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HP Envy X360 13.3" FHD 2-in-1 Laptop with Ryzen 5 5600U, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD $947.15 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Seems like a decent deal for a windows laptop. Pretty sure I came accross this one while I was hunting for a laptop during black friday, build quality seemd pretty good if I was looking at this same model.

13.3" Full HD (1920 x 1080) multitouch display
AMD Ryzen™ 5 5600U processor (2.0 - 4.2GHz)
256GB SSD with 8GB RAM

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    • sorry my bad, added price

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    Another 10% off with 92BOYS3V75I19K code.

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      Coupon does not apply to this basket

  • I think its only 5% for computers and phones

  • not type C charging plug. no deal

    • HP is a bit strange. They sometimes actively say they don't support typec charging, but then it works.

      • true. for me i jujst dont wanna bring extra cables and power adapter when travelling. So heavy

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          FYI you can get these for just about any brand laptop. Would work off a gan or powerbank granted its got enough wattage.

          • @krisspy: That just feels like a terrible idea. Admittedly these barrel chargers are typically 20V, so it minimises the risk of over voltage. But a $2 cable, that has to do all of the USB-PD signalling? Hell a $2 normal cable is iffy enough!

            Connected to a $1000 laptop? No way I'd be risking that!

            • @incipient: Meh, had it plugged in 24/7 for nearly a year now with no issues. I'm sure these dude have figured out simple handshaking on pd protocols.

              I put my faith on this over no name laptop chargers

              • @krisspy: Edit here, you're definitely right no-brand chargers are a lot, lot worse, as if they fail 240V can hit your device. It would be a good bit harder for these to damage your device.

                Also usb PD controllers are not trivial, or cheap.


                Yes in bulk quantities you can get them cheaper, but for $2 delivered to you, just no. They're doing something horribly dodgy to make this work. For the 99.9% of people here, never buy a cable like this.

                While it's still a terrible idea, at least go for something that claims to use some half decent control chips, which seem to be around the $6 mark.

    • Would be nice as an option, but it's a pain in the ass when they only give you 1 USB-C port. I ended up buying the circle charge for my flex as I either had to choose to charge the device or use my USB-stick. I'm more annoyed that Thunderbolt seems to be a luxury now

    • Not a deal breaker, you can easily get these type c to barrel cables for $10

      I was looking to update my old spectre x360 but just got this, now I can run it off a zmi powerbank for 7+ hours

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      Mine arrived on Friday. Yes, comes with a barrel charger, but USB-C PD works fine.

  • its not a bad pc if you want a dedicated streaming PC for those that want a dual PC setup. the Content creators and streamers amoung us :D

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    I believe it supports type c charging.

  • Pardon my ignorance but is this normally a gaming laptop? Would this pass as a high school laptop? TiA

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      This is more for office tasks and it also happens to play eSports games like CS:GO. It will struggle with high end AAA games.

      • Thanks. Looking to buy one for my daughter who will be grade 7 soon. So this is okay as a school laptop?

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          This is a great school laptop, she will be happy.

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            @Samowol: Thank you. Appreciate the reply

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          Yes, she will be happy with this and the touch screen. There's also this option for $327 which is much slower, has much less storage space and a considerably worse screen if you're concerned about her taking a $1k laptop to school.

          • @TeddyBear: Thanks. Will look into it as well although I think 8g ram is the minimum requirement

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            @TeddyBear: For others looking, I'd only recommend a sub $400 laptop for people on a serious budget. Something like this laptop, you're just stacking too many bottlenecks on top of each other, and you'll end up with a fairly miserable experience. Yes it'll work! And it's only $330! But it'll be highly irritating. At least a proper SSD would make it feel immeasurably more responsive.

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              @incipient: Agreed! even after adding in a decent ssd, you are still left with a poorly built filmsy feeling laptop chasis, week cpu & abismel ‎1366 x 768 Pixels screen. Which may not be a delightful experience specially for a kid to use it everyday for school work.

  • Best laptop CPU performance you're going to find around this price and in a nice metal chassis too!

    • Yep, it's difficult to find this spec of laptop, in a 13" form factor, for this price.

      • great performance if you do only 1 thing at a time. 8GB RAM is bloody miserable. I had to switch to Edge because chrome, firefox, and opera would crash the whole system if I dared to also open MS Word, Photoshop, OR any game whatsoever. Yes it's been completely de-bloated and have no non-essential services in the background.

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          It's too bad this has soldered RAM like most other 13" laptops. Would've been a perfect candidate for a second 8GB stick.

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            @TeddyBear: agreed. I've been hunting high and low, pretty sure there's literally 0 13-14" laptops under 1.5kg still with swappable sticks.

            And the configuration options in Aus are horrible. Want 16GB ram? Oh that only comes with 1165G7/5800H and double the price.

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              @xrailgun: This is why I always prefer laptops with a replaceable SSDs and RAM as well as smartphones with MicroSD slots. You forgo the ridiculous mark-ups and upsells these brands push on you. As well as extend the life of existing devices. This is especially true with the limited configs of our Australian arms.

              That being said, availability of common hot products does seem to be better here than it is in the states at the moment.

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              @xrailgun: Precisely my concerns when purchasing a laptop last year. Which is why I went with an HP Probook 435 x360, 13 inch, Ryzen 4700u. business-grade chassis with upgradable RAM and SSD.
              I'm not sure if they've updated the lineup with this gens processors.

  • Is it easy to upgrade the SSD and RAM in this?

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      Memory soldered on, SSD shouldn't be an issue.

      • Dam - soldered RAM. Would have bought otherwise.

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        Is there no upgradeable slot then (ie. 2 x 4gb soldered on)? 8GB non-upgradeable is a deal breaker for me in 2021

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          last gen (4500U) user here, can confirm there's no possibility for a ram upgrade. 8GB is bloody miserable. I had to switch to Edge because chrome, firefox, and opera would crash the whole system if I dared to also open MS Word, Photoshop, OR any game whatsoever. Yes it's been completely de-bloated and have no non-essential services in the background.

  • Is there a pen included? I had an HP Spectre x2 a while ago that made no mention of a pen being included, but there was one in the box.

  • Can anyone comment on battery life? I need a laptop for my Grade 7 daughter

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      13 hours in Windows video benchmark from my quick reading. Will try to get a link for you.

  • Thanks OP - I've been waiting for a school laptop deal and this is great bang for buck.

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      You're not the target market if you think a 15" gaming laptop at 2.4kg is a better option than a 13" ultra 2-in1 at 1.3kg.

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        he kind of has a point, though. I swear these thin-light non-gaming laptops have regressed in RAM capacity, AND have all became non-swappable since 2020. The standard for ~$1000+-$200 has been 16 GB swappable for years.

  • Many thanks for this - a more than adequate school laptop.

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