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[eBay Plus] Free - Desk Stand Holder (OOS), Samsung 128GB EVO Plus SDXC Micro SD $9.95, Delivered @ Iot.hub eBay


Nice price for this micro sd card. Plenty of stock available.

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Original coupon code.

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  • +10

    Fake cards? They are very common in SD cards as far as I know. Most even have the capacity close to claimed but speeds are abysmal.

    How can we validate these are real?

    • +2

      Deals from Iot.hub eBay are posted here regularly so I guess they won't be fake.

      • +4

        no idea bout them, but even jbhifi have been hit with fake cards from their supplier.

    • +14

      Unfortunately, only way is to test after the fact or buy from a reputable seller.

      Can test with H2testw: https://www.tp-link.com/au/support/faq/2592/

    • +2

      It's likely an older batch. The seller has another listing (as posted by an OZBer further down) which shows another 128GB EVO Plus with 60MB/s write.
      It explains why this one is much cheaper. Normally, 64GB EVO Plus or Sandisk Ultra would have 20MB/s write and the 128GB suppose to be have a much higher write speed (that's why we see a lot of cheap 64GB micro SD card deals).

      Oh well, didn't read carefully before purchase, was hoping it would be a decent 128GB card. Looks like it is going to perform like the 64GB ones. Will only be able to test once received. It explains why this price is possible. Hope that it is not a fake.

      • interesting..
        just read more of the product info (thanks for the tip)

        this model (slower) = MB-MC128HA/APC

        newer faster model of 128gb is MB-MC128HA/EU

        you get what you pay for
        I can see now why only this card can be discounted with that code (clearing out old stock) for newer model..

        $10 for this older card is about right price for it..
        so we aren't really getting much a bargain here..
        since the write speed is pretty slow 20mb/s vs 60 mb/s of newer model.

        • +1

          I mean, 10 bucks for 128gb is good price for Microsd nonetheless. Considering that most devices using this platform are generally read based, like phones, tvs, handheld consoles, it's fair.

          Branding could be much clearer though, it's like the whole wd 550sn all over again.

      • can you do some test and take pic of the package after you received it to confirm what actual speed you get?

    • +4

      I think there is a Samsung card authenticator app can be downloaded to check the authentication of Samsung cards.

      Used to have it installed to check then uninstalled it and the name of it escapes me atm.

      • +6

        Thanks. Good to know. Found it here.

    • H2testw software for windows runs test works 100% takes a while to complete but worth it

  • Great deal. Grep one for my cocktail arcade machine.

    • +4

      Your what now?

    • +16

      Congratulations, you had the chance to tell someone about a niche hobby and instead you chose to be passive aggressive.

      • -2

        Congratulations, you had the chance to tell someone about a niche hobby and instead you chose to be passive aggressive.

        Why is it up to him to educate people? Also, next time maybe try to click reply on the right person.

  • +3

    Thank you sir, I shall skip lunch for today.

  • +3

    Glad I waited, felt a bit sad missing out on the USB-C, lol

  • Will it come with the adapter as well?

    • You'd have to message the seller but when i've bought this model before it does come with an adaptor

  • This is a really good price. Paid for SanDisk 128GB U1 for $18 2 months back!

  • these good for a gopro hero 9?

  • Got one.

  • Still working got 1.

  • Thanks

  • +1

    Wish there is a 256g

  • +1

    Can only buy 1. More doesnt give further discounts.

    • +1

      Yes voucher is 1 per account

      • Does that mean we only get one $10 discount per person/account for all eligible items for the whole duration of this offer ?

        • Yes, check T&C

          • @ce5himm: Yes, I did. You can spend 5 minutes reading that and still not get a clear answer lol.

            • @ozhunter68: You may purchase up to a maximum of 1 Eligible Item per transaction. For each person, there is one transaction per redemption code.

              • @ce5himm: Thanks. I was hoping that was not the outcome lol.

  • +4

    That one could be better even +4 dollars more. But afterpay unfortunately. Up to 100MB/s Read and 60MB/s Write speed they say.

  • Whoa, what timing thanks. I recently needed a new one for my new3ds. I only have 32gbs left.

  • +1

    i still have one 128gb sealed intact but still buying this.. WHAT is WRONG with ME

    • +4

      You've been infected by OZB virus. There is no cure nor vaccine for it.

      • +2

        just close OZB tab…cured

        Also officially it is called FOMO disease

    • +2

      Dollar cost averaging …

  • +3

    Only for ebay plus members bah

    • +1

      I just signed up for one month free trial. Will cancel maybe after a day or two

      • +1

        Why? More good deals with discounts before Christmas, don't waste your Free discount days lol.

        • Good advice

          • +1

            @bigbadboogieman: But to be sure you don't forget to cancel before you get charged set a Reminder alarm on you phone lol.

            • @ozhunter68: You actually don't need to wait to cancel or set any reminders.
              Just cancel the subscription right now and it will keep your plus membership active until end of the trial.

  • +2

    In typical ozbargain fashion, I didn't need this, but I got one anyways.

  • +1

    Is this good for security cam?

    • +6

      No, you need a card that has "Endurance" on it. The iot.hub company sells them.

      • -1

        Endurance is just marketing bullshit. By the time the card reaches its writr cycle the current generation will be half the price and double the capacity. I have cards on sale when they were 3 times this price (and got hundreds of votes) and they haven't died yet, the term endurance was even invented back then.

        • +2

          Endurance is NOT marketing bullshit. I’ve tested with three different regular micro SD cards from Sandisk in a 24/7 recording camera and they all died within a few days. Then I bought a Sandisk Endurance card and that has been rock solid for last 6 months.

          • @OldSchoolHarry: Correct it is not marketing guff. Over the years I have seen a number of flash based devices die due to hitting the write limit of the devices.

    • +2

      I wouldn't say that this is no good for security cameras. I use them myself for my security cameras and dashcams. I came to this conclusion from doing a trade-off analysis.

      In ballpark terms, Endurance cards are >2x more expensive and the full-write cycles are 2x compared to normal cards. Normal cards go on sale much more often and therefore, are cheaper again. So it works out cheaper in the long run to use non-Endurance card, especially at $10ea.

  • Like free. I am regret buying the $2 Samsung cable from JB now.

  • +1

    Wonder if iot.hub can add more items or cables…

  • +1

    wired.. I'm Ebay plus member but I cannot use the code.

    it says I used that already even I didn't

    • Same but it just says I can use this code.

  • How do you know which items are supported by the code? Looking at the same seller, but doesn't work on other items

    • That's why you need ozbargain to tell you

    • +3

      Will be listed here

      Free card reader now @dealbot

  • Thx, Didn't need it so I bought one. 👍

  • +1

    I wasted my code on the perfume spray bottle

    • you can cancel the order. in 10mins once seller accepted your cancel, you can start using it. But if no more free items today, then you will end up losing it.

  • nice sd card

  • Code can be used once! Sigh

  • OOS on the desk stand holder.

  • brought, thanks OP

  • how to find listed items that can have PLUS10XM applied?

  • Holding out for something I might actually need…
    But FOMO too…

  • +5

    Strangely the sd card is not in the list of discounted items

  • Would this work with 360 camera?

  • -1

    "List price" for the universal phone holder XD hahaha
    Price: AU $10.00
    List Price Was:AU $109.00
    Save AU $99.00 (90% off)

  • Perfect timing. I was after one for the recent viofo sale.

    Thanks OP!

  • Thanks, another $9.95 disappeared from my wallet.

    • Same same

      • echo echo

  • +2

    how to find all deals that use this code?

  • Ordered the SD Card. Thanks OP.

  • Thanks OP

  • What on earth? Afterpay10 off was there before like 5 Min ago, now gone? Only can use it once per account?

  • code doesn't work? Tried with different accounts, all came out with "code can't be applied"
    With ebay plus acc, "plus10XM" code doesn't work too..why only me?

    • You have eBay+ and have only used the code once?

      • i have ebay plus, and never used the code before ..

    • nvm, i clicked on the other $23.90 link…so happy to rescind my negative vote

  • cheers got one op.
    $10 good for another Rpi4 setup/card.

  • Thanks, OP, good price for a decent card

  • the picture is misleading it shows a U3 but in the specs its a U1

  • Code doesn't seem to work anymore for the sd card

  • Has anyone actually received their SD card yet?

    • Nope

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