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As a follow-on to the now sold out Galaxy Nexus deal here (http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/66863), my247deals now has a 16GB Nexus S for $280 + $9 shipping. It's Australian stock with 24 month manufacturer warranty.

Best part is this is upgradeable to ICS 4.04 which was just released a few days ago.

Edit: Model number is GT-i9023, which is the 900/1700/2100MHz model with LCD.


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    Any comments sounds sus that its so cheap.

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    This model is NOT 850MHz compatible, and the ICS update has been pulled for many operators as it halved battery life due to a bug. For $100 more you get a newer dual-core, so I recommend to stay away.


      Thanks for the advice.

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      Good catch on the lack of 850. Guess it's still good for those on Optus.

      Isn't the latest 4.0.4 update designed to remedy the bugs that caused the previous ICS update to be pulled?


        Quite possibly. I do not know, because I exchanged mine recently. All I know is Vodafone pulled the update shortly after commencing it.


          Yep, that was quite some time ago. They pushed out a new 4.0.4 update this week to all users who previously updated to ICS and also those who previously missed out.


      what a relief!


    link includes ref id to a page that i presumably have to sign up to see the deal.

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    Why would I pay ~$300 for an ancient phone when I can get brand spanking new galaxy nexus for ~$400.

    This phone was $270 last year. This year it should be much less than that to be a bargain.


    Not a bargain, around the same price from local stores.

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    I bought it for $299 a couple of months ago from DSE to replace a broken phone, so this isn't a bargain price. It's a good phone, but I bought it before the Galaxy Nexus started dropping in price - not much point buying the Nexus S for $300 now when you can buy the Galaxy Nexus for $400ish.

    If the Nexus S dropped below $200 it'd be a good buy now.

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      Completely agree - currently the price ratio is 2:3 for Nexus S:Galaxy Nexus, but there's a much larger gap than that in features and future-proofing, e.g. the Galaxy Nexus will probably get the upgrade to Jelly Bean whereas the Nexus S probably won't (based on what happened with ICS & the Nexus One not being supported). If the price ratio were 1:2, which would put the Nexus S at $215 delivered, it'd seem about right. So even though this price isn't bad in comparison to other sellers, the phone itself is overpriced for what it is. Either wait for prices to fall further when the S3 comes out and shoves all the competing handsets down-market, or pay the extra and get the Galaxy Nexus.


    Yup add an extra hundred and you can get the new Nexus. Not worth it IMHO.


    have been waiting for these to drop closer to $200, but as so any above point out, the gallxy nexus is dropping in price faster than this one, hard to justify almost $300 on this one. I bought one~4 months ago for $250, spewing I didn't buy 2 then

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    my247deals.com.au site says: "Value $699". Do they take everyone for idiots?


    Hi Guys,

    This deal is now expired.

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