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Crucial Ballistix RGB 16GB (2x 8GB) DDR4-3600 CL16 Memory $99 + Delivery ($0 C&C, NSW Auburn) @ PCByte


Just another RAM deal. Deal might get pinged due to limited stock.

Latency : 16-18-18-38

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    Bloody good deal

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    Good price.

    Does anyone know how the RGB works? Can I turn it off without software? What is the default mode?

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      Default mode is random up to down RGB. Not synced with other modules at all.

      Need software to be running in background to control, sync or turn off.

      • Figured as much, thanks for the info.

        • Easy to turn off, either use your mobo controls or their software called MOD

          • @abs898: For Gigabyte it detects two of my sticks and not the other two (newer ones)

            • @kehuehue: Really? I only have 2 installed atm and waiting for the other 2 to be delivered. Let's see!

              Otherwise try MOD, should work well.

          • @abs898: By mobo controls you're referring to motherboard software correct?

            • @Hiphopopotamus: Correct, mobo doesn't have knobs that you can rotate.

              • @abs898: That's too bad, I quite like having everything bios controlled and not needing extra software.

                • @Hiphopopotamus: That's the thing hey. If you pull the power cable it resets the settings.

      • On the plus side, it looks like it's OpenRGB compatible.

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          i have this set and can confirm

  • Are they compatible to the same 3600mhz, White color too? Ta

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      Yeh should be, timings look the same. I have the white also.

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    I got 4x8Gb (32Gb) of the non-RGB versions of this RAM back when they went for $76 that one time from Amazon. Have been running them at 1.46v @ 3800Mhz @ 16-18-16-16-36 with some very tight secondary timings too on all 4 modules. Timings below if anyone is interested, but I do have a high-end motherboard that might help with letting me run all 4 modules overclocked & stable.


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      Buildzoid said in a video that that was hard to do with 4 sticks of this ram. I have 2 and will get another 2 soon. This is good to know. X570 aorus master rev 1.2 here and 5800x.

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        Yeah, the Master is similar quality level to the Hero I have. You should be able to do it, but you never really know with 4 sticks of RAM, always so sensitive.

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        UPDATE: Seems like with the latest BIOS update and the AGESA update, I can do same voltage 1.46v @ 3800Mhz @ 14-18-14-14-36 CR1. Which is significantly tighter at this speed, I just had to Disable "Gear Down Mode".

        • Excellent.

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      I've got 4x8GB of the non-RGB too. A mix of the 3600CL16 and 3200CL16 kits. It worked first time with 3600CL14 at 1.44V in a B550 Aorus Pro. Pretty much quick and dirty DRAM calculator timings. Been stable for 9+ months.

    • rev e is a very light ic to something like b die, ocing 4 sticks of it is preety easy even on a shit board and imc

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      if your interested im sure you could tighten tras a bit, trc, scls definitely.
      you should set trdwr to 18 then try and tighten tcwl to 14 and twrrd to 1, then try to retighten trdwr to 12 maybe 14.
      twr can go tighter for sure?, twtrl can go to 8? (twtrs/l to 3/7 maybe?)
      not sure what trfc is like on rev e but i reckon it could go tighter.

      unless you alr tried this all then glooks.

      • If I push voltage over 1.5v I can achieve better timings, but not worth it for 24/7 use when it's 4 sticks of RAM. If it was 2 sticks with more room between them for air circulation I would have considered 1.5v+

  • MWave as well just got 32GFB free shipping and $30 off for new afterpay account

    • Can you please link the 32gb version

    • I bought the 32GB (2x16) version of this kit from MWave on November 1st and it's yet to ship… ETA initially said 26/11 and last week got bumped to 27/12.

      Seems to be OOS or way overpriced everywhere else.

  • Anyone manage to get this deal from Cooperplains brisbane. Curious, I miss out.

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      When I first saw the discount it only showed stock for Auburn NSW and online.

  • Will these fit in a smaller case?

    • Pretty normal profile

  • Can't put 2 quantity in cart. Anyone else manage to get 2?

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      had to do 2 orders and pay shipping twice, not sure if i lose my ozb licence now

      • Lol I did the same 🤣

  • Thanks guess I'll do the same 😂

  • Anyone find the white version? Seems to be oos on a lot of local sites

  • What applications can benefit from the tighter timings? Thanks

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      some games like more bandwidth, some like lower latency. most of the improvement comes in the form of MUCH better .1% and 1% lows on your cpu and better averages when cpu limited.

      the truth is the difference between say a 3200 c16 kit and a 3600 c16/even c14 kit wont really help your performance at all. Literally all of the ram performance gains come from ocing, setting frequency and tightening timings. a 2x8 ballistix kit such as these have rev e which is light, easy to oc, and works well on ryzen and performs very well. only thing really worth spending more on would be a b die kit, 3200 c14 or better / 3600 c16 or better / 4400 c19 which is the best ic but very heavy on the imc.

      • I went for the G.Skill Trident Z RGB DDR4 32GB Kit (2x16GB) 3200MHz CL16 RAM $169 deal

        Got two of them and now running 64GB's of ram on a Ryzen 3600 :) They are all dual rank sticks and labeled made in Sep 2021 :) I didn't want to risk an unstable system with 4x dual rank 3600 CL16 sticks.. happy with the upgrade

        64gb's of DDR5 would have cost me $1500+

  • Great price and speeds especially for rgb!

  • Bloody hell yesterday I took up shopping express deal for this ram, this is too good to pass up on.

    FYI delivery to FNQ was $9.90.

  • Worth to upgrade from 2666 or 2993 mhz ddr4 16gb?

    • +1

      If you wanted to go to 32GB's of ram yes 4x sticks of these would be great as more ram is better then faster ram… if you were only going to change to faster 16GB's 2x8gb sticks of ram NO!.. not worth it.

      After playing ANNO 1800 for a few hours windows states my system memory usage is at 19GB's :) .. glad I've got 32GB's of ram.

      RTS games use lots of ram i guess.

  • Looks like it's OOS now.

  • Was carded today, looks like they've arrived. Nice one…

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