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15% off Plant Doctor Lawn/Garden Fertiliser / Liquid Products + Delivery ($0 for Some Orders) @ Plant Doctor


This is a discount code (SAWMI) that gives 15% off on Plant Doctor products. Can be used multiple times.
Thought other ozbargainers may be interested.

Makes Plant Doctor lawn care / garden products quite a bargain compared to other products.

Free delivery depending on order size and delivery location.

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  • I've gotten Plant Doctor before; as it comes highly recommended. Great products; do what they say and really do improve your plants/gardens/lawn etc.

    Last year I ordered the Medium Plant Bundle. It was missing the Power Pellets, and I had to follow up to find out they were shipping them later (~1mth) when they had stock.

    It had a 20% discount and I used Auslf1st for another 20% off.
    Product Subtotal: $166.92
    Shipping Subtotal: $0.00
    Discount Subtotal: -$33.38
    GSTInc: $12.14
    Grand Total: $133.54

  • Also started using these this year, good products. As they are quality concentrates it works out cheaper than buying stuff at Bunnings. Great for garden and lawns!

  • Do they do a good weed and feed for buffalo lawns?

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      no such thing as a good weed and feed. Buy a quality slow release and or liquid fertiliser and treat your weeds separately. Just make sure to buy a Buffalo specific herbicide

      • Correct… you can't weed and feed at the same time and with all in one product… I don't know how people still fall for that scam.

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