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[QLD] Free Travel on TransLink Brisbane City Council Buses 10-12 Dec & 17-19 Dec


Over two weekends (including the Fridays) before Christmas, there will be free travel on Brisbane City Council buses.

The free travel days will be:

from Friday 10 December to Sunday 12 December
from Friday 17 December too Sunday 19 December

On these days, you will not need to touch on or off with your go card or buy a paper ticket, simply board any Brisbane City Council bus and take your seat.

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  • Good to know, thank you. I use the BCC buses almost every weekend.

  • -3

    Public transport is the best way to maximise covid over the Christmas break so we won’t need to use sick leave.
    (Jokes for the people that didn’t notice I used sarcastica font)

  • +1

    Free ride to work on Friday

    • and back as well

  • When did we get a FT system update?

  • +7

    With the amount that public transport is subsidised they should be free all the time. Probably end up being cheaper for tax payers, not need to police tickets or pay for the upkeep of the payment infrastructure.

    • tax payers - are getting a free ride with this.

      Usual issue of different levels of Government responsible for different areas, decisions & policies.

      Brisbane rate payers are paying for this "freebee". They already fund free off-peak transport for QLD Seniors - costing over $3M/yr.

      Brisbane owns its own transport fleet - so can offer this, whereas it is privately owned in most other areas.

      Ticket enforcement is funded by QLD Govt / Translink.

      Federally, the Coalition Govt has in the past chosen to fund infrastructure mainly for private transport, & stopped funding public transport infrastructure.

  • +1

    Is it because no interstate tourists?

    • NO!

      <sobs into beard>

  • how do you distinguish BCC buses?

  • +1

    Logan buses not included.
    Maybe they want to keep the bogue set out of the city or they know bogans often ride free all year.

    • It's the bus operators that fund these offers, not Translink.

      Logan Coaches is a private company, so paid travel. Many people ride free any day on BCC buses, so not just a Logan thing.

      BCC (rate payers) are funding this - so only free on their own fleet.

      Same as QLD Seniors get free off-peak travel on BCC buses & ferries - because BCC fund it.

      Anyone from outside Brisbane can ride for free on BCC fleet on those days.

  • -2

    There is a **** danger **** in accepting this deal.
    COVID . Delta / Omicron.
    you're boarding a bus for a journey with an unknown number of people,
    and None of you have tapped your go card,
    not you, not your next door neighbour,
    And Not that guy from NSW who has covid (maybe)
    Roughly a Thousand new NSW cases this week
    and with Qld borders open this week
    … . you just never know.

    • +1

      Sure, you could give in to the doom.. or wear a face mask.

    • +2

      Totally agree, let’s all build bunkers and never leave the house again.

    • Calm down will ya it's just like hay fever

    • I up voted you Paul J Weddell because you are right to be conserned. I'm just saying a mask will set ye free :)

  • Just as well that my two appointments in the city fall on this Friday and next Friday so this is great timing, thanks OP and BCC!

  • +1

    Free buses to Saturday's free OzBargain meet!

  • Are there any buses from OOL to BNE and vice versa?

    • This Deal won't give any discount, as only on Brisbane City Council buses within Brisbane.

      Bus (+ tram) + train using Gocard is cheapest option - especially with off-peak travel. Done it many times.

      Gocard is available at Airport, train stations, or many newsagents. Concession or QLD Senior cards give better price, if you qualify.

      Check public transport options & prices on Translink Journey Planner (not currently working)

      Or dearer airport bus direct - easier with luggage.

      • Thanks! Have you done via airports and if so around how much is it? Just trying to figure out whether taking a cheaper flight to the other airport is worth it

        • Use the link above

          paper ticket $20

          with Gocard:
          $11.03 (off-peak)
          concession about half that

          • @Rather be Travelling: That's cheap enough but you've said the link isn't working and it doesn't seem to when I try

            • @sub102: Somehow didn't work for Airport (worked many times before for me), so entered Bilinga (a few minutes walk across the road) to Roma St Station etc in Brisbane CBD.

              Not buying a GoCard (refundable) costs 50% more!
              Translink are supposed to be using GoCard in Townsville sometime… Wasn't in use in August when I came off Magnetic Island.

              Free buses from end of my road to Brisbane airport. So my preferred option. But depends on airlines & destinations, so caught bus+train to OOL many times.

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