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25% off Exide Batteries @ Costco (Membership Required)


25% off Exide Batteries @ Costco (Membership Required) starting 20/12/2021

Not Applicable To The Extreme Range or Custom Orders

Have used this before and extended warranty is a bonus

Here's the list of batteries just take 25% off the price:


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  • Don't buy them they last only 2-3 years. Warranty finish battery finish.
    Very poor quality

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      They have been good for me and how long do you expect a battery to last?

      6 years still going for me but then again I do limited travel. What do you recommend?

    • I thought they had 30 months (2.5 years) warranty. If it's within that period you can return/replace it.

      They're also half the price of the average battery. They're not a premium battery and they're not the cheapest made either. I have them in my track cars, which suit my purpose.

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      battery lasted 30+ months, then replaced with a new one, still cheaper than most other batteries? what's your point?
      In my case, after the warranty period I had a flat battery at the costco car park,so I bought a another, didn't even bother recharging it. LOL
      For me, very poor quality would be battery giving issue for first few years.

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      Honestly once a battery warranty finishes you're on borrowed time. How long do you expect a cheaper battery to last?
      Edit: pity the extremes aren't on special

    • I've installed one in a friends Honda Accord 3 years ago. She uses her car occasionally for both long and short trips. The battery is rated @ 650CCA and when tested 2 days ago was showing 580CCA. I was genuinely impressed.

      That being said, YMMV.

  • Not sure how long is the extended warranty but mine works fine for last 3 years and still strong.
    Bought another one for another car during last promotion approx. 6 months ago.
    Would recommend it.
    FYI when you change it yourself, car computer may lose memory.
    You can reset it after, or use an OBD memory keeper (battery with wires), or use jumper cable from another battery like me while doing it.

  • From the Price point of view, it's half the price.

  • [SA] for those on the east side of Adelaide wanting a century battery these guys are a bunch cheaper than most: http://www.batterydiscounters.com.au/cars.html

    They're in Glynde.

    E.g.https://www.supercheapauto.com.au/p/century-century-ultra-hi-performance-4wd-battery-n70zzlx-mf/602496.html -

    SCA $289
    Battery discounters: $205 (bought one Monday)

    They get new batteries from the dealer a few times per week (so fresh) and they include test and fit to your car in the price. My 810 CCA battery tested over 870.

    Nice guys too.

  • Genuine sale on already discounted prices. During a similar 25% off, I was able to get a 30 month warranty Exide for my Corolla for $75 or 85.

    • How is it going on the corolla I'm just wondering if the 350CCA on the exide regular is too low for the car… have you had any issues and do you have any hardwired dash cams?

      • Actually it was $79 (retails for $160 at service stations and $110 at Bunnings). Exide CMFNS60LS 380CCA. No dashcams but we run phone chargers, a double din stereo, and sat nav all the time. Also I have a off-road floodlight mounted at the front. So far so good, hoping it does last 30 months. :) My annual Costco membership was paid for by just this buy. Never bought a new battery this cheap, not even blemished units.

        • What year corolla ? Is 1.8L?

        • The standard for 2006 corolla is cmf40 but the ns60ls has better specs but doesn't fit the battery tray. Is your one slightly bigger than the tray?

          • @Poor Ass: Mine is a ZRE152 (2011). BTW someone else fitted it for me, don't really know how the dimensions of the battery and the tray compared however, can confirm that the car is running this battery at the moment. Costco tech selected the battery after I showed them my car.

            • @megadeth: Ya after 2007 the battery model changed

              • @Poor Ass: Can't you pick up a bigger tray from a wrecker and upgrade to a larger battery?

                • @megadeth: Could but ain't gonna spend extra money on a bomb

  • +1

    Antecedence on 12/04/2019
    Exide changed their deal and now they are supplying the black top batteries. These are a budget battery with much less lead and a much shorter life cycle. Trust me, I moved by hand countless 1000's of these batteries and the weight difference is VERY significant.

    Hey Antecedence,

    Is Costco still selling the black top batteries ?

    If they are of a lower quality, why are the Exide Black Top Battery (30 month) the same warranty as the Blue Top Battery (30 month) ?


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