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Google Pixel 6 128GB $999 Outright or Repay with 12/24/36 Months Mobile Plan (Redeem Bonus Fitbit Sense (RRP $449)) @ Telstra


Long time lurker, first-time poster, please be gentle ;)

Was looking to replace my Pixel 4 for a few days and saw this deal come up on Instagram yesterday when I wasn't even looking for it. Google being Google

Everyone knows about how solid of a phone the Pixel 6 is by now. Very decent phone with an amazing set of vizor camera arrays, Google's Tensor chip and the not-so-fast and not-so-loved in-display fingerprint. At $999 Pixel 6, it doesn't look much like a deal, and that's when Fitbit Sense comes into play. If you are a Pixel fan and in the market for a decent smartwatch, I'd say this is a pretty good deal for you!

I can't say much for Fitbit Sense, though, since I do not own one. I've heard it is a decent smartwatch for active users, HOWEVER, you are required to subscribe to their service to get the most out of this watch - CMIIW.

  • You can get the Pixel 6 outright from Telstra and get a free Fitbit Sense (RRP $449) or, here's the caveat, pay it on 12/24/36 months plan with an additional mobile plan from $55/month. If your popular JB Hi-Fi Telstra deal has come or is coming to an end this month, then it is the right time to jump into this plan!

  • If you already have an upright mobile plan service with Telstra, you can add this device without adding/getting another phone plan - so that's good news!

  • Another caveat is they require a credit check I think? because I was asked to go into store and bring 100 points of ID as I was trying to get the phone on a plan. I'd assume this is not the case for outright purchase.

Sooo, that's the deal. I hope I have covered all grounds about this deal or at least almost all and I hope my first post is acceptable.

To take part in this promotion, you'll need to purchase the Google Pixel 6 from Telstra between 30th November - 25th December 2021.

You'll also need to submit your claim no later than 25th January 2022.

Please note: Claims are limited to a maximum of 5 per person. Business purchases are not eligible for this offer.

Redeem Fitbit Sense here. Creds to @PurrCharbel

And you can possibly price match with OPTUS for having a $150 off deal as pointed by @doweyy

YMMV, but you should be able to also claim a Price Match after purchasing(telstra.com.au) against the Optus(optus.com.au) store who currently have this listed for $848.16 ($150.48 off RRP) to get a $150 credit onto your Telstra bill from what I understand :)


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  • +4

    Was looking to replace my Pixel 6 for a few days


    • Whoops! was meant to type Pixel 4. Thanks for pointing out!

  • Even buying outright they will do a credit check?

    • Oh! I was trying to get this on a plan. I'd assume not applicable for outright purchase. Thank you for this, will add details in the post.

    • I worked for telstra and all purchases (outright or not) will require a credit check

      • -1

        Seems rather illogical

        • The thing is you need to go to a telstra montly plan (mobile or data) in order to get any device. Those are considered month to month commitments (even if you cancel after a month) - hence the credit check.

          • @Gaeb: This deal says you can buy the phone outright without any plans?

            • @ilovefullprice: That is if you are already on the telstra upfront mobile plans. We aren't allowed to "just sell devices". They usually need to be with a mobile data plan.

              • @Gaeb: Ok thanks. I see this on the deal link:

                Min cost: $999
                If you already have a service with us, you can buy outright without adding a plan.

      • You've been misled by someone mate, we can sell whatever phone we want outright without a plan. It's often not done because stock is limited and managers want to save stock for mobile phone plans to hit KPI's. This doesn't mean you should start selling limited stock phones as you please, your managers won't be happy. As a worker ask your ops manager/store manager discreetly if you can sell a phone outright without the customer hearing. Depending on stock levels they can and often do say yes. For example you're no chance for the latest iPhone but if the Pixel isn't selling then they'll say yes to clear some shelf space. I've sold plenty of phones outright without a credit check, it's the same as selling any normal item outright (e.g. phone case).

        • Not sure who you meant by someone trying to mislead. It is not procedure to sell mobile devices without plans in almost all telstra outlets (call centers and retail store).

          The website link itself also states that you need to have a plan to get the device.

          • @Gaeb: I mean people often aren't told that you can sell phones outright, thus misled. Next time you POS a phone you'll notice once you scan the barcode and IMEI a price will pop up and once you attach the payment plan it will zero out. Instead of attaching a payment plan the customer can just pay that amount, if this is the case you also don't need to attach an account number. I personally didn't find out this is a possibility until over 6 months into working at Telstra.

            I haven't clicked the website, as you'd know the website and the store aren't the same and specials and stuff vary, so it's not really relevant to me.

            Again, do not do this without your managers permission for limited stock or current gen phones, they won't be happy, if in doubt, ask them.

            • @BadAtNames: Interesting. I'm not sure if your procedure will still work as all orders need to be done via Console now. Not sure on what you mean by not attaching a device with an account number as even siebel orders would need those. As per not putting the phone on any monthly plan, I've had workmates who tried processing mobile device only orders on Siebel but they always went into investigation state and were never processed.

              The original question for this comment was whether a credit check will be made- which is definitely required if you use the deal link.

              • @Gaeb: Credit check won't be done if you are already a customer and buy it outright. These above dudes are from CS who have no idea how business rules are built and when credit check will be done. Showing that credit check might be done does not mean anything. Put a question on yammer and try and get the answer. Don't just assume what your half assed TLs say

    • -1

      I don't think so (but I am not sure).

  • +3

    To take part in this promotion, you'll need to purchase the Google Pixel 6 from Telstra between 30th November - 25th December 2021.

    You'll also need to submit your claim no later than 25th January 2022.

    Please note: Claims are limited to a maximum of 5 per person. Business purchases are not eligible for this offer.


    • Will add this to the post! Thank you!

  • I don't get the hate for the fingerprint sensor. Coming from an s20 ultra, the pixel 6 Pro fingerprint sensor is much much better!

      • +13

        I cannot verify what the person in that video is doing or has done for it to not work properly. All I know is both my wife and I moved from S20 plus and s20 ultra to pixel 6 pros and the fingerprint sensor is much better, in most instances it doesn't require multiple taps for it to work. We were both completely fed up with the fingerprint readers on our s20s it was a joke.

        Maybe you have your eyes closed, hence you aren't putting your finger on the right spot? Besides who closes their eyes when reaching for their phone?

          • @dealsucker: Perhaps "in most instances it doesn't require multiple taps" wasn't strong enough language in defence of the Pixel 6 but more of a comparison to the s20 ultra. Jesus I can't say "all instances" as nothing is 100% fool proof.

            The pixel 6 Pro fingerprint sensor works 99.99% on the first attempt. Is that better?

            Maybe the update fixed it?

        • -6

          Triggered the fanboys!

    • +4

      As someone who used the phone for 2 weeks before returning it, I can say that fingerprint is very bad. I registered both fingers twice and yet everytime it would take 5/6 tries. And sometimes it wouldn't accept to a point that using pin was faster. Google says that it's to make the phone more secure but I don't want such level of security over convenience.

      • +1

        Second this, I also returned mine after a week of using it.
        The figureprint sensor is rubbish, definitely not matching its price tag but with pricematch with optus plus a free fitbit sense I reckon it's a good buy

      • +2

        Is that possible to return it ? I bought from JB Hifi about 3 weeks ago and I absolutely HATE the Pixel 6 come from LG V20, Pixel 6 is so un-userfriendly when compares to V20 I sometimes want to throw it against the wall, its a shame that LG does not provide updates to their phones and it is getting so slow now otherwise I would really like to keep using it. I used Samsung, Iphone and LG and I have to say this very first "google phone" I bought is the worst to use. I have disabled the fingerprint sensor as 95 out of 100 times it doesn't work, I don't uunderstand all the hypes about this phone and I truly regret of buying it !

        • I'll buy it from you

        • +2

          Yes. Take your device and tell them it's faulty. Battery drain is high on standby, phone is usually warm and heats even on normal usage, mobile network keeps dropping, fingerprint scanner isn't reliable, plus random android 12 bugs and such. Also tell them you reset the device and gave it enough time to adapt and optimise but still the problem exists so you want to return it.

          They may try to give you replacement but most stores Don't have the device in stock so refund is their only option. In case they have it in stock and want to replace the device, tell them you don't want it now as Google hasn't addressed the issues and the replacement will exhibit similar issues again and you want refund.

          Hope it helps

          • +1

            @sagrgar: Most stores have plenty of Pixel 6 stock. Not sure about the Pro.

            • @dealsucker: Ahhh… Yes. mine was pro so they didn't have it in stock. Either way, you have the right to ask for full refund in case of a faulty device.

              PS: Before I went to store, I also lodged an online faulty, return and refund application. The store manager emailed me to bring the device to the store. I thought they'd run tests so I had video and screenshot proofs of the issues plus few of the issues I can replicate with any pixel devices. But they just asked me to reset the device, did their things on the computer and refunded me.

              • @sagrgar: Thanks for the advice. Will give it a shot ! :)
                It is very disappointing as I was expecting the phone to be great from all the reviews I watch from Youtube. I also bought a case and screen protector for it ! Oh well, better wasted that than driving myself mad in using this stupid phone.

                • @sistermay: Yeah the pro was so slippery I couldn't wait for the spigen case that I ordered online to arrive and bought the official pixel case the very next day. Had to sell them on Facebook marketplace. Good luck

          • @sagrgar:

            Battery drain is high on standby, phone is usually warm and heats even on normal usage, mobile network keeps dropping, fingerprint scanner isn't reliable, plus random android 12 bugs and such.

            It sounds like you received a dud handset, and this does not appear to be the average user experience.

            • @magic8ballgag: nahh bro. The whole Pixel 6 was a dud from the start with poor tensor chip that runs hot that they hyped so much and using Samsung's modem that noone else uses. Android 12 isn't optimised neither are the apps updated to support android 12 properly.

              If people are moving to pixel from a lower end device then they might not think these things as big issues but I was using Rog phone 2 which is still a beast of a device minus the shit camera. So the fact that a new phone can't even beat my 2 years old device says it a lot about the dud device they advertised and hyped so much.

              • @sagrgar: No? Can you explain why I am not experiencing any of the issues that you have listed with my P6?

                • @magic8ballgag: Maybe you're experiencing what I was experiencing but you accept it as normal.

        • not sure about JB but if you buy it from the google store it is possible to return it in 2 weeks

          funny that the return address is somewhere in Honk Kong, a refund arrives on the card once you drop the parcel at the post office

      • same here.
        i returned pixel back to google store after one week of use

    • -3

      Yeah, it's fine. It's worse than my S10+, because it's slower but I don't really have issues with it.

      I've seen on videos people complaining about the sensor, and they're using their thumb tip. How dumb can people be? Of course it won't work well like that.

    • +3

      I got my Pixel 6 Pro last week and I haven't had any major issues with my fingerprint sensor as well. I can only think of a single instance where it refused to work but turning off and on the screen then placing my finger on the scanner worked right away. It is a little slower than my Note 8 but not enough to be an issue for me.

      It could be quality control or luck with the devices we received but there are people who are not impacted by this.

    • +3

      I have the 6 Pro and I wouldn't have even known about a bad fingerprint sensor if I hadn't read about it.

      It's no different to my previous P30 Pro's under screen scanner (and I'd have classed that as 'more than fast enough' as it is).

      I think the problem is people are comparing it to the old Imprint on the Pixels, which in-screen is obviously slower than (and always will be).

      • This was also my impression even before sideloading the mid November update. I just sideloaded the update 5 minutes ago and it does seem like the fingerprint scanner is faster with a sample of about 20 unlocks.

    • +3

      I just got my Pixel 6 Pro today and I am coming from a Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.
      The Pixel fingerprint scanner is better for me.

      I just recorded a video of me unlocking the phone about 30 times, didn't fail once.
      I put it directly under my lamp and it was the same.

      I will try tomorrow in direct sunlight because that's what the video shows

  • +6

    YMMV, but you should be able to also claim a Price Match after purchasing against the Optus store who currently have this listed for $848.16 ($150.48 off RRP) to get a $150 credit onto your Telstra bill from what I understand :)

    • +1

      Now this makes it more juicy - Thanks for this!

    • Not sure if this would work buying outright as optus dont seem to offer buying outright…

      If getting a plan, should be OK.

  • +1

    Anyone know if this offer exists for the Pixel 6 Pro as well? Couldn't see anything… :(

    • I checked yesterday and sadly no 🙁

  • +4

    No love for the 6 Pro :(

  • +2

    I really wanted to like this phone but it's just so big vs my 4A. Now I'm stuck since I can't find any decent deals on last year's 5, what to do

    • +2

      Phones with decent cameras have been way too big for half a decade now :/

      I hate iOS and apple pricing (hardware + apps), but it's either going to be a 13 mini or an xperia for me by the looks of things….

    • +2

      Yeah I couldn't wait for pixel 6 so I got a cheap pixel 3 off eBay back in August and now realise pixel 6 is way too big. Pixel 3 is best size. Wish I could have have the Telstra offer for pixel 4a 5G couple of month ago

      • +1

        Pixel 3 refurbs off ebay for around $200 are a bargain imo. Already on Android 12 and still go alright

        • Got mine for $84. Battery health was 100%.
          Just a screen burn bottom left corner, but barely notice it on daily basis.

          • @ShouldIBuyIt: Yeah I got one that was in 'brand new' condition could definitely do cheaper with lower grades

    • +2

      Same reason I have still not upgraded to pixel 6. So over my pixel 4's battery life but don't know what to do!

      • Not to mention the Face Unlock bug with Android 12 😓

        • +3

          That's not an android problem.. It's your face ;p

    • There was a decent deal on Iphone 12 mini not long ago.

  • So we can simply buy the phone outright with a $55 plan, and cancel the plan as soon as we receive the phone with no ETC?

    • +2

      Ignore the "Select a plan" button.

      Scroll all the way down and hit "Next" to add just the phone to your cart.

    • +1

      Just chatted to a rep and he said that it would be on a contract thus ETC is applicable

  • +1

    the reason why Pixel 4a is so popular is that the price is very reasonable for the specs at around $500 (?). I honestly can't feel justified in paying almost double for a pixel 6.

    • +2

      Why stop there? There are decent Android phones that you could get for half the price of the Pixel 4a.

      • +1

        No where near the camera quality though, which is often very high on phone shoppers priority.

        Otherwise agree.

        • No where near the camera quality though, which is often very high on phone shoppers priority.

          Right, but wouldn't the comparison between cameras be similar between the P4a and P6?

          Also, the P4a is currently available for $750 from limited retailers, so if we're comparing value, it should be between both phones at current market price.

    • +1

      Pixel a series are mid range compared to the more flagship numbered series. That's like comparing Galaxy A to S.

    • It's the same reason why the Nexus series were so popular last time because it's $399 and supposedly to be a flagship killer

  • +2

    i think for this price, better of with Galaxy Z Flip3 5G

  • 999 is normal price. Telstra plans are ridiculously expensive.

  • +2

    Just buy off Gumtree, if Optus has it for $850 I'm sure you'd get it for $650 only a week old.

    People are always selling phones which don't suit them.

    I expect much bigger discounts by January February.

    I'm probably going to try grab a Pixel 6 Pro, even tho my 2 XL is doing fine and in happy it lasted this long without any issues.

    • The problem is they might claim phone insurance afterwards.

      • I've never had an issues, but take into account you could probably file a police report if so.

        That's a big risk to them, and only something you can do once before it looks suss.

        If someone's gonna rip you off, I think they'd rather scam people off Gumtree with a wire transfer than meeting you to exchange a phone.

  • I don't think it comes with unlimited photo storage.
    So what's the cheapest way to get around this?

    • How many photos you taking? Just unload onto an external HDD.

      I know some don't own laptops 😬

      • You can pay a few dollars a year for cloud storage with redundant backups and versioning, far better than an external HDD..

    • +2

      I bought an OG Pixel to use with Syncthing.

  • +3

    I've been disappointed by the battery life of the 6, I was hoping given the size of the phone it would comfortably last a full day but no such luck.

    The camera is very, opinionated, for lack of a better word. I can't seem to turn off the HDR which sucks because I hate the look, I'd rather have shadows and more realistic colours. Give me a slider to turn it down a bit. At least there's a RAW option.

    No problems with the fingerprint sensor, it just took some retraining of my habits, I didn't realise how often I used the fingerprint reader to sort of wake and unlock the screen in one move.

    If you end up on the screen to unlock with the pin, there's no option to use the fingerprint reader, which seems like a frankly insane oversight.

    • 6 or 6 Pro?

      • Just Pixel 6

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