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[eBay Plus] QNAP 4 Bay NAS TS-453D-4G Quad 2.0Ghz 4GB RAM Diskless $783.20 ($748.20 after Rebate) Del @ Shopping Express eBay

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    Anyone know how this compares to the Synology DS920+?

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      Tldr pretty similar. Major differences:
      - qnap has more ports like USB 3 (but Synology has esata)
      - qnap has pcie expand slot
      - Synology has m2 ports
      - Synology is more quiet
      - qnap has 2x 2.5gbps Lan vs Synology 1x 1gbps
      - qnap has HDMI port

      For me the qnap looks better except that it's louder. But that's enough for me to want Synology.

  • Damnit I recently bought a TS431kx for similar price

  • I have the Qnap. In my case, I'd jumped many year back with a one-bay unit. Moving on I've stayed with the Qnap camp and bias to Qnap.

    I've got a two-bay and the four-bay next to my living room TV. During "silent" moments in the TV programme, there is some noise but it's mostly from the hard-drives. So selecting a quite drive is key. My use-case is also the result of running backup services between these two drive and another four-bay in another room.

    Stick to one brand and learn the build-in and/or add-on features to the fullest you can. I have simplelogin, passbolt and nextcloud in separate virtual machines in the four-bay - happy with this.

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    Great NAS for the price. Paid $943 for it in September last year.

    Running 32gb of memory in mine and running a few VM's and other services like DVR, Home Assistant, Plex, etc

    Hasn't skipped a beat. 2.5gbe is a great feature as well, nice luxury to be able to transfer files around at 220+ mb/s

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    QNAP always say they don't support more than 8GB but it's not true. My old TS-453A had 24gb ram in it and it worked fine. You need to make sure you buy Dual Rank memory. See here https://nascompares.com/2020/06/15/qnap-x53d-16gb-and-32gb-c...

    The only drives I would put in are Seagate Ironwolf ones but that is personal preference.

  • I wish I had same experience as everyone else. My system went into boot issue just out of warranty. Guess what? QNAP wants unit to be shipped to Taiwan for repair at my cost and repair will be US$400. They do not price the motherboard in case you would think you can replace it just like a PC.

    Just a note for all that Google boot loop issue in QNAP where only light blinks and it is not related to disk's or RAM. It cannot go to recovery mode there is no beep either. Usually there are very tiny ICs that die just in around 2-3 years time.

    I decided to never ever touch QNAP again in life.

    • That's really unfortunate! I've had similar reasons to avoid well received companies and sometimes I wish I could forget those scars since it all seems fine for everyone else.

  • Is APBF25 still working ?

  • @Nocure - I tried to do the claim form but it keeps failing to upload the receipt.
    Do you know if there is another way to do this?

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