spend) to spend in store as well.

    • Just wondering if can tell me when do you get the voucher? Do they give it to you when collect in store or is it emailed after collection? Thanks

      • I was told by email but I haven't received yet since collection on Mon.

        • +1

          Didn't get an answer from other poster but will help you out. I collected my order in store. They said in store that you receive an email but then corrected themselves and asked another staff member and gave me a paper coupon under the counter. So, if they didn't give to you when collected you might of missed out. But could always go back or ring them.

          • +1

            @kizashi: Thanks Kizashi. Went back to store and asked for $5 voucher. Staff had no idea but found the coupon under the counter.

  • Just got confirmation for pick up but half of my order only…

    • As in they cancelled half of my order.

  • +3

    Is this SCAM !!! I ordered and paid. then they cancelled all the Items which covered in $ 20 and left all the items with FULL price !!!

    • +3

      I think it is. They've just cancelled my order too.

    • Do they refund the cancelled items? at the full price, or with the $20 pro-rated in, or…? Don't you still get the $20 off the remaining items? (them cancelling items seems dodgy to me but I am not sure if this de-values the discount somehow)

      • +2

        essentially they are refunding the price minus the $20 portion discount. Dodgy indeed.

  • Just out of interest, can you please post if your cancelled order was Click&Collect or delivery?

  • the code no longer works. Great job Spotlight alienating your loyal customers!

  • +1

    same here, my order was dispatched without a few discounted items, making the total $ in cart to near $12 (which is for delivery) - makes it a no deal.

  • Mine got cancelled as well, it was click and collect. I only ordered one item so at least it was full refund. Win some, lose some.

  • +1

    The following items could not be fulfilled and a refund to your original payment method has been initiated. You will receive the refund confirmation and tax invoice with 12 hours.

    Bought three items but one could not be fulfilled.

  • Can we lodge a paypal dispute as the order was not fully honoured?

    • What dispute are you going to put in? It’s a freebie after all so if they can’t fulfil you can’t force them. I’m sure all stores have that term “they don’t have to sell it to anyone”. They gave you refund so there is nothing you can really do?
      Sorry if I misunderstood your question… but correct me if you are wanting to dispute cause you didn’t get your items and they refunded you for it?

      • ya thought so… my initial assumption was to dispute since they applied the discount to items that are not in stock, so the discount should have been recalculated to items which were fulfilled.

        • Yeah I had that fight with spotlight once or a few times as I shop there a bit… (not specifically when they have freebies like these).

          But how they do it is annoying… they calculate the whole order and partially discount every item. I remember once I wanted to exchange something for a different colour same product, same price, same day…. they told me I needed to pay the difference - I went all Karen on them… I said I’m not asking for money back, I just want an exchange…

          In their defence I guess it’s because some people return stuff and people would just pick and choose and make sure they get the feeebie for free? If that makes any sense?

  • This promo code was still working yesterday, delayed my post to ensure my C&C was confirmed. Got the email today so I'm happy!

  • I picked up my Click & Collect order (under $50) on Monday. Still waiting for the bonus $5 voucher via email that covers the $5 C&C fee. I rang Spotlight call centre but they don't know how long this automated process takes and couldn't generate another one. How soon have you received this $5 voucher? Thanks.

    • +1

      I got mine inside the bag?

      • Lucky! I'm in WA and the store said to wait for email.

    • +1

      I got mine in the click and collect bag.

      • Thanks Kuyaozb. I went back to store and asked for $5 voucher that was kept under the counter.

  • it seems i got 2 $5 vouchers, does anyone know if I can use both on the same account or just one per account

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