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Xbox Wireless Controller with Wireless Adapter $89 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ PLE


First time posting, please be gentle.
Was browsing around for some black Friday sales and came across this. If you don't mind the colour, it seems like a decent deal as it comes with the wireless adapter. Other places have it for $109.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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    $30 shipping to Canberra, not worth it without C&C

  • hos is this one compare with the good guys one

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      is this one with an extra adapter?

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      The red one is the older model, sold alongside the Xbox One S and One X models.

      Only real differences are as the follows:

      • Micro USB instead of USB C
      • Lacks a share button
      • Has a quieter D-Pad
      • Wait is it not the new version? Clicking on the link shows the controller with the share button?

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        What are you talking about.

        It's the Xbox Series X Pulse Red controller. It's a current gen one which was released some months ago.

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        that is definitely not an older model in the link

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          Oops, my bad.

          Don't post while hangry.

  • What's that wireless adaptor used for?

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      Connecting to a PC that does not have bluetooth.

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        is it better via the adaptor than Bluetooth?

        • Can't comment on the adaptor but bluetooth for me drops out fairly frequently. I now use a usb c to c cable and it's much more stable.

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          The adaptor has faster response time and also supports wireless audio transfer to the 3.5mm headphones port on the gamepad.

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          It's better. Lets you use the headphone jack and works on older Xbox one controllers that didn't have Bluetooth.

          Less lag imho as well.

          Also, there is a firmware update for controllers which lets you pair them to two devices now if that's of any use to anyone. Double press the sync button on the controller to switch.

        • It is. More stable connection, less latency and uses less battery

      • or using instead of bluetooth as it seems to be more stable

      • Ah right, makes sense. Though I'm not sure if it's just me but the bluetooth connection from this same controller to my laptop (without the adaptor) drops out a lot. I started using a usb c to c cable and it runs more smoothly, but it's a shame that the bluetooth connection is poor. Any way to fix these bluetooth issues? I mostly use cloud gaming if that indicates anything.

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          I think Bluetooth on PCs in general are flaky.

          Had a Bluetooth mouse (Microsoft-branded, no less) that suddenly stopped working one day and never connected again.

          If I were to game on a PC with an Xbox Controller, I'd use an adapter like this over Bluetooth.

          • @silverrat23: If only I knew about that. Though I guess the usb c cable works, just annoying to have to plug it into the controller and my device all the time.

    • Even if you have Bluetooth, the adaptor let's you use the headphone jack on your controller and let's you use your older xbox one controllers that didn't have Bluetooth

    • There is a problem with the controller Bluetooth causing frame rate issues on Win10. Therefore it is strongly recommended to get the adaptor which isn't Bluetooth.

    • The link says it allows you to connect up to 8 controllers to your PC, for some reason.

  • I bought it from MS three months ago for $109. It came with a 14 days trial code for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate in the box.

  • If you have the AMEX deal saved on your card (spend $100 get $20 back) and Amazon Prime, this is a better deal as it is $84 delivered.
    Bought it when Amazon had 10% cashback with ShopBack last week, so overall it was $74 delivered.

    • +1

      You can use the AMEX card to buy amazon gift card so I don't consider it is $20 off.

      • Thanks for the reminder! I was just looking around how to spend that $100 twice.

      • You get $20 back within a couple of days once you spend the $100. Sure, call it cashback if you want but in essence its $20 off as within a couple of days you get the $20 back.

  • Finally an option for local pick-up in WA. Nice one OP!

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    for anyone who doesnt want to pay shipping and have ebay plus, theres a last controller here delievered free via express post with these shopback codes

    edit: sold out

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    I'm in the market for one of these, but seems so expensive…

    • $89 is excellent considering that you are likely to be using it for many-many years - way longer than any PC or console. E.g. my old Logitech USB gamepad served me for 15 years until I retired it in favour of this one.

      • I guess controller cost more then I'm used to.

        Is $100 delivered to SA from Kogan, but 102 with this deal.

  • Shipping cost killed this deal.

  • Not an apples to apples alternative, but an 8bitdo SN30 Pro 2 is also an excellent multiuse controller.

  • Currently I use a PS5 controller via Bluetooth to my PC with DS4Windows- but it's crap and drops out all the time. I'm about 6 metres from my PC.

    Will this Xbox wireless adapter connection be much better?

    • I've used the adapter for years and have never had any drop outs. However, I've only been at max 3~ meters from my PC so I can't really talk on how reliable the distance is.

  • Can i use this with the tesla model 3?

  • For those on windows 11. You’ll need to get Xbox accessories app from windows store to update it before USB dongle is recognised. Took me longer than I care to admit to find that out.

    • And yet under Windows 10 it works straight out of the box. Good way Microsoft to confuse people who upgrade to Windows 11 by removing services out of the box. Who have to then go to find how to install those said service that ordinarily should already be there.

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    For those who don't want to pay shipping, I got this price matched at JB HiFi on Friday

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