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FijiKava 30 Capsules $10.50 (Normally $30.00) + Delivery (Free over $50 Spend) @ FijiKava


Fiji Kava 30 capsule packs are 65% off as part of their Black Friday promotion.

Also, the code FIJICALM will get you 15% off your first order.

Kava capsules help calm the nerves and relax the mind. Extensively studied and proven to be helpful for anxiety, insomnia - or if you need help to chill out. They are made from an extract of the root of the Kava plant (piper mysticum) used in Pacific Islander traditional medicine for over 1500 years.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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    Extensively studied and proven to be helpful for anxiety, insomnia - or if you need help to chill out.

    Going to need that proof mate.

    • I think this is 100 proof

    • Really not hard to find the research papers using Google. This one is a 2009 study done by researchers at the University of Queensland:

      ScienceDaily: Medicinal Plant Kava Safe And Effective In Reducing Anxiety, Study Suggests

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        You mean this one?


        Authors: J. Sarris, D. J. Kavanagh, G. Byrne, K. M. Bone, J. Adams & G. Deed

        Conflicts of interest
        Kerry Bone is a consultant to MediHerb Pty
        Ltd (supplier of the tablets). He was not involved in the conduct of the
        study or the analysis of the data.

      • That's from freshly pounded kava root, not some dodgy pill.

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      "Going to need that proof mate."

      Just go visit the south pacific….not an F to be given as far as you can see.

      But no idea if this packaged product is any good. The stuff they give tourists is basically lawn clippings. You need to go into the markets to find the real deal (or give your taxi driver a 6 pack of beer and tell them to take you to an arvo kava hang out.

      I challenge you to be arsed getting up before 11 the next day.

      However, don't take up the second option. After a 'session' with the locals I ended up with some back and front door savagery thanks to ole mate cryptosporidium in the water.

      • But that is with freshly pounded kava root mixed with water, not some dodgy tablet

  • Is this the stuff that tastes like dirt water?

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      That's Kombucha

      • You mean packaged coconut water

        • Pre packaged cold spit water.

      • One look at a scoby and I was done

    • Yes, if you make a drink from kava powder it looks like muddy water and numbs the tongue.

    • How often you drink dirt water? Do noodles taste like earthworms? Ignorance is bliss !

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    While I appreciate the effort, these are utterly insane prices. Even after TC Winston, prices only got to 160/kg in the madness.
    Expect prices to be more round 100/kg after restrictions relax. Anyone looking into it, don't accept these 'boutique' prices when things open up, or we'll all be stuck in an inflated market for years.

    • Anywhere better to buy at the moment?

  • Urk. reminds me of my time in Vanuatu, I still dry wretch at the memory. Still got to be better than drinking it…

  • this is a disgraceful price but a great product

  • We get fkt up on this shit in Fiji XD
    Blend the roots with water and you have an Alcohol Free boozing sesshhhh

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    The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) alerts health professionals to emerging concern about medicines containing kava (also known as kava kava or Piper methysticum) following international reports linking use of medicines containing this substance with hepatotoxicity.

    How is the product made? does it use solvents such as ethanol or acetone to extract the kavalactones?

    From: https://www.foodstandards.gov.au/publications/documents/30_K...

    There have been 82 case reports of liver toxicity world-wide associated with dietary

    supplement preparations containing kava extracts. In all of these reported cases, the kava had
    been prepared as a concentrated ethanol or acetone extract. The toxic effects ranged in
    severity from liver abnormalities to liver failure associated with liver transplantation and, in
    some cases, death. The elevated ALT levels noted in these cases of hepatotoxicity were not
    seen with the heavy consumers of the traditionally prepared kava drink.
    The mechanism of kava extract-related liver toxicity is not clear but may be linked with the
    high kavalactone concentration in these preparations, the absence of glutathione (which is
    naturally present in the root of the kava plant) and individual variability in drug absorption,
    disposition and metabolism.
    Constituents of kava
    It has been noted that the aerial parts of the kava plant have been used for kava containing
    herbal preparations. The aerial parts of the plant contain piperidine alkaloids, the structure of
    which is similar to pyridine alkaloids which have been shown to be cytotoxic and can also
    affect DNA integrity. There is no direct evidence of piperidine alkaloids in kava dietary
    supplements at this time however, research has identified the potential for adverse effects
    should the aerial parts of the plant be used in preparations.
    Preparation of kava extracts
    Commercial extracts of kava are generally prepared from the root, although more recently
    stem peelings have been used as raw material in kava products due to the high demand of the
    pharmaceutical industry. This extract is generally standardised to contain approximately 30%
    kavalactones compared to between 3-20% kavalactone content in root material. However
    various dosage forms with a range of indications are available. Organic solvents, primarily
    acetone or ethanol, are used as solvents for the extraction of kavalactones.
    Such extracts are
    used primarily in complementary medicines such as in capsules, powders/teas, liquids and in
    combination products that contain a variety of herbs and/or vitamin

    • +1

      Your questions are addressed in FijiKava's FAQ page


      We only use Noble kava varieties, which have not been found to cause any issues with liver toxicity. The reports linking kava with liver toxicity originate from research conducted on Tudei kava varieties.

      There are 126 varieties of Tudei kava. German scientist and globally renowned kava researcher, Dr Mathias Schmidt, has noted that FKB is in higher concentrations in a lot of the Tudei cultivars grown in Vanuatu. FKB is a hepatotoxin (damaging to liver cells). Dr Schmidt no longer advocates Europeans buy kava from Vanuatu.


      We process freshly harvested kava (green kava) at the Company’s Levuka factory using a water-based extraction method. This method was developed with research partner the University of the South Pacific and delivers a pure, high quality water extract, without the addition of chemicals or other contaminants.

  • Thanks, grabbed a bottle to try.

    I’ve found Kava tablets to be a good sleeping aid … not for getting to sleep but having restful sleep.

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