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[WA] 56% off Gas Usage and Supply Charges for 12 Months (ATCO Service Areas) @ AGL


Highest discount I've seen to date !

Charges :

Anytime First 12 Units c/Unit - 15.345 (6.75 after disc)
Thereafter c/Unit -13.838 (6.09 after discount)
Supply charge c/day - 22.22 (9.78 after discount)

Ive just compared this to 3 other providers and all the charges above are the same, so just the discount values matter.

NOTE : When i clicked the link and it said my address was eligible for 56% off gas AND supply charges, when I went to change plans in my account, it did not have supply charges discounted. However, I went on live chat and when I asked about it, it was confirmed to have both and live chat made the changes to my account.

Screenshot of ad stating both discounts - https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/126302/92798/screensho...

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  • +3

    Wow 56% discount and somehow AGL will still make a profit from these rates they charge.

    • Privatisation caused retail energy prices to rise by over 700% compared to the government supplying it.

      The government was already making a profit when it was making 700% less.

      Australians are advertising controlled. So this guy thinks they're struggling and that he's getting a good deal.

      • Yes but if they didn't charge this they wouldn't be able to afford expensive exploration, so our kids and kids' kids can enjoy the wonders of fossil fuel for generations* to come

        *Assuming Mad Max was just a movie

  • Think Kleenheat might be cheaper? Just checked my bill and "First 12.00 Units per day @ 9.87 cents per Unit (incl 35% discount)
    Remaining 6.40 Units per day @ 8.90 cents per Unit (incl 35% discount) " Daily supply: 21.98 cents per day

    • +1

      Including discount, so that's already the discounted rate. The non discounted rate is the same as AGL's so you are paying 21% more.

      The charges I listed above are pre-discount, so take 56% off that. I guess I should have made it clearer lol. I've added the discounted price now

      • Cool thanks for clarifying - will check it out!

        • You might get 1 year Amazon prime too if you are a new customer , maybe ask live chat to confirm

          • @MeesusEff: Already got prime. Damn ๐Ÿ˜”

            • @Dajaba: The t&c's say you can be an existing prime member and it adds a year on

              1. If you are an existing AGL Prime Member, by activating the Offer, you will receive 12 months of your Amazon Prime membership at no cost to you following the date of activation.
    • The big thing is Kleenheat only discounts usage not supply charge, I've done the numbers so many times and keep coming back to AGL as they often have discounts on supply charges as well which the others don't

  • I saw this yesterday but when trying to change them. It says usages only.

    • Go on live chat and they ll easily apply it, guess it takes about 5-10 minutes to go through the stuff

      • Be rest assured the discount is both on usage and supply in WA

        Yes you can go ahead with the change or if you wish I can change the plan for you

        • Is it Chris? I just changed for 2 houses and got him both times. Efficient, I left him good feedback ๐Ÿ˜‚

    • Yeah I have never seen any retailer in WA applying discount on Supply rate since that's the fixed rate which retailers need to pay ATCO, although OPs have mentioned below that the chat rep have mentioned the discount on Supply too but I still think it may just be on units.

      • +2

        i have been with AGL for more than a year. and the previous plan is 51% discounts off usage and supply charges. so this is not a new thing in WA.

        you can see the previous deal here

      • I actually saw it on a Facebook ad (I can send the screenshot if needed) , 100% that supply is included as well but you will most likely need to live chat as it doesn't show up when you log in to change

        • Correct, it is apperently a known issue, seems they are getting a few queries :)

      • +1

        I signed up to the 51% off usage & supply recently, was previously on 50% off usage only.

        I got my bill the other day and I can see that the discount has been applied to the supply. It's actually a bit hard to work out since it's not clear, you just get one lump credit.

      • Same. Currently getting 51% discount off usage and supply charges.

  • Tried contact them via chat…. System down and unable to confirm whether my account has discount on supply charges from their end

    When i checked my account , only usage charges :(

    • +1

      Try live chat tomorrow they changed it easily last time that happened for me. Or wait til you get the change confirmation email tomorrow to confirm what you got as last time it said usage only on the page but email confirmation was for both

      • Thanks for your advise!

      • Received plan change confirmation email this morning.

        When click on the link, it stated my plan discount is usage and supply charges, when log on into my AGL account it's only usage discount

        • did you go through the plan change by yourself via myaccount.agl.com.au?

        • I would go with the email confirmation as at least there's written proof and if your bill doesn't reflect that, they would surely credit you for the difference

    • +1

      Who gets a 6.14ยข per unit standard rate? Tell me so I can move there.

  • Also: Plus get 12 months Amazon Prime free.
    Unsure if this applies to current subscribers, probably does as I could not see any exclusions.

    • I thought that was if you sign up to their nbn

      • Amazon Prime offer: available to customers who switch their home energy or internet to AGL from another retailer or who choose AGL for their energy or internet when moving home.

        I guess home energy is gas or electricity as in their "Full Conditions" link on the page they refer to the gas plan as an energy plan.

        • Ah I did try that before but I wasn't eligible. Aimed it's because we can't get electric by anyone else in WA

        • Reread it and looks like it's for new customers only, but maybe I'll try my luck with live chat tomorrow lol

    • Yup, for new customers only ๐Ÿ˜”

      Just to inform Amazon Prime offer is for the new customers who will sign up with AGL after 28.10.2021.

      • I got their NBN for a month to avail this offer, once you have code you can switch back NBN to another provider.

  • thanks, how Amazon prime offer works?

  • -2

    As usual no prices because everyone is getting charged whatever the ripoff industry thinks they'll pay.

    • +1

      I've listed the prices…

  • have received the confirmation email and when i clicked the plan detail

    Discount and Rewards
    56% Guaranteed Discount off usage and supply charges

    thanks again OP. I would have missed this without your post.

  • Yeah use the chat this morning and screenshot it to change to this plan with 56% usage and supply charges. Since the online change plan only show usage charges. But no Prime for plan change

  • Online chat advises that the 56% discount applies to both usage and supply charges, they just haven't updated the website to reflect this when you log into your account online to change the plan. It should be listed in the T&Cs when you receive confirmation of the change of plans.

  • switched from keleenheat to agl just now
    thanks ozbargainer

    • Did u get free 1 year prime? I probably should add that in title but I don't know much details about it.

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