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[eBay Plus] TP-Link Tapo C200 Pan/Tilt 1080p Wi-Fi Camera $38.90 Delivered @ Harris Technology eBay


Cheapest price yet on the popular Tapo C200 Pan/Tilt 1080p Wi-Fi Camera.

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  • Damn I got this yesterday


    But this looks better and is tplink more reliable than the other brand I don't evergreen recognise it

    Anyone know which one is better or the pros and cons

    I wonder if you can cancel an ebay order or not

    • You can cancel ebay order if you could just send a msg to seller and ask to cancel. (if its not too late)

      • Says its posted already and honestly not interested in returning it I think I might be in the mud on this one.

        Thanks for the help though.

    • Check out Reolink E1 Pro also, can get them refurbished from official store on eBay for about $44 (mine looked brand new) better PQ than C200, have got both.

      • can you connect to google home assist with the reolink?

        • +1

          I can view them on my Google Nest Hubs if that's what you mean.

      • can you link me to these reolinks for 44$? i cant seem to find it

        • There doesn't appear to be any left as I couldn't find them on eBay or their website. They're selling the E1 Pro for $55 delivered brand new on the official site if your interested.

          Can check out their other refurbished cameras two E1's for $71

          • @adr8: omg thats a stella deal for the two E1s

            the pro upgrade isnt that big of a deal so this is great.

            do they have follow function if they detect movement?

            • @furythree: No the Reolink's don't follow movement. C200 does but requires a paid subscription

            • @furythree: Just noticed can get 2 new E1's for $71 as part of CyberMonday

              • @adr8: Should I get the pro or e1 ok?

                • @adn: Up to you, if you want better resolution and dual band WiFi then get E1 Pro. If not, the E1 should still have better PQ than the C200 with its 3MP camera.

                  • @adr8: Aight. I get the 2xE1 then. I had a blueram and it shat itself on the weekend. Just outside of warranty too.

                    • @adn: Anyone doesn't see 2xe1 for 71. Add blackfriday into the coupon.

                      • @adn: Posted it as a deal :)

                        • +1

                          @adr8: Awesome. Such a good deal.

                          1. I hate HT cause of the recent refunds and cancellations.
                          2. This deal was expire by the time I looked at it.
                          3. Would have bought a worst camera.
                          4. Now I will have two for a great price.
    • I had picked up a few of these C200 last year (via this deal - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/563728) .

      A few things I quite liked about the C200:
      * Easy to set up.
      * Tp-link Tapo app can be linked to Google Home - e.g. viewable via Google Nest Hub.
      * Good enough quality for general monitoring - e.g. seeing who is coming home/parking, or making sure the kids are behaving etc.
      * Ability to share devices to other users - e.g. i have access cameras at my place, as well as cameras that my parents had shared to me from their place.

      Hopefully you can cancel your order from yesterday.

      • Thanks yes this seems much better in features with the access sharing ability and Google linking capabilities.

        We shall see how I go with arranging a cancellation.

        If not still will be a good device to experiment with.

        Who knows might be a good thing it can't connect to Google.

  • Kasa or tapo

    • AFAIK, If you're into Automation - Tapo does not support IFTTT. Not sure if that changed overtime

      • Supported in homeassistant as far as I am aware. Still getting my head around it.

        I have one not automated and it is great.

  • just nice, was intending to buy 1

  • +1

    How does this compare to the Xiaomi Mi 360 camera? I can get one for $35 using the Little birdie/ozsale voucher.

    • how, on the mi home environment

  • Can I use them outdoor? lol

    • Mines been outside under the verandah for over a year.

    • Had one outside under verandah at last house. Currently outside in bucket with side cut out ;) time will tell…

  • +1

    code cannot be applied to order

  • PLUS10XM Code doesnt work on this item?

    This code can't be applied to your order.

    • PLUS10XM was actually a single use code, good for only 1 transaction. Many already used it on the free Xiaomi USB-C cable earlier.

  • Coupon was working when I posted, appears HT have removed the product from the promotion.

    • +1


  • Is it wireless?

  • Would like to use it as a wifi camera without internet access. Would it work or it needs internet connection?

    • +1

      It can be used without Wifi, however the initial setup process will require that it connects to your mobile phone app (wifi connection required for this process) but afterwards the camera can be setup to record to SD card even when taken off your WIFI network or internet.

      Internet connectivity is needed for the smart features, e.g alarms and notifications rely on Tp-link cloud server. You should be able to remotely view on the same LAN.

      • Thanks. Want to use it as a baby monitor but am afraid of the camera and sound feed going to insecure servers and hence the question. Thanks for clarification. Will buy one.

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