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First Choice Liquor: 20% Cashback (Capped at $30, 6PM-11PM AEDT) @ Cashrewards


Stack with free delivery on $50 spend

During the 5 hour promo, cashback for First Choice Liquor is capped at $30 in total per member account, irrespective of the number of transactions made. Valid 6pm to 11pm AEDT 08/12/2021.

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$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 14 days.

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First Choice Liquor
First Choice Liquor

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  • Flypay still eligible for cashback? They have a 4000 points promo running too

    • What's the promo?

  • +8

    Use the 20% code for Coles (Liquorland, First Choice) and save yourself 75-120 days on the cashback?

    • Cheers!

    • Doesn’t work for FirstChoice it’s only coles?

      • Coles (Liquorland, First Choice)

        … as in, Coles Group (formerly Wesfarmers), containing Coles Liquor which encompasses the brands, Liquorland, First Choice, and Vintage Cellars

        Prices are pretty uniform across the brands. Online purchases via Coles will be assembled by the supermarket's adjacent Liquorland.

    • Shame it excludes half of the country

      • +6

        ~23% (per capita)

    • so does that code work for liquorland? there is no coles alcohol here in QLD

      • +1

        See title/description of linked deal (it may exclude your state/territory)

    • +2

      Wish we could stack them together

    • Coles range is pretty slim

      • 'Bout what you expect of Liquorland (less than First Choice)

  • These guys haven't shipped my last order from 2 weeks ago …. when I bought it the delivery was due yesterday. I checked the FC website site in now says a week later … so I'm not buying more till the last order is delivered.

    • I ordered from them on the 29/11 still not shipped. Now out of stock and they have done a substitution and still have not sent out the goods as yet. Mine was due on Monday 6th.

    • I'd be giving them a call dude.

    • Yes I recall First Choice delivery appears to be centralised and 'contracted out/up'. Took forever (maybe 2-3 weeks) for my order be be delivered last time. So I usually just click and collect for speed. Can't beat easier than delivered, though yes wouldn't count on drinking it before Christmas.

      • +1

        Would do C&C if I could. My nearest FCL is only 440km's away ;) So I opt for delivery :)

    • +1

      I had the same issue and called their support to complain. They sent me a $10 voucher

  • Peroni doppio carton for 48 … Nice

  • +1

    Thanks OP, got some JW Double blacks and Dimple 12

  • Was there any exclusions on the cashback on this deal? I placed an order and it's calculated the cashback on a $131 order as if it was an order for $73.65.

    • +1

      Dude, it says the cashback is capped at $30 in the title

      • Dude, my cashback was calculated as 14.73 on a $131 order, it's not hitting the $30 cap.

        • +1

          I remember once when I ordered, the amount mentioned in the cashback email was way lower then what I was hoping to get back. It will correct itself though. Just login to your cash rewards and you will see the proper amount later.

        • My order tracked/worked ….

          I placed an order (incl. GST) of $157.00
          $157 / 11 = $14.27 GST component
          $157 - 14.27 = $142.73
          20% of $142.73 = $142.73 / 5 = $28.54

          I received the tracking mail from 1st choice stating cashback of AUD 28.55

    • +1

      Same thing happened to me, but obviously with different amounts. I refreshed 'My Rewards' after about 10 minutes and it had corrected itself and is now showing the correct order total and correct cashback.

    • Just placed an order was $103 my cashback says I spent $50.91 did your fix itself yet?

      • No it didn't fix itself yet. I've raised a query with cash rewards and hopefully that'll get sorted.

  • Anyone know if $10 welcome credit is stackable, still waiting on email for signing up though. Edit answer is you can add $10 but free delivery is not available with other code. See what's the best option for you

  • No Burleigh Bighead :sadface:

  • I didn't receive any tracking nor was there any history in the Cashrewards portal… I'll be more carefull next time I order with Liquorland.

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