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Ryobi 18V One+ 4L Electrostatic Chemical Sprayer $199 (Was $499) + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ Bunnings Warehouse


Was $499, now $199.

Save time, effort, and energy
Electrostatic technology with on/off functionality enables fast, effective and even coverage with fewer chemicals
4L tank suitable for use with disinfectants, cleaning solutions OR herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides
Adjustable nozzle (65, 85 or 160 microns) to suit your environment without leaving anything wet
Compact handheld design and backpack tank holster for comfortable use and easy transportation
The RYOBI 18V 4L Electrostatic Chemical Sprayer gives you greater coverage using fewer chemicals than a traditional sprayer.

Electrostatic technology creates charged particles (droplets) that wrap around any surface to reach hidden spaces, helping you apply solutions evenly, effectively and quickly to indoor or outdoor spaces.

The 4L tank is ideal for disinfectants, cleaning solutions OR herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides. However, never use the same sprayer for both cleaning purposes and spraying toxic/poisonous solutions (we recommend using a separate sprayer instead).

This chemical sprayer features a backpack tank holster and a compact handheld design, making it both easy to transport and use – even for long periods of time. The nozzle can be adjusted to 65, 85 or 160 microns depending on how widespread or concentrated you need the spray to be.

Pick up your RYOBI 18V 4L Electrostatic Chemical Sprayer today.

*WARNING: Not suitable for use with flammable chemicals, disinfectants with a flash point higher than 60°C or any chemical containing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, sodium hypochlorite, chlorine, vinegar & chlorine dioxide. Always use in accordance with the user manual and relevant chemical manufacturer’s SDS. Personal protective equipment should always be worn. Sprayers that have been used for herbicides, pesticides, or fungicides should not then be used for the application of cleaning. A separate unit should be used solely for cleaning and disinfectants. Chemical coverage claims are vs. aerosol spray cans, conventional ‘non-electrostatic’ chemical sprayers.

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  • +49

    I remember this from Half-Life 2

  • +1

    This also works as a proton pack

  • Store in the title

  • Can this be used as flame thrower? I already have a battery pack.

    • +1

      WARNING: Not suitable for use with flammable chemicals, disinfectants with a flash point higher than 60°C or any chemical containing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, sodium hypochlorite, chlorine, vinegar & chlorine dioxide.

      • +23

        That clearly means yes

      • No alcohol ? I am out.

      • No vinegar? That's basically the only weed killer that isn't glysophate.

        Rendering this pretty much useless to me.

        The ozito wed sprayer is a POS with several bits that fail often

        • I have three ozito. One need to operate with the latch half open otherwise it stops sucking. Another the switch get stuck and you have to turn the switch off to stop it.
          Third one seems fine.

          • +1

            @Chridim: In my experience on the ozito:
            1. The plastic bit of the clasp on the plastic jug.. The plastic weld between them likes to fail
            2. The black filter on the pipe likes to fall off.. And it doesn't like dirt one bit
            3. If you fail to wash a good 4-8 litres through after use Then it's instant death from corrosion

            You could argue item 3 is not their fault… But this thing is always so close to failing. The chance of it lasting a few years is slim. I've paid once and I'm on my third.

    • It's more of a flame catcher

  • Planning to dress up as the exTerminator next haloween.

    Will this work with the outfit

  • +1

    Agent Orange?

    • What’s this got to do with Trump?

      • -3

        It has nothing to do with trump, just search it up…

  • +4

    Can I cross the streams?

    • +9

      Bunnings in the stream
      That is what we buy
      No aisle in between
      How can we be sold?
      Sale away with me
      To another store
      And we rely on each snag, ah ha
      From one onion to another, ah ha

      • +5

        Appreciate your effort but OP was referencing Ghostbusters, not Parton & Rogers!

        • +2

          Was 100% aware but slipped back into the unrelated classic. Couldn't think of a Ray Parker Jnr inspired response so then just twisted the word stream. Friday. tired. Few ales.

  • +2

    “Who ya gunna call? Ghostbusters!”

  • Powder coated cleaning

  • +3

    When was this ever $499?

  • +2


    Official website says it is $199 so I believe this is the standard price.

    • $499 seemed way over the top for a Ryobi product.

      Don't buy the reduce chemical usage bit. Maybe you might get more even coverage, but application rates and dosages would be the same to be effective.

      As for clinging to the target, you can add a few drops of fishing washing liquid to be a surfactant.

      Too many limitations on what you can use. Not sure what cleaning product you could actually use!

      • +1

        Fishing washing?

        • +1

          Haha, Auto correct. Dish washing liquid

  • This was never $499??????????????

  • With battery or skin only?

  • Are most of the people here nowadays about 12 years old? Just judging by the comments.

    • +3

      Been like this forever. Look at recent condom deals or any massager. kinda cringe tbh

      • I’m fine with a smart comment or banter but it’s absolute crap nowadays.

    • +2

      No, my Dad wouldn’t let me sign up till my 13th birthday

    • I know right? So many immature posters. They're a bunch of poopy buttfaces.

  • Looks like a super soaker CPS 3000

    • Hopefully more reliable

  • +3

    Given this sprays into the air I can't see how it is suitable for herbicides (eg spraying lawn weeds)?

    • +1

      My thoughts exactly, terrible for lawns since it will atomise into the air before it hits the ground.

      • +1

        And kill every plant not just weeds!
        It would probably be good for the Moretein professional type surface insecticides though, the crappy sprayers you get with them either atomise too much or shoot a jet spray.

  • Do you actually care about this or just posting it cos you saw it on Price Hipster like everyone else (except they didn't need one either :P)

  • we recommend using a separate sprayer instead

    I bet you do…

    • +2

      It got bought out by a Hong Kong company (Techtronic Industries) with products made in China. It’s the same for Milwaukee and AEG; being owned by Techtronics.

  • Not a deal as it was never $499. This is the normal price.

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