This was posted 7 months 7 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Samsung S21 Ultra 5G $804 (after $150 S10 Trade in, $200 Bonus, $100 Loyalty) @ Samsung


$600 off S21 ultra 5g stacked with $150 trade in, $200 bonus, $100 loyalty chat and if you can be bothered waiting $50 sign up credit (mine never came)

RRP $1849
Paid $804
Saved $1045

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10% off Samsung Galaxy S22 or Tab S8 for Referee, $50 Voucher for Referrer

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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    Title of the day.

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      Newbie.. very first post. Sorry if I have buggered it up.

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        Even I wouldn't know how to fix it mate. The mod will do it soon, not to worry. :D

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      Isn't it clear it only cost 1100100100?

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    Old deal. Benefit is just to do better value trade in to achieve extra discount. Without sending any tradein back, the cost is $999 (including $50 newsletter discount)

    1349 -$200-50-100= $999 - any trade-in value

    • "Without sending any tradein back"
      I must be missing something, how is that still -$200?

      • Must not of been chased up on the outstanding devices

      • if u dont send trade-in back, they only charge the trade-in value not the bonus

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      This is correct, it's $100 off from the best deal there's been. For the price breakdown:

      Sale price - $600 off RRP discount
      This is the current sale price, they're selling the Ultra 5G for $600 off. You don't have to do anything to get this discount.

      Trade In - $200 bonus discount
      You have to apply to do a trade-in to obtain this discount. That means downloading the trade-in app on an eligible phone and getting the trade-in number to enter at checkout. You do not have to actually send it in when time comes. Based on previous experiences, you will not have to pay back the $200 discount (or any administration / penalty fees), but will have to repay the trade-in value of your phone.

      Newsletter Signup - $50 MA code
      Sign up for the Samsung newsletter via the banner at the bottom of the page. You can email [email protected] to get a manually generated code if you never get the email.

      Chat Code - $100 EDS code
      Request via green circle chat icon that appears at the bottom right of the page. Mention you want to upgrade your Samsung phone and could they help lower the price since your phone has a trade-in value of $0 because it's broken.

      Loyalty voucher - $200 CDS or $100 ODS code
      Note that you either use this or the EDS code, as they reportedly no longer stack.
      Request via email to [email protected]. Provide photos of a broken Samsung phone, including front with IMEI showing on screen and back. Give them a week to respond, though it's supposed to be a response within 48 hours. $200 for the S20 series or $100 for S10 (and possibly older phones).

      • I cant see the $600 off. I click through on the black friday banner and it reverts to full price. Am I missing something?

      • Yeah got the $39 s21 from this method ahah

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        so you have to own a broken samsung phone? This is quite a lot of fiddling you have to do.

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        Hope EDS and loyalty stack for next year's S22 🤞

  • Ultra price gone down, cheaper than S21+

  • And I guess this is why I've never posted.. sorry for sharing my bargain. Someone can delete for me if it's old or wrong o.0

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      You forgot to say "it's my first post, take it it easy"

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      Mumma, OzBargain bargain posters can feel this as people come on and tell them them it was cheaper back xx years ago, title is wrong, or any number of things.

      But at this moment you have 20+ happy lurkers that are thrilled with this awesome deal. A+

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    where does this $100 loyality come from? how do you get it?

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      Tell them you have an S10 that's got a cracked screen and doesn't get accepted by the app

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      The criteria is an out of warranty samsung phone with damage. It's loyalty credit to put towards buying a new phone. may ask for a serial # as proof, depending on the rep you get.

      You need to make a login and start a chat with support to arrange, it's unadvertised

      • how are you meant to get the $150 trade in while getting the bonus for a broken S10?

        • You don't actually have a broken phone. You're just telling the guy on chat to give you a loyalty voucher instead. Need to get lucky he doesn't ask for a serial number.

          They give you a code and you get whatever real phone you have for trade. Loyalty voucher just goes in the discount code box, along with the $50 subscription discount.

          • @krisspy: I actually have a broken s10e but im not sure im understanding this deal. What would be the max discount i could get on a new phone?

            • @brd56: $600 current trade in bonus
              $100-200 loyalty bonus (probably looking at $100 for s10e)
              $50 subscription discount
              Whatever the app values your broken s10e (probably not eligible)

              The trick is to just put whatever phone is eligible to trigger the $600 discount. If your s10e is not eligible based on the app, grab someone else's newer phone and value that.

              Eg. If you grab a friend/family's iPhone 12 and it gets a value of $300, you can just add that when checking out. You can opt to not send the iPhone in for trade and you just pay back $300. But you keep the $600 bonus.

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    can we apply same offer for S21?

  • Anyone know is dual or single sim?

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      1 x Physical + 1 x eSim.

      Can be used as dual-sim if you have one of each type.

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        ah right, now I remember why I skipped S21.

        They took away so many things (hp jack, sd card slot, second physical sim, glass/metal casing) while still increasing the price of the S line.

        I was due for a new phone this year and decided to stop buying samsung phones but couldn't find a good alternative so I stuck with my S10+.

  • How do I get the $200 bonus

    • Trade-in bonus from Samsung

    • Additional bonus offers, limited time only.

      • Get a bonus $400 off Galaxy Z Fold3 5G with trade-in.1

      • Get a bonus $200 off Galaxy Z Flip3 5G with trade-in.2

      • Get a bonus $200 off Galaxy S21 range with trade-in.4

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    Reasons why you shouldn't buy a Samsung phone rrp.

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    It's a good phone, I got it from the previous deal where jb hi-fi gave 500 bonus for trade-in the old phone. Even though I missed the deadline by a few seconds but I requested support and they issued a refund of 500 :)

  • how do you get loyality 100?

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      just online chat, choose help for purchase mobile phone,
      then ask for a loyalty voucher, they will ask you if you have any samsung mobile, you give them the model, they will give a code

  • pretty good price

  • oppo find X3 pro or this?

    • if you prefer zoom then this, otherwise micro cam is fun with x3 pro :)

    • +1

      Previous Oppo phones we’ve had never got much in updates. A couple of security ones and that was it.
      Maybe this one is different, do the say it’s getting updates to next few android versions like Samsung says.

  • Thanks OP - Great first post. Upvote from me

  • Any thoughts on what deals will be available after today and before Christmas?

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    I will wait for s22

  • Ooof tempting

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    prices just back to normal rrp, guess the low prices were for Black Friday sales which ends 7 minutes ago

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      The banner says until 2 December.. Maybe there is a glitch?

      • Or an intentional marketing ploy to make people regret missing out and generate fomo/hype for the next sale.

        Support mentioned the s21 ultra sales end today when I was talking to them about loyalty credits around midday and that the banner included 'all' samsung products deals.. They sent me a t&c link in chat, but can't remember which page it was on.

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    Was tempted to pull the trigger on this till I saw the photo leaks for the s22, may hold out for a bit longer.

  • Can't see 600 off there

  • deals expired… prices gone back to RRP.

    • +1

      Good guys has it 256 g - 1154
      After applying BIG10 and Suncorp 5%
      Big10 not applicable on 128

      I got it for 1500 this March from EPP

      • Street price should be $999 for the 256 now. I'd say wait for Xmas trade in sales.

        I got the 512gb s21U for $1199 on the sept trade in sale (didn't send my phone to trade). Should be more sales with the S22 expected in feb

      • Got any details on this promo code? I can't find what is and isn't included :(

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    RIP missed the deal on that $600 off.
    Dammit, I was about to buy one…
    Looks like the Black Friday deal doesn't last until 2nd of December.

    • You can still buy from good guys

  • Can I apply for the loyalty voucher via help centre after a purchase and get a partial refund? Wish I knew about it before purchasing the fold :(

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    Traded in my S20 ultra coz of the weird auto focus.

    Paid: 534

    I'm pretty happy ngl

    • +1

      Could a gotten like sixfiddy for that phone on gumbay

      • Or 615 for trade in and not having to deal with listing, meeting people, having them ask questions etc. Small price to pay for ease.

  • the loyalty 100 discount works with gov website. It did not work for me. Any ideas?

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    Price changed and can't do much. Was about to buy the plus. This is near fraudulent.

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    Surprisingly, on my last Samsung s21 ultra purchase on previous trade in deal, I never got any email to send the old phone and no money ever got charged other than new phone cost on the day. It's been nearly 3 months

    • Same

    • there was a tonne of sales during that time, perhaps when the third party business was entering the trade in phones they expect to get, they missed some by mistake.

  • I'd give you $250 for the S10, with that being said, I got my $50 voucher to my email after waiting over a year, don't need it anymore, willing to give it to a good samaritan.

    • I'll grab please

  • I got fold 3 512gb for $1421.85.
    EPP portal.
    Fold 3 price 1721.85(35% off) minus trade in discount $300. Effective price - 1421.85

    Didn't sent my trade in device back.
    Sold my trade in device privately for above than what Samsung trade in was offering.

    The main loop I reckon is that the whole trade in thing is a marketing gimmick to increase sales not much customer oriented as they were offering me $610 for my year old fold 2 which is certainly valued higher than that.

    • THat's great, I am adding s10 device and it's not giving me trade in bonus on EPP portal. Also, price is increased to $2114.20. Did u do anything special to get this price?

      • If you can send me your screenshot of price, probably I can chat with customer care and try to get same price

    • Or just an order number @kannavkingg

      • So I placed the order on 19th Nov when they were offering 300 trade in bonus on Samsung EPP store. I didn't got it specifically from chat or anything.


    I tried to trade in my old s20
    Which I don’t have it anymore. However it traded
    In my current phone (iphone 12)
    And i ended up payinf $4 for s21plus

    Can someone tell me what happens if i dont send back any phone to samsung? I used virtual credit card to make
    The payment

    • Can someone tell me what happens if i dont send back any phone to samsung?

      If you look at the pass Samsung trade deals, people only got charge back the trade in amount, not the bonus.

  • What if they cant charge on my card ?

    • What if they cant charge on my card ?

      Bad credit record may be.

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