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[Pre Order] Xbox Series X Console $749 ($200 Deposit) C&C @ EB Games


Pre order, click and collect, stock available from 17 December 2021.

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  • +3

    Got one from a twitter alert, finally

    • Which alert/account btw? Press Start?

      Not sure if I want to get one right now but in future when I do it would be good to get notified.

      • +4

        Xbox Series X Stock Alerts Australia

        • Great, thanks!

          • +1

            @mangobango: also got an xbox Series X with the same account, but via the discord server :)

            • +1

              @roby21: Thanks for the tip, found and joined the discord server now too!

  • +15

    Forza Horizon 5 is legit and worth the hype!

    • +6

      Bought a Series X solely for this game and it is worth it.

      • Try adding free candy on your car I dare ya

    • +1

      And runs perfectly fine on my OG Xbox One. Not like you need to buy this to play it.

      • +10

        Runs fine on a One but looks phenomenal on a Series X.

        • +5

          And on PC the looks are unprecedented.

          • @Tacooo: Unless it's the Microsoft Store version with the many LOD issues. I haven't played it in a week, so hopefully they're fixed now.

            • @beatsntoons: Really? Haven't had any issues with the MS store PC version.

              • @Velathial: only if you play at Ultra I believe. I had the issue, so did quite a few others on Reddit.

                • @beatsntoons: hmmm ive been playing maxed out, haven't had an issue. However, i haven't played a lot recently, so i could be wrong.

    • +5

      How can a game that has massive amounts of bugs be worth the hype.
      The game still isn't stable to play online with friends and it's been out for over a month

      • +7

        Agreed, can’t go out for a ride with my boys without one of ‘em randomly disappearing.

        • Yeah the convoys are royally f-ed up. So close to being awesome, like a shared waypoint and the lads racing there in different cars by road/cross country, then taking it in turns trying to hit three stars on a danger sign. But yeah, people disappearing from the screen, trying to figure out which of the bajillion races or things to drive to. Just ruined.

      • +1

        I kinda wish they would move from cars being locked behind vip.

        I was so annoyed that I grinded for a carb on the AH but couldn’t buy it because I needed to unlock it by paying cash (it didn’t say this on the AH page)

        Halo comes out tomorrow so I’m pumped for that

        • Me too. Cant wait.

      • I have to now force close and restart the game on XSX multiple times per day. Today at least 10+ times it gets stuck on

        • the savings message when buying cars
        • accolades not triggering
        • black screens with music but unable to play
        • controller becoming unresponsive to the game randomly

        Just now I went to auction my car and the car is missing headlights and windows. There is a black void in place of these.

        It is so so buggy.

    • +1

      That is the primary reason I got an XSX lol

    • I've played a few hours of it on and off since release… it looks amazing but there's nothing making me want to go back and play it more.
      Great for a freebie on xbox game pass, but I'm glad I didn't pay for it.

    • Yup, got it on the 4th when it came out and played a bit too much…

      Finished the game and am a bit bored of it now hehe. I'll give a month :)

  • +2

    if only this straightforward for a PS5. sh*t is just getting more and more ridiculous

    • +4

      This will be gone in a few minutes.

      • +2

        true true. still a few minutes is better than a few seconds or page crashes and not even being able to access it. I was able to see this from OzB - click link - login and began to enter details like a standard purchase

        • That’s fair. Seems PS5 is scarcer or maybe just more sought after

          • +3

            @FireRunner: PS5 is more desired as the Xbox exclusives are all available on PC and through Games Pass for PC too.

          • @FireRunner: Both low inventory and high demand.

            Sony likely won’t do well with Desire/Demand /Hunger marketing. It helps keep value, but that desire will fade if there’s a year long wait and a slow launch for exclusives.

            Their profit model is in selling $109/$119 exclusives and walled garden/online store digital games, which is going to be difficult if they don’t have enough consoles to sell through.

            Especially for PS4 owners who might be tempted to jump ship to Nintendo/Microsoft and not come back when there’s exclusive titles.

  • +4

    On the one hand, I want that Xbox, on the other, I want it for $650 (Amex) from MSstore…

    • If you don't need it right now then may as well wait a bit.

      I'm so close to getting one too but have told myself to save the $749 for now and just play via cloud gaming/game pass on PC.

      • +3

        I'm actually waiting for the 2nd gen version of it, to give them time to iron out the kinks and make it slightly cheaper. It's nowhere near as bad as the fiasco the 1st gen Xbox 360 was, and even the One was a step up from that, but there's benefit in being a bit patient. For now, the One X does I what I want it to do so I'll stick with that for the time being.

        • Yeah if you have a One X then you wouldn't be in a big rush to upgrade.

          Would be nice if they announced a slim variant or something soon, I'm personally waiting for a MH6/Dragon's Dogma 2 announcement before taking the plunge.

        • Microsoft is never allowing a RROD situation to occur ever again. So I wouldn’t worry about it too much. That said… the soldered SSD could become an issue for all I know. Sony is more likely in trouble if that’s the sticking point. Due to it getting so hot.

        • You're likely going to be waiting for years, if not til next generation. They've already said before this console even launched that they're not expecting any node shrinks for the SOC which is the main reason for a console revision. That's why the Series S exists, because the X isn't going to be getting price drops.

      • -1

        Have you actually tried the cloud gaming? It look horrendous and is borderline unplayable due to the control delay. I could not in good conscience recommened anyone play a game via xbox cloud gaming.
        It would be akin to watching the latest avengers movie in 360p with the audio out of sync. What's even the point, you are just ruining shit for yourself.
        And i'm on a 100mb/40mb connection, only person in the house, tested xbox streaming on my series x, as well as gaming pc and macbook on various browsers - it's awful accross the board.

        • +1

          Been great for me, I've been playing games perfectly on it. 50/20 FTTP and I honestly can't feel a delay at all.

          Played Forza, Outer Worlds, and Doom Eternal so far and it plays very well.

          Sometimes if the missus is watching tiktok then the quality may drop every now and then for a bit, but other than that I've personally had no issues.

        • Havent had these issues personally - have you tried console streaming instead of cloud? I get a better result that way personally.

          • @JuryWheel: As in streaming on my Xbox Series X? If so, yes. It looked and performed horribly.

            • @lordezekiel: No, as in connecting to your series x via console streaming (not xcloud) via a laptop, phone etc

        • It's amazing and completely playable. I often play Halo MCC and Infinite multiplayer via cloud streaming and have no problem finishing top 1 or 2 on the leaderboards continually. It depends on your network, your location, your ISP, etc but to say it "looks horrendous and is borderline unplayable" is a lie. Most people wouldn't be able to even notice a difference in graphics vs a native game on a 1080p tv.

    • Yeah, I didn't bite. I think that bots are the worst at MS store, and you really have to be quick but I will give it a few more goes. I can wait!

      • +1

        In my personal experience, PS5 disc version rarely last more than 2mins, maybe 3 or so for digital. M$ slowly release limited numbers each time, you may even get it 30mins after release in some cases.

  • +10

    I enjoy the Series X much more than PS5. Quick Resume is the shiz, jump between FH5 and Halo chop chop.

    • +4

      I only have a Series S but Quick Resume is really the killer feature for me! Amazing to be able to turn the console on and be in the game in seconds.

      • +2

        I am pretty amazed by that feature. So used to waiting for a game to start up and then bam, I am already in

        • Or launching that game you were playing weeks/months ago and resuming where you last left off, definitely feels like a next gen feature

    • +5

      For me all of the Xbox 'exclusives' are on PC so it's a no brainer

      • +2

        The only exclusives on PS5 for me are God of War (2019), and The Last of Us, and Final Fantasy 7, and Uncharted 4 (the first 3 are so old I don't enjoy the gameplay), the rest are on PC or coming to PC soon.
        The big reason to have a Series X and PS5 for me is the 65" OLED and a proper surround sound system. I still spend probably half gaming time on PC though, that was my first platform as a kid so I guess it sticks somewhat.

        • +4

          You realise your PC can connect to your 65" OLED and sound system?

          • @Tacooo: Would cost a fair bit to get HDMI 2.1 working over that sort of distance, I don't live in a shoebox thankfully.

            • @reactor-au: What sort of distance?

              • +1

                @Scrobo: Would need a 25m HDMI 2.1 cable, guessing some sort of optical solution would be necessary

                • @reactor-au: Pretty sure LTT found that you can't reliably do 2.1 over a distance of more than ~3 m atleast without active cables, Something to do with signal degradation.

                  12 min mark https://youtu.be/XFbJD6RE4EY

                  • @tisRmac: Yeah not sure if HDCP DRM works with repeaters etc either

      • -2

        Yeah but try to run the games on PC at 120fps OR spend 30s or less from a cold start to be playing to game OR not having to deal with graphic card firmware bull/Windows bull just to name a few.

        So nahh, water and wine.

        • +5

          If you lower graphics details to Xbox details you can easily achieve 120 fps on PC.

    • +1

      Quick resume is great when it works. QR for Halo is dogshit because you have to restart the whole game anyway just to reconnect to the server and play. So I have to religiously hit the Xbox button, go down to Halo, press start, go down to quit and relaunch the game again if I fail to quit before allowing quick resume to work. Leaves a worse taste in my mouth than playing on PS4.

      Forza on the other hand works great. Multiplayer reconnects fine (at least when it’s. not bugging out normally) and I can play it fine. Truth be told it’s not much better than the PS5. In some cases it’s broken (Halo) and inconsistent (overwrites QR states when you have a bigger game load). Seriously it takes two seconds to go from system menu to ingame with FF7 remake. Then another second to load the game. that it makes quick resume seem like a wonky workaround to actually fast load times.

      • I only play single player on console, so Quick Resume works fine for me

        • Then it’s all smooth sailing for ya. It is a good feature. But saving and checkpoint systems have improved so much in the last decade that it’s less important now than ever.if we had QR when PS1 and N64 was a thing, it would’ve been killer. Now IMO raw load times are king because eventually when these companies stop riding the cross gen dick, we’ll get games with genuinely improved game design. No more god damn loading elevators, climbing sections, slowly shimmying through tight spaces and what not. Fast travel speeds through world environments.

          Unfortunately FH5 and Halo Infinite are both obviously designed for last gen first. You see it with these short loading screens everywhere that last one to two seconds. when in reality those loading screens wouldn’t be there at all without cross gen design. I mean it’s understandable they want to capitalise on the install base and cannot provide Series X/S fast enough.

          I just really want to see fruits of the technology to shine already. It’s too incredible to keep holding it back by the lowest common denominator. Seriously they should just release a full next gen game and backport it later with a unique last gen version. That way you still get the best of both worlds.

          • +1

            @Hunterex: It sure is great to finally have SSD performance on console, there really is no going back. I still remember about a decade ago getting an SSD for PC, there was simply no way back and I despised having to use a work laptop for half a decade before SSD's became mainstream.

            • @reactor-au: I just hope it doesn’t become another crutch for devs and games start to become slow and bloated, again. Prioritise not wasting our time is THE greatest re-innovation of the last two decades. Hope they strive for instant loads like starting a NES game. They can all do it now, I think. Just gotta stop the redundant practice of splash screens and company logos on load.

          • @Hunterex:

            But saving and checkpoint systems have improved so much in the last decade that it’s less important now than ever.

            Nah, without Quick Resume you still can't just pause a game mid match of Madden/Fifa/NBA, mid race in Forza/Need for Speed, mid boss fight in Gears/Halo, go play another game for a month, have a blackout, and then still just pick up at the exact second that you left off in those other games. Quick resume is an amazing new feature that no amount of saving and checkpoint systems can match. Not to mention that you don't have to go through the loading screens and publisher/developer/company logos whenever you want to play.

            • @MrFunSocks: Sure as long as you dont open up 2 or 3 more games and pray it doesn't overwrite the QR save state you really wanted to keep. It would be massively more useful to me if you could pin or lock QR games from being knocked off the QR queue. Big games tend to knock off other big games. Ori and the will of the wisps has been in my queue for months. That alone makes it unreliable for me. But I agree that it's a fantastic idea and does still help a lot when it works as intended.

              Not to mention that you don't have to go through the loading screens and publisher/developer/company logos whenever you want to play.

              They're antiquated and shouldn't even be a thing anymore. Some games (mostly on PS5) are starting wise up and stop it, such as FF7 Remake.

              • @Hunterex: There's no guessing - you can have 3 Series X games in quick resume. Open another and it will purge the oldest one. It's not unreliable, you just don't know how it works.

                They're antiquated and shouldn't even be a thing anymore.

                Not really, they're advertising for who makes/publishes/etc the game.

                • @MrFunSocks: I do know. Three is the minimum amount for QR, but it can have up to twelve. But I think I’ve only seen mine go up to six. If I can’t choose which games get dropped than that isn’t reliable. Let ME choose.

                  Oh they have plenty opportunities to advertise the publishing/engine/technology/etc. They do it in the credits. They do it during gameplay. There’s no excuse for holding up the audience just to market something no one gives two shits about. It only detracts from the experience to present it like this when there’s so many better options.

                  • @Hunterex: 3 is the maximum amount for Series X|S games. You can have more previous gen/bc games on top of that, but the second you play a 4th Series X|S game, the oldest X|S game gets kicked from QR.

                    You're getting advertised who made the game and what engine technology it's using during the gameplay? Where? Also the game is loading data and logic in the background during those scenes. Just because you can load x mb/s theoretically doesn't mean that's the only limiting factor lol.

                    • @MrFunSocks: man this shit is confusing. My point still stands. Lemme choose what stays and I'd like it more. Let me turn it off for titles that it actually doesn't work

    • You don't have a PS5 xbot

  • stuck at pay now screen

    • +1

      Hit refresh and payment options should load :)

      • +1

        Hit refresh, drop out of queue. OOS


        • Haha yeah I was scared of that happening, my brother has been wanting to get one so I ordered it for him.

          It was stuck loading for a while so I hit refresh and just thought "oh no what did I do…."

          But luckily it came back and loaded up like normal!

  • nice

  • +1

    Thanks, got one. I have been waiting for this for almost a year now.

  • are these still hard to get? managed to weasle one and a ps5 on the release week without major issues :|

    • +3

      I reckon they've been hoarding them for x-mas. It was definitely easier to get both Xbox and PS5 in the 3-4 months after launch. It's been getting harder and harder.

      • Bots have been getting improved a lot this last year. Everything even remotely scarce is being scalped

  • +10

    Really starting to think I give up on my dream of a high end Gaming PC and just get a console.
    Could get both XSX and PS5 for less than a graphics card…

    • +2

      I wouldn't get both, but a console isn't a bad choice rn. It's not like they're going to drop in price over the next year (?) before GPUs aren't a total ripoff

      • +2

        Any reason why you would t get both?

        • +1

          Because I'm a cheapskate :p The only Xbox exclusives I like are Forza 5 (which is very good) and maybe Halo, and I'd be fine with waiting til I had a PC for those.

          • +1

            @Merlict: Fair enough.. I have both and I normally play the PS5 for an hour and then jump on the Xbox for another hour every night. The exclusives on each console's great. I reckon buying both is a way to go if you're a gamer. These consoles are quiet cheap for what it offers.

        • I reckon PS5 will get the better exclusives early on (Returnal rocks). But it’ll be worth getting the Xbox as well later on when more of their exclusives come out because if you buy XGP you’ll get access to all their exclusives they’ve made right away all at once. Also better to judge Xbox exclusives at a distance because who knows how many will be worth your time. I say this as someone with both and having wasted my time on bad games for a lack of reviews or buggy broken day ones. XGP makes you try more games than you otherwise would. For better or for worse.

          Actually if you waited a couple years, the prices would crash by the time Xbox exclusives get into full swing. The most cost effective trinity is still Switch, PS5 and PC. Get all the exclusives and free online on PC.

    • +3

      I bought a Series X a few months ago and have basically just abandoned my gaming pc. The series x has a better graphics card, processor, ram, ssd, etc than my PC.

      • If they ported over more pc games like Age of empires 4 with mouse and keyboard support it would pretty much be a budget gaming pc.

        • +1

          Ya know they should just put keyboard only games on Xbox. Put a disclaimer and let us play them. My attempt at AoE4 on PC crashed and burned because I couldn’t change the language no matter what I tried. Wish I could play it but it seems wasteful to buy it again just on Steam where it’d probably work.

  • +1

    I had bought the series S. It is great, but I just bought this and will trade in for it.

    • +2

      I have both and honestly, much of a muchness between the two.

      • +3

        I just missed the ability to buy disks. I rarely buy games, but if I do, they are twice as expensive on the Microsoft Store.

        • I stopped buying discs in the Xbox One generation (had about 3 disc games) so not a big deal to me. I just wait until games go sale now. I always have a virtual pile of shame + Gamepass to play until a game is at the right price point.

      • What do you mean?

        • +2

          Well Far Cry 6 for example, was $69 through Amazon or $99 on the Microsoft Store. I can only buy games via the Microsoft Store on the Series S due to the digital limitation.

        • I mean any difference in the performance isn't massive (at least at present). It might become more of an issue later in the generation, but if you want a console now, the S is perfectly fine as long as buying digital isn't a big deal to you.

          • @SirFlibbled: Of course, most games target the same framerate on Series S and X, but the S resolution is normally around 1080p and the X is around 4K (often with higher quality graphics settings enabled also).

      • I'd say they're very different in terms of performance.

        I'd be surprised if you haven't noticed a difference in games like Forza, Halo, GOTG

        • +1

          I haven't. Both are hooked up to the same model TVs too.

        • I also have both consoles and also find them much the same only modern game I've played is FH5

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