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Chiko Original Rolls 4 Pack $3.60 @ Woolworths


The Chiko Roll was born in Bendigo, where local Frank McEnroe wanted a snack to eat with one hand at the footy. Inspired by the spring roll, he saw potential for a more filling and robust snack tailored to Aussie tastes. The result is a true Australian icon that's been enjoyed by millions for over 60 years.

Today Chiko brings you everyone's favourite snacks in easy take home packs - like the original Chiko Roll. Meat and vegies in a delicious crunchy coating, it's still the best one-handed snack around. So what are you waiting for, grab a Chiko Roll today.

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  • +6

    They don't taste anywhere near as good as they used too…

    They used to be full of flavour, not they just taste like salt.

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      Reminds me of you :p

      • Are you a cannibal?

        • +14

          If I were, you'd be first on my list :)

    • Salty

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      They’ve always tasted like deep-fried gunk scraped off the floor of a take-away shop.

      • Oi! That's Australian culinary culture you're disrespecting

    • Agreed. They are terrible.

    • Might be your taste buds?

      • Could be covid…

        • Na just cant food

    • Yes, far too salty. They are a disappointment.
      The Aldi brand Dim Sim, although a different product are a far superior blend of flour, beef/mutton and cabbage.

  • I've always found Chiko Rolls bland in taste, and the coating hard and dry.

    Anyone got tips for how to cook a good one?

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      I’ve been cooking them in the air-fryer. Working pretty well. Deep fryer likely better and more ‘fish and chip’ shop style but I don’t own one and Air-fryer requires much less / no oil. I give mine a light spray of oil pre air fryer. Overall comes out pretty good.

      • Yeah I find air frying works a treat

      • -1


    • deep fried with chicken salt

    • I've always found Chiko Rolls bland in taste, and the coating hard and dry.

      They never used to be that way…. 😞

    • +1

      defrost in the microwave for around 2m and 180 or there about in the air fryer for another 5m , good as gold.

      • Yes this is what i do too. A bit longer in the air fryer for me and sometimes give them a quick spray with oil and turn them over when half way through the air frying.

    • +8

      They need to sit under heat lamps half the day for the authentic takeaway experience.

  • +3

    Chiko brings you everyone's favourite snacks

    probably 60 years ago when there was not much in terms of choice, that was true
    doubt it is everyones favourite now :)

    • +1

      Sixty years ago, in this end of the world, they’d have been truly exotic.
      (+1 for the history lesson)

  • +2

    Plus one for the history lesson

    Howzit garn Noel, could y go a Chiko Roll?

  • No thanks I stick with the spring roll and/or summer roll

  • +1

    "Everyone's favourite snack"


    That ingredient list doesn't sound appetizing at all and probably explains why people say it's bland and crap.

    Wheat Flour, Cabbage (18%). Water. Cooked Barley (Water, Barley), Carrot, Beef (4.5%), Animal Fat, Wheat Cereal, Celery, Onion, Green Beans, Textured Soy Protein, Salt, Sugar, Acidity Regulators (450, Sodium Bicarbonate), Hydrolysed Vegetable Protein (Contains Soy), Spices (Contains Chilli), Emulsifier (471), Colours (102, 110), Flavour Enhancer (635).

    You can infer that more than 50% of it is literally flour, cabbage, water, barley and carrot. Not exactly flavour country.

    • Yeah had one recently and threw away the whole box. Better options in the freezer aisle these days

    • yeah stay away from these, if u want a chiko roll get it from a F&C shop

    • -2

      Hydrolysed Vegetable Protein also known as Presevative 621 or MSG.


      • +3

        are you pretending that there's actually something wrong with MSG?

        • Artificial flavours, not real food, extremely high in sodium, what's not to like. Mystery bag lol

        • +2

          It's the old rhetoric that MSG = bad. I love it when people say MSG is the devil, but then go on to eat maccas and a bunch of other shit.

          MSG is good.

      • +1

        Uncle Roger would approve.

    • When almost this entire forum is hooked on and just simply rotate Maccas, KFC, Hungry Jacks, Dominos, and frozen pizza… they need a lot of salt and sugar to be satisfied. The bland comment makes sense.

  • +13

    I still like them…. Am I the only one?

    • +1

      Maybe too much beer?

      • I knew jv would be in this thread :)

        • +1

          You can't knock the Roll…

    • Nah, you're not alone. I still like them.

  • +2

    sometimes when these are on special, "Corn Jacks" (my favourite) are also on special - is this true this time?

    • I can never find cornjacks in any of the grocery stores when I go looking, used to always be in stock

      • yeah - only available at the bigger of my nearby Woolies

    • Corn Jacks over Chickos, at least I'm getting a lot of exactly what I want (Sweet Corn) and less of just salty cabbage.

      But same as you, they never stock these rare green packages next to the chicko rolls, its like they're gone.

  • +1

    "Meat and Veges" - Hahahahaaaaaa!

  • +1

    Dim sim wrapped in leather

    • +2

      The filling is nothing like a dim sim.

  • oh god

  • Fat Pizza lol

  • No Corn Jack

  • +1

    That's a pretty cheap laxative. Take two and you're good to go!

  • -1

    White mans spring roll. Nowhere near as good as the Marathon frozen vegetable spring rolls. Those are so bad they’re good.

  • I never fry them. It's hard to get them crispy without splatting in the oven.. I will try air fryer but I hate air fryer splats.

  • +1

    these are the best at dodgy train stations after work!

  • I might give it a try. I've been grabbing Potato Scallops recently from a food wholesaler that sells to the Public.

    • how do you cook them, deep fry or air fryer?
      Coles has a "chip shop box for one" that comes with dim sim, scallop, battered sav? but its pretty sad

  • I used to love Chiko Rolls in the 1960's, then they changed the recipe and tasted terrible so I switched to Spring Rolls since.
    Guess I'll give it a shot, shallow fried. In an airfryer I find defrosted spring roll filling bursts out the ends, perhaps making small holes in the centre as steam vents may work.

    • I just cooked some of these chiko rolls in the air fryer for 25 minutes at 180 and you're right they all burst out at the ends a bit, the crunchiness also went away pretty fast and became soft

  • +1

    We explored melbourne on a couple of bikes a few years ago. I remember riding past the chiko roll factory - a smell I haven't experienced since going to the footy at the MCG in the 70's.

  • +1

    Inspired by spring rolls but tastes more crap than them

  • Tried these they taste worse than spring rolls

  • Give me a Corn Jack anyday…

  • Damn I was in Coles today and looked at the Chiko rolls thinking when are they ever gonna be half price!

  • The last time I had one of these was because I was actually after a Marathon spring roll.

    I ate it and I was like “wait, this doesn’t taste right. This doesn’t taste like what I remember.” I remember being thoroughly disappointed that afternoon.

    Then it hit me I was eating a white person's version of the Chinese spring roll. I subsequently went to purchase some Marathon spring rolls and have not had this problem occur again.

    Nothing beats a Marathon spring roll oozing with mystery meat and cabbage purée.

    Damn it now I want a hot Chinese Marathon spring roll in my mouth.

  • Thanks OP. Grabbed 2 which should last me for a month or two. Tip: Cut in half before frying to increase those yummy crunchy bits.

    • I cut mine in half too, but just bake in the oven

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