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[eBay Plus] UGREEN USB C Type C to 90 Degree Right Angle USB-C Data Cable 1m Fast Charging - $0 Delivered @ iot.hub eBay


Ummm I don't know what to say but could be useful to some people

Enjoy :)

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    It was out of stock when it popped up on my end.

    • Can you confirm if the code works? It's off the code offer page now, but it was there literally minutes ago

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        code is still working and item is not out of stock

      • +1

        Code is there.

  • +3

    Free now

    • +1

      Cheers Richard

      • +1

        Nice. Worked for me.
        Didn't even ask me for payment method.

  • Need to be eBay Plus member

    • It say in the title.

  • OOS already? lol

    • Seems like only 30 were in stock.

  • It shows $10 + free delivery for me. I'm guessing the code will make it $0.
    Have one already so will pass, but really hoping a good USB C to lightning cable becomes eligible.

  • Be quick! It’s back to stock. Placed the order just now.

  • Just worked for me.

    • Worked for me too

  • In stock again :)

  • Got one. Thanks.

  • I'm looking for a good mousepad. Is there anything on ebay you recommend that can apply this code?

  • Worked for me. Thanks. Very timely as I was going to buy one of these today.

  • +1

    Argh…would've preferred this to the Xiaomi one, but code is one time use only :(

    • just ask to cancel order

      • Will be too late by then.

        • Was still available but my code had already been used. Also I doubt that ebay would reinstate the code.

  • bye bye

  • Looks like OOS again :(

  • Couldn't check out, seller doesn't have that many left.

  • I wish more usb cable listings would have the rated speed/usb version but also the usb version schema is a spaghetti fest.

  • Thx op, got 1

  • 0 available. This item is out of stock.

  • I really need a usb c. I accidentally stepped on the end and bent it yesterday and now it doesn't charge :(

  • no mi band 4c this time ?

  • how do you guys 'discover' such deals?

  • I totally misread the OPs' username there.

  • Did anyone else get a message from them saying they ran out of stock and offering a different cable?

  • The code has expired sadly. I just used different eBay accounts and signed up for multiple eBay Plus trials before they suspended my account for using different accounts to take advantage of eBay plus.

    • they suspend accounts? I have quite a few all on membership but seems fine

  • Anyone received it yet? eBay shows shipped 30/11, of course it won't. Considering it's mid Dec, I still have got it. Might be missing during transport for such a tiny package.

    • I received the non-90° one they sent me instead

      • Oh well, that's not cool. But at least it's free. 90° may cost them more.

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