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Coles Mobile 365 Day Plan 60GB $95 Delivered, $104 Express Delivered @ Coles Mobile


Usually $120. Now $95. Great if you need a long expiry plan with not that much data and are porting out of Amaysim.

Unlimited standard national talk and text

Unlimited standard international calls and text to
15 selected destinations

Rollover up to 50GB when you recharge before expiry or when you maintain an active AutoRecharge

Terms And Conditions
Offer: $120 SIM, Now $95. New customers only. Limit one per customer. All data allowance is applied upfront after $95 payment and activation. Offer ends 14/12/21, unless withdrawn earlier. Ongoing recharges revert to standard price of $120 or as otherwise advertised. Activate within 30 days of purchase or by the date advertised in the promotion, whichever is earlier.

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    Runs on Optus 3G and 4G network if this helps anyone

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      Cheers just posted

    • would this be the Optus Wholesale network, or the "actual" Optus network ?

      ( PS: are there any Optus MVNOs, that have access to the 'actual' Optus network? )

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        There is no Optus Wholesale network - Optus MVNOs have access to the full Optus network

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          Yep, the 3G and 4G Optus network is the exact same thing whether billed by Optus or an MNVO, however, I don't believe they are offering 5G for mobiles on a wholesale level yet (happy to be corrected).
          I know they wholesale 5G for fixed home internet, but not for mobiles when I last looked.

          • @SimAus007: Aussie Broadband mobile is the only MVNO with access to Optus 5G

        • thank you for that reply.

          i just knew from a long time ago,
          that users via Optus MVNOs are not treated as 'real' Optus customers,
          ie. like a 2nd-class citizen with different policies applied at a network level (internally, in their core network) when switching the voice/data traffic.

          Telstra did this with Telechoice i think, but Boost was the only one that got direct access to the Telstra network.

          this Coles deal is good enough for me, to choose Optus then.

  • What provider do Coles use?

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    Looks to me $95 is the "new normal" now, seeing that this price comes up every month or so. And every once in a while they even give away double data!

    Nov: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/664801

    Oct: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/657711

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    FYI - I have had the 120GB higher version of this for a year now. Happy w it since I barely use any data.
    I've just received an SMS offering 25% off if I recharge on the same plan - currently $150 -25% = $112.50. I would prefer to take this slightly cheaper 60GB offer but says new customers only, so be it, still a good deal. (y)

  • Am planning to use this kind of 365 day plan. Heaps cheaper waiting for Vodafone phone contract to finish. Now paying $43 for plan + phone charge
    Is there any disadvantage on this plans compared to major companies sim only plans ?

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      Only disadvantage is you might lose out on some included perks (like Telstra Plus, Optus rewards/sport or whatever is included) but you'll get a much cheaper plan in comparison.

  • Does Coles have 10% off deal ?

  • Any 365 days phone plans which includes unlimited calls to Italy or Croatia? I’ve bought my dad a Catch Sim plan and have to pay extra $5 for 100 mins -
    I wonder is there is anything else available?

  • Wasn't this deal available with double the data (120GB vs 60GB) only a couple of weeks ago?

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      Yes, the Wednesday before Black Friday.
      Go one then, wish I didn't.
      Because $60 Amaysim deal.

  • any ideas if this is probably the best for a kids 'spacetalk watch'?

    • Does a 'spacetalk watch' really need 60GB?

      • +1

        Not the person you're replying to, but at $7.29/28 days, the next step down would be the Dodo $5/month plan with no data at all. Unless the device doesn't use data at all (and you'd expect a kids phone watch to include GPS tracking) you're looking at a plan with more data than you need no matter what.

        • Thought I'd better check and I can't see the $5 Dodo plan any more, so I guess it's gone.

      • No, I don’t. I need the cheapest option for a few calls a month, and gps data.

        I don’t care if it pre-paid, post-paid, contract what ever. $95 for a whole year seems ok.

        Just starting to look now.

  • The international calls are a nice addition. Although I tend to use WhatsApp mostly these days, having the option is quite handy.

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    What happens if I don't activate it by 14/12 or even after the 30 day period? Would I get a refund?
    On a Vodafone plan currently and undecided on whether to make the switch yet.

    • Double this! What will happen if I will by now but won't activate on 14/12? My plan expires on 20/12

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      Here is reply from Coles representative:
      You can purchase this in-store or online. As that is within the recommendation of activating in 30 days of purchase, you will be fine to activate by that date.

      • Sweet! I had a chat with one the reps as well and they said it'd be fine if I activate it even after the 30 day period since my current plan only ends by mid January.

  • Has anybody had experience porting their number over to Coles. Is it an easy process?

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      My wife is on Coles, ported over (from Vaya) about 8 months ago.
      I had heard stories about either provider being sluggish with ports so I watched it closely.
      Got a text from Vaya in minutes and it was all done in 15 minutes. Not a single problem with it.

    • Ported 2 numbers from Belong to Coles last week (black Friday deal $95 120Gb data) Monday morning & Tuesday morning, took less than 10 minutes on both occasions.

    • Porting from one main provider to another is the best way. I've lost my number going from one Optus MVNO (Circles.Life) directly to Optus. So going from Belong to Coles would work as that's Telstra to Optus.

    • ported today. easy as. almost instant

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    Is catch mobile any good? They have 365 expiry $109 for 240 gb I just looked at their web site looks like a promo of double data

    • +1

      this deal?

      …looks very good value. definitely interested as well!

    • +1

      Started the process to connect to catch on Saturday Morning, its Tuesday, and no service, Rang up, said it was an issue with Optus, wait another 24 hours.

      Not happy Jan….

      Lucky for me it's my kid's phone and not mine.

      Just be mindful of these low price deals, had similar issues with Kogan as well, never with tier 1 providers.


      P.s I have coles as well and that went thru without any problems i.e few hours and it was working.

      • Did you move from one Optus MVNO (or Optus direct) to Catch?

        • Nope new number on this service.

          • @mixo: Wow, OK, haven't had that one before…

            • @vger74656: something to do with optus catch tells me, optus is not letting the port go thru for some reason…well that's what catch told me on the phone yesterday.

    • +1

      I've been on Catch Mobile for months, no issues here, quick and easy port and an excellent app and website to monitor your usage.

    • This expires tomorrow

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    Brought this one few months back but reception here in Melbourne western Suburbs is absolutely shit. I reckon Boost have plan which include international calling but its bit costly but worth it. If reception is good in your area then Saul Good Man.

    • +1

      You pay that bit extra for boost as they have the best network. I wouldn't recommend anyone that travels rural use anything but the Telstra network (Boost, Aldi etc). I did try Optus around 12 months ago and they just cannot match boost for service.

  • Is this available in store?

    • Yes but not available in the store I went :-(

  • I brought the Coles sim yesterday morning and started the porting process from Aldi mobile. My Aldi sim just stopped working but my Coles one isn't active yet. I'm hoping to does take any longer…

  • Can I move over from Catch to Coles? Both use Optus I think so just a bit curious.

  • I would google search reviews of Coles Mobile, I'm still waiting for my porting to go through and many others have had to wait several days to have a working service. I didn't think it would take so long, I'm starting to regret this purchase…

  • I'm on Coles now on a similar deal taken almost 12months ago, so does this mean I need to port over to something else and then port back to Coles?

  • +1

    Don't do it! STOP! I've been waiting five days for the service to activate on four sim cards. We are now without service from our previous provider amaysim. Coles mobile are not helpful. They just respond with scripted lines. It's like talking to a bot.

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