1 Month Free Trial @ Flash (News Streaming Service)


Flash is a news streaming service that gives you access to local, global, entertainment, finance and sports news from the world’s leading news sources, live and on demand.

It has Sky News, CNN International, BBC World News, Al Jazeera, CNBC and many more.

Think it's linked to Kayo and Binge. Normal sign up is 14 days free but this link is 1 month free trial, free cancellation.

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Flash (News Streaming Service)
Flash (News Streaming Service)


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    1 month free trial? Pass.. Can get all that garbage on youtube.

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    It's $8 a month I had it for a month cancelled it

    It really should be bundled at a cheaper price with binge otherwise totally not worth it

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    "Streamotion is a business within the Foxtel Group"


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      Flush News then?

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      I always find it funny when people think they’re sticking it to Foxtel by using Kayo, despite them being the same company.

      • I think everyone that's into sports knows Kayo is owned by Foxtel, it's quite obvious :)
        But yes, I'd laugh also if someone thought they were sticking it to Foxtel by subscribing to Binge or Kayo or whatever this rubbish news streaming service is which I wouldn't watch if it was free.

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      So downvote it. Just like facebook

  • Exactly what we need. More streaming services…

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    There we go, another way for people to watch sky News and know too much about vaccines.

  • You can also get three months for $1 as well as 50% off BINGE for 4 months

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    Lol sky news

  • Does it include Fox News as well? Biggly fan !!

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    I got three months free and have been hooked on both Fox news and CNN non-stop. I am now a progressive conservative, or is that a conservative progressive…hmm

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    How many more subscriptions can people handle? I'm already at my sub limit

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      You should subscribe to my subscription management service

  • If u want fix and sky then it’s a useful service and cheaper than Foxtel app service.
    Most of the channels are junk tho.
    Be warned you get lots and lots of ads

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    You're better off just making a direct donation to the LNP

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    Sky News for millenials. Brain poison.

  • -2

    right wing bad
    left wing good

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