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PureVPN - 120% Cashback for New Customers @ ShopBack


Saw this on my shopback app 120% cashback for new customers :) You can use no-log-vpn for a extra 16% off sitewide

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Referral: random (4065)

$20 for referrer, $10 for referee after first confirmed cashback (minimum purchase $20, exclusions apply) and adding banking details.

Exclusions: Any other Shopback new customer bonus offers; Purchases from Uber, Kayo Sports, DoorDash, Hayu, Accor Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels Group, ShopBack Vouchers (Gift Cards), Woolworths Gift Cards, Circles.Life (list subject to change)

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  • +1

    Is it actually 120% or is that a typo-
    Does that mean they'll GIVE US MONEY for signing up?

  • +2

    Can this be used on 5 year plan? I can't see anything saying that it can it cannot

    • +1

      same question. also don't think no-log-vpn works on 5 year plan.

      • I would likewise like to know if a ShopBack rep could clarify, thanks

        Btw any opinions on this VPN?

    • On PC when I activate ShopBack cash back, the only plan I can select seems to be 1 year plan

  • +9

    Why would you use a code for 16% off when the cashback is 120%…. You would lose some free money…

  • Is the cashback valid, when we purchase the pack with a dedicated IP add on?

    • +2

      It says not applicable for add on items so I assume not. Not sure if it won't give you cashback for the whole transaction or just the add on but I wouldn't risk it

      • Thanks

  • +1

    its $8x dollars for 5 years. I just clicked shopback, wish it does cash back 120%

  • How do they make it as 120% cash back. How you receive more back than what you've paid?.

  • Yep. I'm pretty sure that this 120% cash back won't work. Since it's already on an 81% discount at PureVPN which means it's on a promotional sale and other than what Shopback currently allows. Shopback cashback excludes items already on a promotional sale. It will probably deny the cashback.

    "3. Earning Cashback"

    (a) Cashback not being eligible when purchasing promotional items or using other discount codes, coupons or other promotions;"


    It says 73% off on the Shopback site both 1 year and 2 year plans. But PureVPN has it as an 81% off 2 year plan. So it's a different promotional sale. No cashback on this.

    • +1

      if so can I ask for refund? it is 31 dyas money back from purevpn.

      • I think so. I have bought 5 year plan because it doesn't state any exclusions on the shopback terms and just says new customers. Let's see!

      • +1

        Have fun chatting with the generic messages from Debbie their bot.

  • +1

    I tried going through the links and I am getting 91% off for 1 year. Came up to $11 USD. Been meaning to try a VPN service for a while, so signed up.

  • It does not include China, which VPN support china?

  • -3

    Is shopback the company with the data leak?
    Now they are paying us to get a VPN
    What could possibly go wrong 😜🤣

    • purevpn pay shopback for new client to try their services?

  • +11

    I have used PureVPN for a few years now. Been happy with the convenience, usability and speed. You do get the occasional slow servers and connection issues but overall good.

    But in saying this I probably won't renew my subscription when it expires. It is not about the service quality.

    If your not aware it is a Hong Kong based business which sits inside China jurisdiction. After recent well publicised security events on Hong Kong freedoms being curtailed. I asked the question to purevpn support are customers privacy and security protected? Never got a response…

    A VPN service is about service, security and privacy and I sadly question if purevpn can deliver on this still

    • All companies in HK must provide all the data upon request by HK police if the reason claimed is "National Security" ground.
      One of the main reasons to use VPN is to hide your IP address.

  • +5

    Bought 5 year plan 137 aud tracked 😍

    • Thanks for info

    • +2

      How do you get 5 years?
      It only give 1 year ($11) option for me.
      Tracked doesn't means its gonna get approved though if PureVPN doesn't pay shopback

    • A bit of risk involved there as the terms aren't clear. The cashback page takes you to a page that only gives you 1 year plan option for US$11.

      Not sure if 5 year plan is also getting the 120% cashback, it will really depend on if PureVPN pay to Shopback. If they don't, you won't be able to argue with Shopback.

      • I guess that's your interpretation. I read the ts and Cs and nowhere does it state certain plans excluded/included etc. Only requirement is new customers. Usually when it only applies to a certain plan shopback will state this e.g. The multiple tiers of cashback with amaysim

        Either way can ask shopback on a weekday when their customer support is open and cancel within first 31 days for full refund. Not really any risk as far as I can see :o

    • How much time did it take for tracking buddy? Thanks

      • +1

        Just over 4 hours :)

  • Purchased 5 year plan using Shopback - nothing tracked so far

  • Bought a 1 year plan for $17 and just saw $20 tracked. Not too shabby.

  • Will they really payout 120% cashback on 5yr plan?

    • Why not ask shopback customer support?

      • Why can't them asking here be considered asking Shopback customer support? They do have reps here after all…

        .. but I admit it's not the same as asking them directly lol

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