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Cooler Master Silencio S600 ATX Sound-Dampened Mini Tower Case $69.04 Shipped @ Amazon AU


$69.04 Prime FREE Delivery
$139.00 Details
I got it for $106 during Cyber Monday and now it has dropped to $69.04.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • That's crazy. Thanks OP!

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        You wouldn't buy this if you wanted to show off your rgb… you'd buy this for the quietness.

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          I've got a webcam in mine and live stream the RGB over the net and to an external monitor. Best of both worlds.

        • 25 upvotes, but they say fans running slower in vented cases actually run quieter with better performance.

          • @Budju: I actually agree with that, I was just replying to the comment that it having no glass defeats the purpose… even though the purpose is meant to be the complete opposite.

            Like I know running fans on lower rpm will be way quieter and you need ample ventilation for that to happen. This case is probably loud still, never said it'd be quiet, it's just what it aims to do (might do it badly)

  • @OP you can claim the cost difference in amazon credit

    Just did it recently

    • Can be a bit of a hit and miss depending on the rep but it's definitely worth a shot

      • I thought they stopped doing this year's ago

      • Didn’t work for me when the router AX88U dropped further in price.
        Rep didn’t price match.

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    Just an important note, don't get these cases if you're sticking high TDP parts in them, they'll actually be louder than in a standard airflow case

    • That's relative I suppose. Would a R5 3600 and a 1660 Super be considered "high TDP" for this?

      • +3

        No, the type of devices that would cause problems for this case are very high end and typically pushed to their limits. Other that those, everything will be fine in this case.

        I used the mATX version of this case with mid-range gear and don't have an issue.

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        Get an airflow case unless you want higher noise levels or throttling.

      • Their point is that this case doesn't have much airflow to reduce noise from fans, but that means to get the same temperature you have to run fans at a higher rpm, which increases noise, and that can sometimes be louder than a lower fan speed in a case with good airflow.

        When this changes though, is the subjective dislike of certain noise types / frequencies, which these cases might help with.

        Here's a GN video on this topic for more info

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      Second this. 3080ti did not like this case, it's narrow and caused some overheating.

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      Good advice!

      I recently built a silent PC and was looking around for silent cases….reviews did suggest that the more sound dampening, the less airflow, the less airflow the hotter the temps, causing the fans to spin up earlier and stay on for longer. So yes louder!

      I ended up going for a Fractal design case with some dampening, but good airflow. Zero RPM PSU, Zero RPM GPU, custom fan curves for the quiet case fans. PC is silent except for when the games get exciting.

      • More sound dampening, more thermal insulation.
        I think this would need more low speed fans to move the volume of air through without ramping up speeds.

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      Yeh wondering how it would go on temps…

      Not favourable here

      Mind you only one front fan in that old review, they now include two, maybe it helps.

      • +1

        Actually, fans are the same. Two included, one front, one back. In another of the built up shots it shows two in the front (and still one in the back)

      • keep in mind they only have 2 fans and limited it to 60%, if you fill up the fan slots and dont limit it thermals might be fine

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    Silencio! 🤫

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    Ever opened a case after a while and it's all dusty inside? With a tempered glass case I can see the dust.

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      Don't get a case with glass then, you won't ever have to see any of that pesky dust!

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      you can let your shiny RGB lights light up your whole house, very festive.

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    Great case but there's nothing mini about it all

    • +1

      Nope, ATX mobo standard.

  • Silento.

  • +4

    Silencio Bruno!

    • what's wrong with you stupido

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    That's crazy cheap
    Some could probably sell it for profit

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    Not surprised it's quiet… looks practically air tight. I wonder what the thermals are like in this..

    • worse than most cases, especially for power hungry cards, but good enough for most if you fill up all the fan slots with quality fans (that also run quiet so as to not defeat the purpose of the case)

    • I would definitely be putting fans in the top panel.

  • +1

    dont plan on building a new pc until around mid-late next year, considering buying this anyway as it is a low price (usually only budget cases at this price point) and i've always wanted a quiet pc with a low profile aesthetic
    only thing holding me back is the thermals and airflow, but i've seen people comment that this wasn't a problem even with a 3080/3080ti as long as you fill up the fan slots with good fans

    to buy or not to buy

    • -3

      you only going to waste $69 for a computer case that you are almost definitely going to hate later, no big deal.

      • +1

        For $69 it's a good case, sure there are better ones out there but they'll cost much more.

    • The Corsair 4000d is the one for you. Plenty of airflow and yes dust but it's quiet running a 6900xt and 5900x and great quality for the price.

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    Nice price but make sure u check out the reviews before you buy. Seems have very bad thermals which is not a surprise.

  • I'm thinking of putting together a midrange build, that would have good thermals & rather silent (or very quiet). There seems to be some mixed opinions here.
    If this case doesn't fit that scenario, would it be one of the mesh cases? (like Lian Li Lancool II Mesh)

    • +1

      the only thing making noise in a computer is the fans,

      if you buy quite fans no matter how open the case is, it is still going to be quite anyway,

      if you buy a fully enclosed case, which will suppress fan noise, but fan need to spin harder to get more air flow…… good luck with this approach.

      • Then you just buy quality fans. I swapped out all my fans for be quiet silent wings 2 when they were on sale. They top out at 900rpm and at 600 rpm are dead silent. All I hear is the pump in the aio, then that goes to 40% when in windows and it's dead silent again. Put an aio cooler on your graphics card, as that is almost always the loudest part in your PC.

        • You could also use quality fans on a less air obstructed case too, which will lower the case internal temperature, making GPU easier to cool itself, hence less GPU noise.

  • Hey, crazy thought - with all the sound deadening material and likely not many gaps to allow ventilation (gaps naturally equal more sound getting "through") - is this a suitable case for gamers or overclockers? Seems like it would run hot.

    • +1

      If your card has a tdp over 250W I wouldn't. I ran a 980Ti that was perfect on this case, but something like a 3080 would thermal throttle

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      Yeah, definitely not a high power gamer case. Quite common to sit at 80 degrees with light gaming on something like a 3080. Any overclocking or intensive gaming is going to push it over the edge in default setup.

      • Thanks guys - got a 6600 XT so will look at other options.

  • +5

    I was looking for a case in October. Was tempted by the Phanteks P500A, but ended up ignoring reviews and buying this case from Amazon for $87.26 instead. I’m happy with that decision.

    Professional reviewers and enthusiasts obviously prefer mesh cases with better thermal performance. This drives up the price of those cases. But, if you’re running midrange hardware at stock speeds this case provides sufficient cooling for much less. I suspect it’s also more durable and will accumulate less dust.

    The case also had some rare features that appealed to me:

    • No RGB, no tempered glass and sound dampening (great for computers in a bedroom).
    • Out of the box support for four 3.5” HDDs (the Phanteks only supported two).
    • 5.25” optical disc drive bay and an SD card reader (nice to have for occasional use).

    FYI I’m running a 2060 super (TDP 175 watts). The GPU tops out at 73 degrees running the Furmark stress test and 59 degrees when mining (I believe the manufacturer recommended max temp is 89 degrees).

    That’s with an ambient room temperature in the mid-20s and the stock MSI motherboard fan profile. I could easily lower those temps by removing the top sound dampening cover, opening the front door of the case, using a more aggressive fan profile or adding more fans (but kind of defeats the purpose of this case).

    • How are your fans set up, did you just leave it as is (1 back 1 front)?

      • +1

        Yep, left as is. Another front intake would be ideal. But I couldn't justify $30 for an extra Silencio FP120 PWM when the temps are fine without. Could throw in a cheaper Artic F12 but would run much louder.

  • +1

    Given its quiet and supports 4 x 3.5 drives, this seems perfect for a nas build if you have the space for it.

  • +1

    In terms of temperature issues - not everyone is a gamer and people should not run into any of that even using just the stock chassis fans. For everyday users this is a cheap case with plenty of storage options.

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